Barn Fresh! 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Dusty and not too rusty, this 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in Springtown, Texas features most of its important numbers-matching original equipment including engine, four-speed manual transmission, intake, and carburetor. The original exhaust manifolds vanished, replaced by headers. More than 30 bids here on eBay have set the market value beyond $12,500. Some may wonder why some ’72 Camaros have a full-width bumper and some do not. The RS package cars featured a different nose and bumpers. This nose and bumper are consistent with a non-RS Z28.

Meaty tires front and rear pay homage to the Z28’s roots as Chevy’s road-racing package that originally featured a high-strung 302 cid (5.0L) V8. For 1970, the 350 became available, along with automatic transmissions. The Z/28 (changed to “Z28” in 1972) denoted the sportiest Camaro when Chevy dropped the Super Sport or “SS” package after 1972.

This car’s 350 cid (5.7L) V8 lost some power for 1972 both real horsepower (thanks to revised compression and emissions equipment) and on paper (thanks to the rating change from Gross to Net). So while the ’71 Z/28 earned a rating of 330 HP, the ’72 showed 250.

The VIN features the all-important “L” in the fifth position, denoting a true Z28. The beefy T-handle shifter seems at odds with the Grandmotherly steering wheel and imitation wood grain, but make no mistake:  anyone with a credit card can turn this Camaro into a beast for street or track. However, a Z28 this original should probably be returned to stock form. The Accel SuperCoil and roller rockers suggest an application of cash in the late ’80s or perhaps more recently. The new owner may get lucky if the rebuilt 350 makes far more horsepower than stock. How much would you give to find out?


  1. Jason

    Just wash it already I wouldn’t consider it with being able to look at it with the dirt gone just my two cents

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    • Mike

      No, don’t touch a thing! The dirt shows age, like a fine wine…

      Oh, who am I kidding. Just wash it.

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  2. Billieg2

    There’s a lot more rust on the car than he says there is. I wonder what else he’s lying about.

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    • mjf

      I live in Texas , I bet not .. Nothing gets a lot of Rust around here ..
      Galveston area , I would agree

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  3. Doug B

    Dude two cents isn’t what it used to be. It’s a “barnfind” the most overused scammer adjective since “patina”. They went to a lot of trouble to get that dirt on there. Don’t be a buzzkill. lol

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  4. stillrunners Stillrunners Member


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  5. Keith

    Nice deluxe interior, but would a ‘72 Z/28 have had a 10 bolt rear end?

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    • Steve R

      Yes, it would have had a 10 bolt. The 12 bolt was used on second generation Camaros/Firebirds in 1970 and only on their performance models.

      Steve R

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    • Jon Brantley


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  6. James Calhoun

    I had Black 71′ Z28 with a white interior that had the original and quick LT1 350/350 . Mine had A/C, one of only 14 with that option. Good running, fun car. Sold it, made a decent profit, got my first 70’Boss 302 with the money.

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    • Camaro guy

      I thought GM didn’t offer air on solid lifter motors and if it was a 71 it was a 350/330 9.0/1 compression I had a 71 Z/28, still a potent motor with headers and tuning ran 13.30’s respectable for the time

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    • al8apex


      No 70-72 “real” Z28 left the factory with factory air.

      Not 14, not 2, not 1

      71’s had 330 gross hp due to the lower compression then the same engine was rated at 255 net hp in 72

      All 70-74 Z/28’s with automatics came with a Turbo 400

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  7. Nick P

    Wording in the ad states that all those original components have the correct List number for being for this car. Whoever buys better confirm originality. Some of those components should have the VIN stamped on them, not just a List number. Sounds like this could be just another person that doesn’t understand that “numbers matching” actually means that the numbers should really be matching. Sweet car though. I’d totally whip it.

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  8. Derald Rine

    Nostalgia for me, 73 Camaro being my 1st car in 1982. I would trade my chevelle?

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  9. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    There’s probably nothing wrong with the car. It simply needs to be washed and cleaned up.

