Beautiful Driver! 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

Here on Barn Finds, we regularly feature cars that need a lot of work. This 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster doesn’t really need anything and can be driven as-is pretty much anywhere. However, the car may not be done to everyone’s taste and the new owner could certainly freshen it up in their style and put their own stamp on it. It is for sale here on eBay with an asking price of $19,500. Located in Polk City, Florida, the seller says the restoration took place a few years ago and touts the drivability of the car. Take a look and see if there are any changes you would make.

The interior is an interesting mix of retro and luxury. The dash has been restored to original perfection. You can see what appears to be an aftermarket billet steering wheel. The upholstery all matches including the door panels, headliner, and even the visors! I’m not sure if this is everyone’s style, but there’s no arguing that this would be a pretty comfortable car to travel in.

The engine is a 350 cubic inch V8, which adds to the drivability. The seller says the transmission shifts smoothly and the car also features power steering, power brakes, and cruise control. The air conditioning blows “ice cold” and the dual exhaust has a nice rumble.

The tires were recently replaced and you can also see what appears to be a trailer hitch under the rear bumper. How cool would it be to pull a little Airstream Bambi cross-country with this car? Count me in! How about you?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car! Only thing I’d do to it is get rid of the door edge strips. Never really understood why you would possibly damage your new paint and break up the lines of the side of the car with a vertical piece of chrome.

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  2. Chris M.

    I really dig it!

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  3. DRV

    Presenting it the way it was designed to look is the way to go.

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  4. PatrickM

    I may have missed something… No mention of size of engine. This has really had good care. Interior looks like ’70’s crushed valour…but, that’s okay with me. I’m sure it sounds great, too. But, the green ’52, 2 door is a better buy, for me. Both would turn heads. Both would look great sitting in my driveway, too. LOL. Ooops! Now I see it…a 350.

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  5. Tirefriar

    Perfect daily driver! If I was in the market for a DD in that price range (which pretty much covers any used Civic, Accord, Camry, Corolla, etc), it would be a no brainer!

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  6. ken tilly UK Member

    Take out the V8 and replace it with the original straight six, lose the slush box, steering wheel, power everything, a/c etc. and get it back to it’s 1948 specs.

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    • tirefriar

      And while we are at it lets get rid of the 12V system, any upgrades to modernize the brakes, lighting, cooling, etc, install a good set of bias ply tires and then go onto drive the piss out of it…huh?

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    • local_sheriff

      I too like sixes and manual trannies, however this one has been converted/updated already so I see no point in reversing the process. Though mod’d I don’t find it has lost its ’48 Chev identity.There are plenty of GM bomb candidates around at payable $ as the green ’52 shows

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    • Tom Bell

      Right on target, Ken. Another great example of motoring history trashed by someone who he thinks “improved” it.

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      • Dusty Stalz

        I’m glad that not everyone thinks this way. If so, automotive design and technology would have stopped a loooong time ago.

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      • canadainmarkseh Member

        This was very tastefully done and from the view of the untrained eye you can’t tell. One can argue that the down side to original is there not that pleasant to drive, and they should be driven. The only thing that I’d change back is the three on the tree and only because I think there cool. Other than that this is a fantastic car and it’s more stylish than that green 52 too.

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  7. Joe Haska

    I love “Hot Rods” modified cars and I am very critical and this car is not my style, having said that ,I think this car is well done and is also a very good buy. Tirefriar is dead on! Ken tilly UK , I hope you are joking, you couldn’t be serious, go buy an original one for !/2 the money.

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    • ken tilly Member

      Hi Joe. I’m not joking. I just live in the past and the present. If I buy an old car then I expect it to run like an old car, therefore I would only buy it if it were largely original, and if I want a car with all the luxuries, like my current Chevy wagon with all the bells and whistles, slush box etc, then I buy a modern vehicle. This way I have the best of both worlds. As far as this car is concerned, it is beautiful, just not my cup of tea but I’m sure the next owner will love it.

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  8. Bob C.

    This looks like it would a fun driver. By all means, KEEP THE UPGRADES!!!!!

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  9. Comet

    Fun car! Leave it alone and drive the wheels off.

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  10. Del

    Nice car.

    You need that 350 to make this heavy chevy move out.

    Price a bit steep

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    • Tirefriar

      Del, you would have almost the asking price alone in the paint job and the upgrades. You’d be getting the actual car for free!

      I think this is a great buy, truly wish I was in the market for a DD but I am not. Those duties are being handled by an S197 Saleen, quite successfully I may add ;-)

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  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Was Harley Earl the chief of design at GM when this car was made? That body looks like something you’d see at Wal-Mart….fat and ugly!

  12. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bob C and Comet have it right. It is what it is and it’s great! Had a ’54 sedan with the upgraded interior and a six. Couldn’t wait to get the Olds engine in it.

  13. JOHN Member

    I like it. It is set up to drive and enjoy. I would go back to a more original style steering wheel, see about losing the auxiliary gauge panel somehow, and those door edge guards. I have no issue with original cars, but the upgrades certainly make this a better driver.

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  14. DRV

    A three on the tree with the original steering wheel would bring back the best part of the original feel.

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  15. TimM

    Is it post war Chevy week on barn find!! Sure is a sweet looking ride!!!

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  16. Bill W

    This car really has had a powertrain upgrade. The original torquetube driveshaft and rear axle has been has been replaced with a modern hotchkiss set up.. The torquetube system had a tube that ran up the driveshaft from the rear axle to the u-joint behind the transmission.

    The hotchkiss system used the leaf springs to transmit the torque to the car’s frame and back to the enigne. Or used torque arms if the car had rear coil springs or torsion bars..

    Chevy used torquetube drive through 1954, the same set up used by Ford, Buick, Nash and a few others.

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