Barn Survivor: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

The seller says that “this is the one you’re looking for,” and if you’ve been looking for a 1964 Impala SS, he may be right. This original survivor, located in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, is available here on eBay. The high bid at the time of writing is $13,600, with no reserve and over five days remaining.

What more can be written about the ’64 Impala? The car is iconic – an instantly recognizable classic beloved by hot-rodders, lowriders, and anyone who loves the sweet rumble of an idling big-block V8. This example is equipped with a 327 that would have left the factory making 300 hp, paired with a two-speed Powerglide transmission. While not running, the engine is said to turn freely. The odometer sits at 73,906, which is a lot only if a majority of those trips were to church and the grocery store.

The interior is in extremely good shape. The dash looks new and, apart from some small tears on the driver’s backrest, the upholstery is likely to clean up well. The carpet could serve for a driver, though there is significant wear and some sagging in the headliner. In fact, apart from the natural wear that nearly sixty years and 70,000 miles brings, the only noticeable flaw is the aftermarket tape deck.

Is there rust? Yes, there is rust. Apart from the trunk, which the seller mentions, there are several locations where patches of brown can be seen around the trim and some small holes in the hood. The surface corrosion on the rockers should be given a good look, and there is a suspiciously sagging bit of carpet in the passenger-side back floorboard. There are a couple of dents as well, one very noticeable on the driver’s side rear fender and another on the lower passenger side rear. But this is a car that shows all the hallmarks of having been loved and well-cared-for since the day it left that dealership in Delaware. Altogether, this appears to be the total package: an unmolested, one-owner car with all its original equipment, trim, and badging. It’s the sort of find people dream of seeing when they open that old shed or raise the garage door and an amazing opportunity for some lucky buyer in a few day’s time. The only question left is who that buyer might be.

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  1. Miguelito Loveless

    Impala. Traditional Lowrider material.

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    • Darren Boeckmann

      Must they all be turned into lowriders? There must be lots for sale that are already there.

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  2. rbig18

    I will pass for two reasons. 1. There is a lot of work to get this ready for paint. Rust popping out under window trim and in other areas. 2. These became so popular with the lowrider, RAP, gang banger crowd good luck not getting it stolen or worse.

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  3. Vance

    Why would you want to ruin a beautiful car, they are hard enough to find as it is. I lived in Tucson, AZ for 25 years, and saw a lot of lowriders and they are not that great. Keep it like it was originally built and do it justice.

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    IMO, like the ’70s firebird’s dash, this futuristic one should have been kept through 1970.

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  5. Rustytech Member

    This is a nice SS, and better than most we see here. Great color combo too! I expect this will easily bring $20k as is, and be a bargain at that. Wish I could afford it.

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    • BONE

      Its waaaay better than that black wreck of an SS posted earlier this week !

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  6. Skorzeny

    Two ways to ruin a car. Chop the top, or make it into a low rider.

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  7. john hugh

    10 k

  8. local_sheriff

    It’s a legit SS, 1447=2dht SS built at the Wilmington, DE plant (Y). Appears to be wearing 948 (L) Palomar Red with 856 Fawn interior, which was not listed as a two-tone interior however as we see here the carpets and dash are in a darker shade still.

    Don’t understand what so many have against lowering it (‘ruining it’ as so many call it), first off at 185k SSs produced it’s not a rare car. Also, at stock ride height X-frames IMHO look like 4x4s particularly when riding on the skinny OE tires. They just look so much better closer to the tarmac. As I’ve stated so many times before, I’m not talking about cutting it up or use it for jumping. Lower it with either springs or bags so that you can re-install its stock components should you or some next owner want it back to OE. IMHO that’s not ruining an X-frame; that’s improving an already beautiful low-slung design that just screams out ‘LOWER ME!’

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    • Bob Mck Member

      The best thing about this hobby is that everyone’s taste is different. You love lowered cars. That’s great. Others hate lowered cars. That’s great too. If the title had my name on it, the car would be restored to factory stock. Others might think I am crazy. It’s all good.

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      • Stevie D

        I’m with you, Bob. Restore it accurately. Maybe a hard-to-notice tweak or two. I love the idea of sleeper cars.

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      • local_sheriff

        Those are indeed VERY good points you have there Bob, and I think our hobby deserves variation and tolerance, just as in society as a whole. As car guys we should all be on the same side right?

        Personally I would never modify any of my vintage vehicles to a point where they cannot be reverted to stock; heck I even hesitate to drill new holes in undefiled sheet metal! It has both to do with respect for the vehicle itself but also to what it represents as a historical piece.

        Owner of a ’64 ‘pala SS for 24years that never gets too low 😏 (and yes, any OE parts removed have been stored)

    • 69 GP SJ

      Junk It, should have never been lowered!!! What’s the matter with you, these were made to be Jacked Up!!! Nobody but Nobody with any Car Sense would lower it!!!

  9. TimM

    It needs a lot of chasing rust!! Those rockers are probably going to get like Swiss cheese if you start sanding them to get the rust off!! The carpet is shot and most of the interior with the headliner which is discolored and stained!! This is hoping the trunk is ok!!

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  10. Joe Sewell

    I like this one. The cheesy ‘modern audio’ would have to go. Am/Fm mono with rear speaker and reverb were options in ’64, as the stereo multiplex unit wasn’t available until the following year. Oh goodness, if I had the resources…

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  11. Steve Clinton

    At $16,151 with 3 days left.

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  12. Kevin

    Opinions are like buttholes,everyone has one…

    • Gary James Lehman

      Some buttholes are far more attractive than others.

  13. Kevin

    As far as I’m concerned, low riders are stupid, and ride like crap,and lower the value of the cars, however that’s my opinion, and this hobby is about individual likes and styles etc.,so I can’t forget the motto I grew up with, “to each their own”.

  14. John Oliveri

    Sorry, but I’m a purist, would touch a low rider with a stick, leave it original, restore it, enjoy it

  15. Haynes

    Even Jay Leno likes ‘em low….i guarantee the person that buys this car is going to bag it, roll with knock-offs and wrap it in candy…i’m a 63 year old white dude from dallas and still think thats the coolest…get a grip haters…lowriders rock!!! I like ‘em all though…..I’m a car guy…too bad some folks cant. Knowin’ nothin’ in life but to be legit…..

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  16. JoeNYWF64

    Fitting 13″ wheels & modern low profile 40 series tires, along with the 57 year old worn out springs i would think make this car low enough! Or if you have to, put some cinder blocks under the hood & in the trunk. lol

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  17. GCS Member

    Buy it, restore or drive as is. To each their own. I prefer a stick, so not for me if it was my money…Hopefully it gets restored and not into a lowrider, but if done tastefully, without the hydaulic crap, that is ok too. ( I wouldn’t but that’s me)

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