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Barn Fresh Mopar: 1968 Dodge Charger


This Charger isn’t an R/T or a big block car, it just has a 318 V8 and a Torqueflite. That doesn’t mean it’s not desirable though! It’s a one previous owner find that’s been stored in a barn for the past 27 years. Based on the license plate, it was found in Latah County, Idaho. It was sold new in Fort Collins, Colorado, so I have a feeling this one has an interesting story! Find this Mopar here on eBay in Atascosa, Texas with a BIN of $24,500 and a high bid of $14k.


After getting it home, the seller cleaned it up, added a new batter and some fresh fluids. With a turn of the key, it started right up and runs great. It’s going to need brakes before it’s ready for the road, but that’s to be expected from something that’s been parked this long.


The interior actually looks pretty good. It could use some detailing, but is otherwise ready to be used. I love the color combo and is a bit different than usual.


I think the price is a bit high given the rust issues, but if you have been hunting for a real Mopar barn find that already runs, this could be worth checking out! I wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin, but I would want to know more of the history before bidding. How about you?


  1. alan

    Is it really barn fresh or should it be barn stale?

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    • john

      Should I Restore My Car Batteries?

      I’ve never reconditioned car batteries before but I have 8 old car batteries I would like to use if it’s possible to do this. I watched a video of a guy restoring one and it seems he made it work.


      Has anybody done this with success?

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  2. Steve

    Mine eye detects some Photoshop up top! Yep, I’m sure of it. That thing screams it.

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  3. Ed P

    The bin of $25.5k is to high for a 318 car with this much rust. The interior is very nice, but there is a lot of work to be done to this car. At the right price, this is a nice project car to restore.

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  4. Moparman Elliott Member

    Well, the headlight doors appear to be operational, the interior/seats look good, repair panels are easily availabe; this could be a good project, although IMO the pricing may be a tad optomistic for a 318/904 car. :-) BTW: Why does no one seem to be able to PROPERLY install the radio antenna on these Mopars??

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  5. piper62j

    Agreed on the high price, but as always, it’s what the market will bear. This one is desirable and should sell close to what the seller is looking for.. There are Mopar gearheads I hang out with and they paid big bucks for their rides..

    Great find and a real nice car..

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  6. Rando

    hmmmm…. no heater hoses running to the core and the hoses look to be hanging loose. hope they didn’t run it long. Ok on second look, it does look like they have a bypass in the loop. Looks more solid than many we’ve seen here.

    May be high, but it’s still a 68 charger. I think there were two in a recent issue of HotRod. I’d rather keep it closer to stock than those, but shows what can be done with a 318 car if you aren’t concerned with keeping it original.

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  7. Don

    by it bondo it paint it orange reble flag and 01 /// its a star car 80000

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  8. K. C.

    Please don’t put new “batter” into your old car. If you can though, remove the old batter, sludge, etc., and put in some new water, coolant, oil, and gas into the appropriate containers along with a fresh battery.

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  9. Bobsmyuncle

    Ton of potential here. I might have a spare Modern Hemi 5.7 in a couple weeks…

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Two guys that prefer insignificant power plants in a historically unimportant car rather than great fun and reliability.

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  10. Luke Fitzgerald

    Typical oldies car – interior wiped and vacuumed while the fuel tanks falling out of it

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  11. Bruce Best

    If it has spent much of it’s life in Idaho that is a very good sign. Idaho does not use salt on the roads in the winter times. They use garnets of industrial quality instead. Hell on chrome and paint but with dry spring, summers and fall and mostly constant cold in the winter even un protected metal does not rust as much as you might expect.

    Where it lived and for how long is critical but this could be an excellent buy.

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  12. Prowler

    Looks like the Duke boys missed one
    This would have been a great candidate for a roof flag

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  13. David king

    Na I would leave it stock as much as possible .do a nice detale on prob not much rust on it any way being where the car has Ben.it its nice to see one original anyway.it will turn heads just the way it is can’t say I’m wrong there.if nothing else sneak ya a good 340 in there .beat big blocks off the line.

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  14. james burton

    if luke would have looked at the pics instead of just running to put another mopar down he would have seen the car has a new tank installed. white cars look ruster than the really are

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  15. Stang1968

    That Idaho license plate is a 2000 reissue. I don’t think the car has been sitting for 27 years. Closer to 17. If the plate was from 27 years ago, it would have the small 1 above a small L to signify Latah county. I mean, I guess they could’ve paid to keep the plate. I remember that in Bonner County (7B) they reissued all the plates less than 7B 50000 about that time to reclaim numbers that were no longerin use. Mine started with 53, so I got to keep mine but my mother’s started with 49, and got the reissue.
    Latah county is known for Moscow Idaho, home of U of I. Other than that, pretty sparsly populated and lots of grain.

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  16. Chebby

    I do like these colors. It is hard to tell the color of the top, although I suppose it is green too.

    I’d add some Mirada CMX rims for a different look within the Mopar family. They look good with whitewalls and white letters.



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