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Batstang! 1987 Ford Mustang Custom

Sooooooo, you’re sitting around one evening looking out the window at your Mustang parked in the driveway and thinking, I have way too much time and money on my hands, how can I use up some of that time and money? The result of that internal conflict is right here, a 1987 Batstang! The bones of this bat bomber belong to a 1987 Ford Mustang convertible. This crazy custom is on Craigslist in Treasure Coast, Florida with what seems like a very reasonable asking price of $5,000! When the CL info flies away, the info and photos can be found here. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Scott for this unusual find!

I had you hooked with that first photo, but now you’re not so sure. Am I right or am I right? You were thinking, dang, for $5,000 that thing looks pretty cool, it would be fun to drive it around town, maybe drop the kids off at school, or the kid, since there are really only two safely-usable seats, if the front seats could even be considered safely-usable. The rear seats, not so much. But now, after seeing the front end, you’re not quite so sure if you like it. Or, maybe it’s just me who isn’t quite so sure.

HA! Now you’re thinking about it again! I know – me, too. The side and rear views of this crazy custom Batmobile are pretty cool, in my opinion. The front views aren’t quite as engaging or endearing, at least to me. There are a lot of details on this car, including the plexiglass cover on the rear deck which is covering the furnace duct.. no, wait.. I don’t know what that is, some sort of faux exhaust? A #3 good condition 1987 Ford Mustang convertible is valued at $4,800 according to the folks at Hagerty. Is this one worth $200 more than that? I would think so, at least in my world it would be.

The interior is.. interesting.. and quite cramped, sort of like a middle-aged man wearing tights. The creator of this car, which I’m taking a wild guess was not George Barris, is actually pretty well detailed. there are a lot of things going on in here. I don’t know how someone could possibly put this much time and money into a vehicle and then sell it for $5,000. But, maybe even at that price it’ll be tough to find a buyer. The top doesn’t exist so it’s a fair-weather car, but there is a siren-top portion which I guess is good. There is seriously a ton of work that went into this car, could this be all custom bodywork or was there a Batmobile kit out there at one time?

There’s no sign of bat’ness under the hood at all, it’s just a standard 5.0L 302 cubic-inch V8 that would have had around 225 hp. Was this a red car at one time? I can see red under the hood in spots. Or is that some sort of bat’rash? Eewwww.. The seller says that it “runs perfect” and “looks great”. I agree, this sure is one unique ride. Would you have the batguts to drive this Batstang in public?


  1. Ronnie Mund

    Oh yeah!


      Somebody put a lot of time and money into this car. If you want to turn heads on a budget, here it is.

  2. Karguy James

    We live in Florida and ANYTHING goes. I have a car with no top and it is not so hard to schedule its use between rain drops.

  3. Rock On Member

    Opioids are a problem in my city too!

    Like 1
  4. jw454

    OK, that’s not bad. So, you got an old Mustang that isn’t worth much anyway, so. you build yourself a Batmobile. I think, for what it is, it’s not too bad.
    I’ve actually seen worse ones done. A four door ’66 Pontiac Catalina with the bat treatment done to it comes to mind.

    • Metoo

      Did it end up being a four door “batmobile” ? I shudder in horror at the mental image.

      • jw454


        No the rear doors were still visible but, the handles were removed and the rear seat area was covered over, The top was cut (hacked) off and sheet metal was hand bent over the remaining metal and screwed down to “finish it off”. The rear wings were fashioned from sheet metal and looked dangerously sharp to passersby. The car was painted semi-gloss black with brushes and trimmed out around the edges with a florescent orange. Wish I had a picture of it but, it may be better for me to not see it again.

  5. Joe Nose

    Bat sh!t

  6. Ben Kline

    I’m not sure I can un-see that. I may be in the minority, but I think the Barris batmobile ruined a perfectly good Lincoln Futura concept car.

  7. Jay E.

    Very creative. I think the large bat wings are a bit out of proportion and the jet exhaust is kind of puny, but other than that it looks great. $5000.00 seems like a very good price for this one off.
    Have a Bandit Trans Am, a Dukes Charger and this pull into a Walmart and I wonder which would get more attention.

  8. Superdessucke

    Thus poor Mustang got completely sullied. It was once a proud American V8 status symbol that somebody paid a lot of money for. Probably had to work hard to make the payments. Now it’s, well, this.

    But I have to admire the creativity on at least some level. It looks kind of goofy though, like a three quarter scale proper Batmobile. But it’s true to history I suppose as Ford would have downsized the Batmobile in the late 70s due to the gas crisis.

  9. Mike H. Mike H

    It’s gross, but an interesting ad for the List of Craig; there are numerous photos, and they’re really pretty clear. The write-up could be scads better with maybe a better description of the build, but overall this represents an improvement in the CL postings.

    Good for the seller and I wish him luck in moving that ugly turd.

    • Superdessucke

      Yvonne Craig (slist).

  10. Brian Crowe

    I love it. I think whoever did it sure did a lot of work for such small reward. UNLESS it was a proud father of a Batman loving son. Could you imagine how much any little kid would love to have his own Batmobile at home and his dad shauffer him around in it hanging half his body out screaming at all his friends. And dad could have some go fast fun with the 5.0L and stick. I think all that was reward enough for the guy and now would like to pass that on to some other young father that could start it all over again on a tight budget. I’d like to hope this is how it goes, :-) It’s a lot “BANG” for your buck, hope it don’t go “BOOM”


    • Metoo

      And don’t forget it’s local parade value.

