Be The Fuzz: 1976 Plymouth Fury


The Plymouth Fury isn’t what I’d necessarily call an attractive car, but when you throw on the steel wheels and hubcaps with the lowered stance (potentially helped by the cop suspension, blown shocks or both), they look positively bad to the bone. This original patrol car is listed here on eBay for $7,999 with the option to make an offer.


I’m a firm believer that cop cars should be used hard. They’re overbuilt for exactly that reason, so a few battle scars only make it more authentic. This particular vehicle was special-ordered by the Tulsa, OK police department and retains the 360 cop motor. According to, all pursuit engines were equipped with “…a double roller timing chain, hot-pressed valve springs, chrome-flashed exhaust valve stems with hardened tips, windage tray between crank and oil sump, molybdenum-filled top rings, and a shot-peened cast iron crankshaft.”


The interior of police vehicles can ran the gamut from hardly used to openly abused, but this Fury suffers from minimal destruction. The vinyl may even be replacement material as it looks far too clean given the car’s rough exterior. Notice the lack of any protective barriers behind the driver – and the rear windows still have cranks! Seems like an escape waiting to happen, if you ask me.


You can see the plate on the left lists this Fury as a “Special Handling Car,” a clue to its beefier underpinnings as part of the police package. The condition of those items may be suspect, given the years upon years of abuse – or, this Oklahoma cop car may have been used merely to write parking tickets and take up space in the motor pool. What do you think a good offer price would be – or is it fairly priced as-is?


  1. Walter Joy

    I see I’m not the only one who goes to Allpar

  2. Dan h

    I got to “test drive” an ’85 Caprice Police up a twisty canyon a few years back. It absolutely blew my mind how well that big boat handled! I wonder how this Fury would handle?

    • dj

      I worked for GM during those years as a tech. Those were really beefed up cars. I always enjoyed test driving them after a service call.

  3. randy

    I thought The Blues Brothers destroyed all of these cars.
    This is between years of cop cars I’d like, not old enough, and not new enough.

  4. Gerald

    I bought a former VA State Police car once. It was a 70 Fury I. Came with a 440 and ran like the proverbial “bat out of hell “. Only paid $500. for it. Never had a problem with it but it really guzzled gas.

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  5. Chris

    I have a set of period Mars police lights that would finish this beast off! I want!

  6. Paul P

    You had me at “hardened tips”…

  7. Bob G

    I like it – my 77 drives great – Just can’t pass Smog inspection in California its the only problem I have had….

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  8. Mike D

    just a dealer who is trying to make HUGE bucks , probably paid $100 for it and bought it ” as a favor” to the former owner ( I’ll take it off your hands) paint it all black ( paint code is black) it’ll be a looker

  9. skloon

    My brother and I always joked that the holes in those Dodge hubcaps made the siren sound at speed

  10. Mark W

    Blown shocks will not change a car’s stance.

  11. Steve

    t’s got a cop motor, a 360 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?

  12. Tom S.

    Who wouldn’t just love to have an old police car? But the money he’s asking should buy ten in this condition.

  13. Adam Wright

    Time to get the band back together!

  14. E.M.

    Does the cigarette lighter work?

  15. randy

    It did until you threw it out of the window!

  16. Keith

    After 1973 the Fury went right down the drain. :-(

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