Barn Stored, Farm Used: International Harvester P/U

Located just south of Pittsburgh is this charming International Harvester “Light Line” pickup, likely a part of the new-for-1971 1010 Series. The dead giveaway is the grill design, which was updated for that year. This pickup is still giving its best as a working rig, but it’s actually equipped with a few different options that sets it apart from other International pickups. These are getting hard to find in any form, much less one that’s still being used as intended. Find this 1971 model (mistakenly labeled a Chevrolet) here on eBay with bidding to $810.

International Harvester’s attempt to market a pickup with not ill-conceived; no, they built a healthy lineup with a good assortment of configurations. But Detroit’s Big 3 were formidable opponents in the truck market, and International didn’t have the capital to press on, and only about 6,000 pickups were made. This one is equipped with the smallest engine offered, a 232 ci inline six that did duty in numerous AMC products. It’s paired to a 4-speed manual with “…in-cab Hi-Lo Range” as noted by the seller.

While there were more powerful engines offered, inline sixes are proven for their reliability and low cost of operation. Other interesting features of this International pickup include the bare bed for the stakebody conversion and dually rear wheels – both of which were options from the factory. The seller notes that it also has locking hubs and a “…high ratio differential.” It currently needs a heater core and the seller lists it as WIP in relation to its inspection status – Work In Progress.

Despite the WIP label, the seller has tackled several recent maintenance jobs, including: new gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, brake master cylinder, spark plugs, wires, fuses, and a fresh 12v battery. These International Harvester pickups are a nice alternative from the Chevys and Fords of the same era we’re used to seeing, and the smattering of factory options makes it even a little more special than most. Bidding seems cheap for all the potential value here as a mildly collectible work truck.


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    Grand pa’s last new I H C was a 72 1210 4×4 v-8 automatic. For some reason he decided to pick it up at the factory. Just wanted to get out of town for a few days I guess.We rode the train day and night for what seemed like forever. I think we ended up in Cincinnati Ohio,could be wrong on location,it’s been a few years ago. I remember looking at row after row of new pickups to find his. Drove it home with no problems but grandpa had trouble later on with trans.That was his first and last automatic.

    • Dave Wright

      They are made in Chicago. The engine in this one is a severe drawback. These made there bones with a 345 or 392 V8 that was the most torque producing light truck engines of there day.

  2. Derek

    Apparently no one wants to mention the obviously substantial rust and rot in that thing. I’ll mention it and it looks pretty nasty too.

    • Little_Cars Alexander Member

      Or the fact the truck was up on posts to do maintenance and looks like it could teeter over the edge at any moment.

  3. Ken Carney

    Would use this to deliver newspapers
    once all the rust and mechanical issues
    were dealt with. You could throw ’em off
    the rear of the bed with no problems. I’d
    use it on Sunday mornings when the papers are the biggest. At least she
    wouldn’t be flogging her KIA Soul like
    she did today. One thing’s for sure, here
    in Florida, I’d probably have the only one

  4. Rick

    If it was closer to Brooksvile I would love to have it.

  5. Rube Goldberg Member

    When trucks were trucks!!! I’m flabbergasted it has the in-line six, one of my favorite motors of all time. I’d probably pass on it if it had the V8, but this changes everything. This style was very popular, and I don’t ever recall seeing one with the six. They all had V8’s.

  6. Maynard Reed,Jr

    Love,those old cornbinder pick ups. I have two myself currently. Had several. Hard to find rust free one.

  7. Will Owen Member

    If this is roughly the same as the one I had (except for the options mentioned and the stick-shift), it will also have a leaf-sprung front axle. That did not really hamper its ability or agility, once I’d figured out that a set of street radials would probably give it some sense of direction, and I was right. Granted, it never hauled more than a rick of firewood, but that was before I’d swapped the tires, and gave me the scariest ride I’d ever had at less than 30 mph. A quick trip to the 4-for-$125 store and problem solved.

    I liked that Six pretty much, though it was in a state of decline that would have cost me about three times what I’d paid for it to arrest. If it had transmitted its urge through something other than that two-speed Powerglide I might have invested more, and twenty-some years later I’m ashamed that I didn’t. Nice old truck. So’s this.

  8. William

    When my father came into some cash, in 1972, he ordered up a 1210 4×4 automatic, air conditioned I think, am/fm radio, and a dealer installed 8000 lb warn winch. The bed was a tradesman tool box setup.
    Within a month he removed the factory front bench seat and had a custom bucket seat setup installed by a custom van builder in Vermont.
    My brother put custom 11:15 wheels and tires in place of the factory wheels.
    I loved that truck.

  9. Sam

    I’d really love to have that truck, yet, it’s in Pittsburg.

  10. RicK

    That’s not pickup fercryinoutloud, its a flatbed! In fact, if you want to get really technical, its a stake bed. What is with you people?

  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Internationals were about as popular as snot on a door knob. But those cornbinders could really put in a days work and be ready for the next. My sister in laws dad (a full colonel in the army) bought one new in 68, ofcourse it was fully loaded with every available option.
    I think this one might be a scam since they think it’s Chevy. I’d have to see proof of ownership before bidding on it.

  12. Gregory

    Ya I live rite nearby and it’s rotted to the ground!!

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