Barn Fresh: 1970 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

It’s not a knock to say that, 20 years ago, a Jaguar XKE Series II 2+2 automatic in derelict condition would be a parts car. This 1970 example for sale here on Gullwing Motor Cars in Astoria, New York for $19,950 is both the least-desirable E-Type that year and in fairly dire condition. But, today, the price is probably not completely unreasonable. It’s an affordable XKE project, and Jaguar’s eye-popping sports cars are still riding high in the marketplace.

These cars later got Jaguar’s own V-12 engine, but this one sports the powerful 4.2-liter version of the classic six. The cream-colored car looks to be very complete, and has matching numbers. It has both an automatic transmission and air conditioning, but “is not currently running, as it has been sitting for quite some time.” Oddly, the listing doesn’t include the odometer reading, but if I’m reading the gauge correctly it’s only gone 11,757 miles.

The automatic E-Types have been creeping up. Keith Martin of Sports Car Market recently bought a 1971 S3 coupe with 5.3-liter V-12 and three-speed Borg-Warner automatic, and has $42,000 invested so far, his blog says. He seems happy. “It cruises effortlessly at 80 mph,” he says.

Martin’s car is much nicer than this one. “Just out of long-term ownership and storage,” it says, and the years have not been kind. The exterior shows quite a bit of rust, though most of it seems to be of the surface type and confined to the hood. The door bottoms are also bad. An expensive repaint will be a must, unless you’re into the rat rod look. My neighbor had a car like this, and it was fairly ratty, with a 350 Chevy V-8 under the hood. That’s one way to go, and perhaps the cheapest. Sacrilege, I know, but engine rebuilds are expensive, and this long-slumbering power plant is an unknown.

The interior of this car is particularly discouraging. It needs everything, with the bright spot being decent wind-up door panels and an intact dash (albeit with some rust on the gauges and cuts in the dash pad). The driver’s seat is decomposing. There’s no carpeting, and the console is missing (though it’s in a box).  The wooden steering wheel looks very nice!

Hagerty says to reduce the value of these cars 10 percent for automatic, but also add 10 percent for air conditioning, so it’s a wash. The photo above shows what a Series II 4.2 is supposed to look like. In #4 condition, these cars fetch $30,700, though the example being sold is far from that. The changes evident in the Series II E-Types were dictated by U.S. government regulation, including the loss of the distinctive glass headlight covers. Bumpers also got bigger, and uglier. On the positive side, the cooling system and brakes were improved. But emissions meant that dropped from 265 to 245 horsepower. If you’re feeling adventurous, this could be a good project. But even if you do all the work yourself it won’t be easy or cheap.

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  1. Steve Bush Member

    Give me a break! Like most anything Gullwing has for sale, this non running Jag is way overpriced. I quickly found two similar sharp Jags in good running condition for sale on Hemmings for $37-38k.

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  2. Arby

    Looks like a genuine barn find.
    I think a cow took a dump on the hood.

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    • Phlathead Phil


      Not too sure the cow took a dump on the hood.

      Rather, the ‘Tin-Worm” was looking for food and left RUST which is not so good.

      I hate rust and “Rat-Rub.” This car has both.🥴

  3. Maestro1 Member

    Not at that figure. Peter Kumar can do better. It’s a major project, worthy if you like 2+2s, a 6 cylinder is sane along with the Automatic and you live in congested territory like I do and are tired of shifting (rowing) through traffic.
    I also don’t like white because the car looks like a refrigerator going down the road. If you love these cars, and I do, I have two, then make it yours. Restore change the color unless you like White and enjoy. A note about Gullwing (Peter Kumar): He’s been at it a long time and knows what he’s doing. Certainly try to do business with him. And ignore Hagerty.

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  4. Maestro1 Member

    What I meant about ignoring Hagerty is that there is too much emphasis on everybody else’s judgment of values. There’s a simple economic rule:
    Something is worth what someone else will pay for it.

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    • piston poney

      true that

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    • Phlathead Phil



  5. jokacz

    I hate 2+2’s they look like the bastard offspring of a real E-Type and an AMC Marlin.

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  6. Ruede Mcgriff

    In the late 80’s I cut about 10 of these up for scrap the hoods were valuable along with the rear ends but the rest was just metal, there is a guy who will rebody these as series 1 2 or 3 cars as long as you have the scratch

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  7. tompdx

    In the late 80s, early 90s, you could buy a “kit” to convert 2+2s into roadsters. It came with everything, including the side window glass for about $6k. I wonder if any of those kits still exist?

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  8. Paul R.

    Jaguar E type – the ” E” stands for expensive.

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    • Phlathead Phil

      Is that anything like BMW “Breaks-My-Wallet?”

  9. Charles Sawka

    It’s worthy.

  10. 67Firebird_Cvt Member

    Not a Jag expert, why did the US govt not like the glass headlight covers, just curious.

  11. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Unlike most of Kumar’s “manager’s specials” this one appears to have most of it’s paint. Oh wait, that’s not paint its peeling whitewash from the previous owner’s picket fence project.

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  12. brandon chaffee

    Be sure to ask Peter if it’s been in a wreck! The car I bought long distance from them WAS, frame welds and lousy body work, you better ask first because they sure won’t disclose!

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  13. Ward William

    Yep, fully restore the interior only. Then minimum body work, crate engine with a manual transmission and then clear coat it and daily drive the absolute crap out of it.

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