Barn-y Award Winner! 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Imagine it’s 1990. You’ve heard of the Internet, but it’s not a part of your daily life. A guy at work knows a gal who knows a guy who has an old black Chevy… some kind of special model with a big engine. You’re a car person so you ask if maybe they’d let you take a look. You roll up the driveway and maybe talk about the weather for a minute, then the owner opens a barn door and you see something like this! Still dusty and squinting from unwelcome exposure to the harsh sunlight, this 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Wadley, Alabama seeks a new owner here on eBay.  Over 20 bids have set the market value above $7800 despite the lack of any “after cleanup” pictures.

Today the “barn find” has become so common that we’re numb to them unless there’s a real hook to the story, like it’s the only Ferrari ever driven on the moon, or maybe Elvis broke wind in the back seat. In truth this car was “found” some years previous and received the beginnings of a restoration. Good news includes its status as a true SS, and that rusty floor panels have been replaced.

Time to move along if you were hoping for a factory-correct engine. Still, this 454 cid (7.4L) V8 and four-speed manual transmission might make you forget all about factory perfection when you mash the Go Pedal. The listing includes no details about running condition, or what works. Assume the worst.

Originally Marina Blue with a black interior, this SS has changed quite a bit. Missing dash components suggest this car may have been stripped then later pieced together again. Documentation shows it was originally sold in Illinois so buyers would be well-advised to bring their rust-sniffing dog, or at least a small magnet. This highly desirable Chevelle needs someone to sort it out before more time passes. What’s your top bid for this sadly forgotten muscle car?


  1. IkeyHeyman

    An easy way to create a realistic “barn dust” appearance: use ashes from a wood stove or fireplace and sift them through the right size wire mesh. You can attach the mesh to a simple wooden frame and then you shake the ashes evenly over the vehicle. Presto – instant barn find without the waiting period!

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    • Rx-7 TurboII

      Note to self: never buy a car from ikeyheyman. Lol!

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      • CapNemo


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      • 36Packard

        Why, is a barn find more valuable then one that has been in loving care and used occasionally? I think not.

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    • Tom S.

      I know I’ve said it before, but I still think that someone could get rich selling dust in a spray can.

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  2. jerry z

    Poor info on car, does it have gauges, knee knocker tach, console? I had a marina blue w/bright blue int ’66 SS396 that I sold 25 yrs ago. Sure do miss it.

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  3. ruxvette

    “Elvis broke wind in the back seat” and I bet you can still smell it…

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  4. 36Packard

    Smells like peanut butter and banana sandwiches fried in heavy butter. Yum! The man knew how to eat! (I hear he could sing too)

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  5. Troy s

    That’s one bad ride, 454 is a welcome addition for a driver quality car, if this one is I don’t really know. Plenty of numbers matching showcrafts around I say turn it into a street machine.

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  6. Mike leyshon

    Other than Jerry Z, there are no intelligent conments. Only critics as to why it wasn’t found in a barn….

    If you can find a better site to opine about pretty cool finds, go there !

    Nice presentation work by the staff here…

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    • 36Packard

      My My, so serious! Relax, sit a spell, have a cool one and think calm thoughts. Life is too short to not have a little fun, it seems fun is in such short supply these days, why bemoan it?

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    • Chris M.

      These damn kids!! No respect for anything these days I tell ya Mike!….back in our day we only made serious commentary on such things lol

  7. Mike leyshon

    and Troy S…

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  8. TimM

    Great combo 454 with a 4 speed!! No rust on the floors!! Looks like a great car to me!!

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Those floors have been replaced before the project stalled out, I can almost guarantee it. That’s okay here, of course, as long as it was done well.

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  9. newfieldscarnut

    Yeah but how’s the frame ?

    • PatrickM

      Of the pics shown, I think this car is trashed. Dash is torn apart, seats are not attached, tires are flat, etc. I hate to criticize but, if ya wanna sell it, ya gotta give it a little love and THEN show it…all of it. Bidding it at $10,800.00. I’m not even considering it. No apologies.

  10. Gaspumpchas

    The stuff that dreams are made of- Beautiful SS. Great car to cruise in after clean up. of course need a good inspection. I’d have no trouble with the 454- if you want to get a more original Mill, look for one while you drive. I’d love to run this beauty thru the gears…..Good luck!

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  11. Robert G.

    I have a factory holley carb for this car. It is on craigslist Chicago.

  12. Del

    Not for that amount. Yikes

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    • robert g

      What do you think it is worth ?

      • Chris S.

        Del is “get off my lawn” guy. Gas is not $1 a gallon, bread is not $0.35, and chevelle’s dont sell for $500.

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  13. James Martin

    I love the fact that everybody in the car world is blinded by the fact it is a chevelle. Never mind that it has rust and been sitting a while. Let’s just bud 10000 dollars for it it is a chevelle. I have a 65 olds starfire, cant get anybody to 2000 for it .but if it was a chevelle it would be like selling Ice to an eskimo.

  14. Gaspumpchas

    65 Starfire is a beautiful Car, gave best or show to a 62 Starfire conv in PA a few weeks ago. This Chevelle reminds me of the cool stuff of the 60s with timeless styling. Rip them gears. And this ol grey hair is a ford guy!

  15. ACZ

    I see a third pedal but if it’s a 4 speed, where’s the shifter?

    • PatrickM

      …probably taken out of the floor and tossed aside, just like the gauges and radio.

  16. Del

    Car was being parted out and someone changed their mind.

    Bidding at almost 15000 ?

    I will believe that when I see a copy of the bank draft

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    • Chris S.

      Assuming limited rust, this Chevelle is reasonably (albeit not a steal) priced at $14k. The days of $1000 SS Chevelle project cars is dead and never coming back.

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  17. james boyd

    Not that anyone would drag race a stock suspension True SS Chevelle, BUT a friend had a 383 sbc stroker+4spd and he couldn’t “GIT AFTER IT” with N 50 street tires because it would warp the trailing/truck arms. I could see this one “DOG TRACKING” after a hard 2nd gear snatch with that 454.

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