Custom Cruiser: 1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Now, this is one custom cruiser! The seller of this custom, two-door 1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser has created quite a car and they have it listed here on Craigslist in White Mountains, Arizona. They’re asking $7,000 for this cool… more»

Back in Black! 1937 Packard 115-C Custom

According to the seller, Packard built fewer than 2000 of these Packard Six five-passenger touring coupes in 1937, the body style’s first year. Packard sold an even larger two-door coupe in the 120 series (8 cylinder) similar to this,… more»

Head-Turning Hauler: 1968 Belly Tank Trailer

Sometimes a vehicle without an engine really draws my eye, this is one of those cases. This is listed by the seller as an “Unspecified 1968 Belly Tank”, but it’s basically a custom belly tank trailer for a motorcycle…. more»

Stude-What-O? 1981 Studemino

Have you ever dreamt about a car that you wish had been built but sadly never came to be? Well that could very much have been the driving factor of building this unique “Studemino”. Appearing to be an ’81… more»

Short Work: 1966 Chevrolet Gasser Wagon

Even without photos of the side of this car and just one overall exterior photo, it’s still easy to see that this 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II wagon is a shorty and a gasser, and possibly a drag car and… more»

409-Powered 1956 Chevrolet Drag Car

This 1956 Chevrolet drag car in Springfield, Ohio pushes many of the right buttons for a vintage-looking drag racer. Lacking details in the woefully short description here on eBay, we must assume this car has no racing history, and… more»

Batstang! 1987 Ford Mustang Custom

Sooooooo, you’re sitting around one evening looking out the window at your Mustang parked in the driveway and thinking, I have way too much time and money on my hands, how can I use up some of that time… more»

What Would You Pay For A Von Dutch?

“How much would you pay for a Von Dutch?”. That’s the question Rick asked when he sent us a link to this glove box door he found on craigslist. Personally, I’d have a hard time paying the asking price,… more»