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  10. Camvette Member

    Have a 73 LT type that’s close to being done. Noticed the rare wood grain door panels on this 72 that I wouldn’t mind having. Hard piece to find in good shape. Makes me sick seeing the speaker holes in the lower panels. Was considering bidding, but getting a little high for my taste. Value also isn’t much over 30k in excellent shape.

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  11. Michael Kemp

    Looks like someone threw dirt on it. Fake barn find.

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  12. Tom Member

    HOLY SCHNIKEES ! Very cool if it is legit.

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  13. george

    what is interesting is that there is almost as much dirt on the trailer as on the car, why is that? was the trailer in the barn too??? .

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    • mark houseman

      Hey George-I looked as hard as I could for any dirt on the trailer and there is absolutely none!

      • george

        hey mark, buy some glasses. lol

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  14. Steve S

    My buddy has a 72 Camaro with the same front end as this car. But it has a 355 instead of the numbers matching engine with the automatic transmission instead of the 4 speed manual transmission. His car is putting out around 525 hp naturally aspirated and his car can pull the front tires off the ground if he hits it hard off the line. It can also burn rubber at 30 mph if he puts the gas pedal to the floor. My buddy just got the front of the car rebuilt last year or this year from an accident he got into in it a couple years ago. I would show a picture of his car but we can’t post pictures any more

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    • Poncho

      My brother had a ’72 Camaro. Every time I dumped the clutch, the car wheel hopped so bad I thought the dash was going to end up in my lap. No way would the front end lift up off the ground without some major chassis upgrades.

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  15. Ike Onick

    No deal. The Z/28 badge is two inches too far to the left.

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    • Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

      And the wrong style for ’72. Should be a Z28 not Z/28.


    i love to read some peoples idea that this a “rusty” car. Come up north, we’ll show you what a rusty car is. Clean it up, drive the hell out of it

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  17. Ted

    Look at the ring of dirt that surrounds the car, they shovelled or threw dirt on the car when it was loaded on the trailer. You can see the footprints in it….

    Still going to go for big dosh, wish I’d found this one.

  18. Patrick E.

    The only thing I question about the car is the gas pedal. I don’t remember seeing a 70-73 Z with a floating pedal

  19. 200mph

    “Z/28” was used 1967-69. All 1970-on use “Z28” emblems.

    Grille emblem here is wrong, fender emblems and chin spoiler are missing.

    Those items are easily changed out or replaced, but…

    • Patrick E.

      Emblems doesn’t mean that much to me. You can tell it’s a repaint, and back in the day, everybody tried to make there car a sleeper.

  20. Andrew

    eBay ad says it was stored in a metal building. How does that much straight dirt (not dust) get on the car?

  21. Lynn Dockey Member

    Also remember due to a labor strike, very few (like 3000 + or – ) 1972 camaros we’re actually built. By the time the strike was over the 72’s that were on the line were scrapped and the 73’s were built. What a waste!!!!!!!!

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  22. Lynn Dockey Member

    I meant 1972 Z28’s. Less than 3000. So if u have one they are rare.

  23. TimM

    Nice car it needs to be gone through of coarse but it’s not butchered just looks like so 70 modifications!! I’m with the rest of the panel “wash it” let’s see if the paint could be buffed to a shine!!!

  24. rod444

    Bidding already over 14k? Hmm, looks like some of you rich Americans need to come up to Canada for some real deals… just this morning found this split bumper 73 with supplied but not installed 454 motor for 5000 CDN which is a paltry 3750 USD. Book a flight.

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    • mark houseman

      rod444………..clicked on your link and it’s not available, I guess already sold…..

  25. Troy s

    I think it would more interesting with some modern upgrades, or maybe as a 70’s style street machine, than completely stock. Dang, these 2nd gens were a dime a dozen, everywhere in all different configurations, “oh gosh, another Camaro? Gee whiz” maybe not my exact words but I gotta keep it clean here. Now I get excited when I see one of these earlier ones…..never with the 3rd gen though.

  26. Ron

    Had a 73 that looked like this back in the early 80’s. Full front bumper and very little rust. Wish i still had it.

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  27. Del

    Clean it up.

    More amazing sellers Not

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