Barn Found Blazer Edition: 1967 Ford Mustang

The word “Blazer” is not one that many people associate with FoMoCo, but in this case, it’s legit. This one is fresh from the barn, and is up for sale, right now, here on craigslist in Olathe, Kansas  – and keep reading to find out what the “Blazer” bit is all about!

From the beginning, the Mustang was a smash hit, so much so that 22,000 were sold on the first DAY.  By 1967, Ford wanted to keep the momentum going, since sales projections were not nearly as good as the 600,000 from 1966, so the Marketing wizards conjured up special editions for different regions of America, to be offered over the next few years. Some of these editions had names like “Golden Nugget”, “California Special”, “Lone Star Limited” and “Blazer”, among others.  Some of this marketing was targeted specifically to the female customer base, and according to CJPONYPARTS.COM : “The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition was an entirely cosmetic upgrade available from Ford dealers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Available only in Lime Gold, the unique features of the Blazer Limited Edition included a black vinyl hardtop, personalized interior nameplate and special external badging. “

With that established, we turn our attention to the example at hand. It looks reasonably decent from the exterior, but one look inside tells quite a different tale. Thankfully, the seller makes no secret of the lack of front floorpans and need for a complete restoration. We are told and can see in the pictures, that is has a 289 and automatic transmission, and it’s showing a mere 72,000 miles. It has, however, apparently been sitting for more than 40 years,  and we’re told that only 22,000 examples were produced.

I’m all about special-edition cars – in fact, I wrote about this ’68 Golden Nugget just a few short months ago. The car presented to you here is, in my opinion, worth every penny of the $2500 asking price, but I had a hard time confirming a value or production numbers in the short time that I had to get this article together for you. All told, I think it’s a neat piece and would like to have a restored one in my collection, someday when I grow up. Oh, and thank-you to Ikey H. for clueing us into this one!

That’s what I think, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Tom71mustangs

    Yup… that’s a old coupe, all right… yawn….

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  2. Craig

    Worth 2500. I’m not sure if the Blazer moniker imparts any additional value. Sometimes I think sellers go way too far to find a way to represent a car as rare or unique. It’s a rusty Stang that is probably worth some time and effort.

    On a side note the lack of a title may be a problem here.

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  3. Maverick

    Holey rustange .

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  4. Ken

    For what the owner is asking it is worth the asking price. But two important points here. One can literally build a Mustang from a catalog. Every possible part is available, and second, There will be an excellent return on this investment.
    Even running first generation Mustangs in fair to below fair condition are not cheap. (inexpensive)

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    • Robert Davis

      everything but a title LOL

  5. CCFisher

    I think 22,000 units is very high. It’s nearly 5% of 1967 Mustang production, all from a single color combo, a single body style, and just four states.

    Ordinarily, I would say that a special edition Mustang should be restored, but this one needs a lot of work, and the end result would be a rather ordinary coupe with a special edition package in a color that is, at best, an acquired taste. Resto-mod? Full custom?

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I was thinking the same thing about the production figure. I’m no expert on the various specialty models, but I would guess that regional efforts like this would account for production runs of only hundreds of examples.

      Mostly this is the typical Mustang coupe which needs lots of work.

  6. Timmyt

    There is a guy in Hutchinson Kansas that turns these stangs into fastbacks I think he gets 8500 to change roof and quarters to help them sell

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    • CCFisher

      I hope he also changes the door glass.

  7. George Mattar

    Dynacorn. This regular flat deck pike of rust. Ford at its best with horrible quality. I have seen so many of these with rotted cowls, floors, quarters. rockers etc.

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    • bone

      Well it is 53 years old and has been sitting for a long time in dirt – What would a 1914 Ford look like in 1967 after it sat for this long ?

      Cars weren’t built to last forever , I’m sure the manufacturers designed them to last roughly 10 years before they wore out and were junked

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  8. Bob C.

    You can stop the car like Fred Flintstone with that floor. Better yet, what floor?

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    22,000 examples of a Ford Mustang is rare? Is this a serious statement?

    The AMC Javelins in their last years of production totaled about that amount. Would those be considered rare? No way. It’s a Mustang coupe Millions were made with base V8 and auto trans.

    It has holes ALL OVER. Because one can order everything out of a catalog doesn’t mean it will be cheap. Then you have labor. Then you will be left with the dismal colors to enjoy.

    For a “rare” car but thousands like it that needs EVERYTHING I do not see it as even being close of a deal.

    I would rather take my chances on the girly Pinto wagon recently featured. It at least has a body and if I can keep it running I might be able to haul landscaping supplies!

    It isn’t a deal at $500. It was parked in the barn when it most likely had problems. As a result got more from sitting on the damp ground.


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  10. Lance

    Hey were is the rest of that 41 Chevrolet? The grill is there but where’s the rest?

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  11. TimM

    I think there’s an awful lot of daylight coming though the floor!!!

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  12. Greg

    This is the Flinstones edition, only available in Bedrock USA

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  13. Bernie H.

    Most of you guys have this pretty well pegged, a parts car at best. Where else can you spend $30,000+ to end up with a $19,000 finished car!. This poor soul was parked because of rust issues 41 years ago and has’nt gotten an y better while in storage. I just don’t see $2500 in usable parts here. At age 77, i’ve worked on more than my share of these. Still have one, a 67″ conv, still love them.

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  14. Comet

    Yeah, it’s cheap. But a rusted out, undesirable hulk without a title should be cheap.

  15. Robert Davis

    over priced parts car with no title

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