      • Mike H. Mike H

        Actually, I was just thinking that parade work is about all this would be reasonably good for. The aerodynamics suggest that it wouldn’t be ideal at freeway speeds, and the obvious lack of a top would make me want to be sure that only pleasant weather was on tap.

    • Rocco Member

      Too bad Big Bang Theory’s little Sheldon Cooper’s dad didn’t build this for him.

  11. Andre

    Dang. Good way to ruin a 5.0 5-speed ‘vert

  12. JW

    Well for the price it’s not all that bad but after your kids or grandkids grow up what do you do with it. Eventually when all us boomers are dead these super hero’s will fade away to the next generation of techie super humans.

  13. BiggYinn

    Poor adam west will be turnibg in his grave

    Like 1
  14. Metoo

    For that price, heck yeah. Certainly one of a kind, that would distract other drivers away from their iphones (which may or my not be a good thing). Those huge fins might cause a blind spot problem on the right side, in my opinion. Still, way cool.

  15. 8banger Dave Member

    I dig the old-school candy bar phone on the console…

  16. Adam Wright

    The only thing I will say is $5000 is very reasonable. If you liked this you could own it. Too many times you see a crazy build where the guy thinks he’s a genius and the car is worth $100,000.

  17. Darrun

    Batman’s sports car? You have to respect the builders ability to see the project through. Most people would have bailed on this way before it was finished. It’s not something that I would want, but I can see where a Batman fan is probably going to love it.

  18. JBD Member

    Wow, a car that’s already done. Wish I had found this before buying my current project.

    Just add a mask and a cape!

  19. AF

    Needs a one way ticket to the nearest scrapyard. Rip the engine out. Hang up the steering wheel and phone somewhere as a joke and then straight to the crusher. Nobody is going to miss this one.

  20. DerekF

    Hurts my eyes

  21. Howard A Member

    I think we’ve seen enough Batman stuff for a while.

  22. Dolphin Member

    Other than the giant fins and other stuff tacked on the body, the fake rocket exhaust pipe sticking out the back, the garish yellow/orangey paint trim, the over-the-top interior with dual phones that are so old they won’t work, the dual / partial nested steering wheels, and a bunch of other stuff, this is a pretty nice ex-Fox body Mustang.

  23. LAB3

    Not a bad job overall, thumbs up to the builder!

  24. Chris vrabel

    Local Floridian meth lab has new delivery vehicle.

  25. Wrong Way

    I have a big heart for Mustangs, since I have owned many from 641/2 to the present! How dare anybody that does this to one of my beloved ponies! I hope that the person that did this goes to where the sun don’t shine! LOL!

  26. Tim Rusling

    I’m a huge fan of the ’66 Batcar. When I looked at this, I actually thought it kind of cute, and not a complete turnoff like I was expecting. Still, the Futura-based Batmobile, who that shlockmeister Barris always took full credit for, was essentially restyled by the actually-great Bill Cushenberry. Barris also took credit for some of the legendary Dean Jeffries’ work.

  27. Larry K

    Ok for Batboy or Batgirl.

  28. Paul Gray

    No thanks.

  29. Steve H

    Terrible waste of probably a nice Mustang.

  30. Walter

    Couldnt think of anything better to do with a raggedy store bought blue oval hot rod.A green lantern challenger should be this builders next project.

  31. TechnoHippie

    Two things come to mind. 1. Some ‘barnfinds’ should remain IN the barn and 2. Here is an fine example of why not to do drugs.

  32. Barzini

    Another great post, Scotty. You are a clever writer who always makes me laugh.

  33. Fran

    I will say it’s not bad but I am not into it nor Fox bodies. I like the old mustangs and the newer ones I never understood the hype of fox fords other than they were fast.

  34. Tom S.

    Best car on here in weeks! Ditch the T-handle shift knob and it would be perfect.

  35. Kevin Lee

    Holy silly looking car Batman!!!

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      Holy blind spots!!!

  36. michael streuly

    Very intresting

  37. DonC

    “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs”

  38. angliagt

    I need to send the link to our Daughter.
    She’s a huge Batman fan,& loves Mustangs.
    I’d hope that this was built to do parades in.

  39. norm

    I can see this driven by a guy under 5′ tall dressed as Batman ( smokin’ a cigar ) and really gorgeous lady of 6′ tall dressed as Robin pull up at cruise night ……

  40. Dt 1

    I would definitely not try that thing around town unless it was Halloween

  41. Mark

    Bet it can be rented out for kids parties, show up drive the birthday kid up and down the street, let him /her touch the buttons, hit the siren, have mom or dad pay the man! Rev the 5.0 a couple times. Then drive back to the bat outhouse.

  42. Brian

    Shockingly not terrible. I bet this guy learned a lot customizing this car. Maybe his next creation will graduate from “not bad” to “pretty damn good!”

  43. Rodney

    Do I guano buy this car?
    Naw….I’m a little upside down right now….

  44. wally

    I don’t think anyone gets it —–this guy had a ball doing this project just
    the way HE wanted it. Now he’s tired of it. He just wants to get rid of it.
    someone out there will think it’s cheap and cool.
    Don’t spend too much time analyzing the whys and what ifs.

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