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Beautiful Low Mileage Boss 302 Mustang



When a substantial portion of a car is original, but it’s got fresh paint, it’s no longer a survivor, but it hasn’t really been restored either. This low mileage, well taken care of 1970 Boss 302 Mustang comes with some history going back to a purchase in 1973 for $2,300! It’s now up for sale here on eBay at no reserve. Bidding is just over $13,000 as I write. The Boss is located in Happy Valley, Oregon.


Even if you aren’t interested in this particular car, you owe it to yourself to check out the auction listing–it’s a perfect example of how excellent photography can make a car compelling. There are close ups, distance shots, under car shots; pretty much any angle you could think of. There’s absolutely no rust on this car. I looked for flaws and found none apart from slightly worn original seat upholstery. I’m not a concours judge and the seller mentions an missing original air cleaner and a “revalator” that has been purchased but not installed, but gee, that’s not much! I suppose sticklers would mention the modern radial tires versus the bias plys mentioned in the Marti Report, but I’m sure okay with that upgrade.


What a look. I’m surprised this car stayed on the lot as long as it did when it was new (built October 1969, sold April 1970). I’m not sure when the car was repainted, but it sure looks pretty. I suppose it should with only 46,435 miles showing!


While the carpets have been replaced, the seats are original and look just a tiny bit worn. I’d continue that wear by selectively driving this beauty–just too much fun not to! The rest of the interior looks just so perfect as well.


An engine compartment you could eat off of completes this package. I am sure this will end up going for more than it is showing at the moment–a lot more. Still, I’ll bet some of you can find something wrong besides what I’ve named (like the modern radiator cap). More importantly, how much would you drive this beauty every year if it were yours?


  1. grant

    Local car. Been for sale for a while.


    Hmmm, Wonder if I used are home equity line of credit to buy this the wife would get upset ? On second thought after 25 years she has no sense of humor.

  3. al leonard

    Go for it…she’ll love ‘ya for it!!!!!!

  4. rdc

    I knew the 70 Boss 302 did not have air. However, it does not seem to have any dash vents for fresh air. MY 70 fastback with AC had vents above the radio.

    • Ron

      In ’69 and ’70 only the A/C cars had the vents in the dash above the radio. As you stated none of the Boss cars had A/C and accordingly no dash vents.

      • rdc

        I would have bought a 1970 boss 302 if it had air.


    Good thing it has a fold down back seat because that’s where ill be sleeping. She has mentioned that she wants a new kitchen and bathroom update before I made any other major purchase’s lol.

    • Charles

      BF, just tell her you want to update your car collection! Sure she will understand…. Besides with a sleeping bag and pillow, there is plenty of room on the fold down seat.

      • Silverghost

        And don’t forget Husband Law #3 – It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission! :D

  6. John H. in CT

    If this is a legit car, I predict this will sell for $80K. I’ll be surprised if the actual transaction happens on eBay.

  7. JW

    I’m surprised that after a repaint they never reinstalled the engine compartment or door jam decals / stickers.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I agree given that the majority of the FoMoCo and Autolite identification/service labels are available through numerous vendors.

  8. AlanBob(tm)

    Looks like an AM only radio. I think non-A/C Mustangs of this era only had fresh air vents under the dash and/or in the kick panels.

    I wanted to buy one of these new (I was 18), but it was a bit too big for my taste and too expensive for my means. Ended up with a bright yellow Opel GT, which I loved until I saw the Datsun 240Z.

  9. Jim

    Before dropping a fortune I’d go over all the drivetrain casting numbers and be sure it’s a real Boss motor with appropriate everything. Odometers can be swapped as well as tags and decals but casting numbers takes a real artist. Just sayin. If it’s real it’s nice.


      Easy enough to know if the block is a Boss block or not, it is the only one that Ford used screw in freeze plugs on. Although I would still check the numbers to be sure it is not a later D1 service block.

  10. Jack

    Big fish, buy it, after 25 years of marriage the Boss would be way more fun and growl the same lol

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    nice…..take the 1970 over the 1969 any day….

  12. DAN

    US $32,500.00
    [ 20 bids ]

  13. Gene

    I don’t believe the mileage. Not for a second.


    This is the same seller that had the red 1970 Charger that was featured about a week ago. You know, the one where the first two owners were oriental.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      That alone gives me pause.

      This is a beautiful car, but I’d want a real Mustang expert to look it over from muzzle to fetlocks before I plunked down any cash. (If I had it to spend)

      Missing brake pedal pad. Too hard to find a replacement? Gee.
      Something funny with the place where the headliner and side panel meet on the left side above the rear passenger.

  15. Doug Towsley

    About 15 mins from me, If a list member buys it PM me and Ill store it till you arrange shipping. I am a chevy guy mostly so it would be safe with me, Honest!

    Seller also has a SS Chevelle and several Mopars for sale, If all these sell he will have some serious Ka-Ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ In his pocket.

    Happy Valley is a weird place, WAS the up & coming hoity toity rich guys neighborhood but then it crashed HARD during the recession. More than any other area in the Metro area. Foreclosures and bankruptcies were at epidemic levels Both for builders, realtors & developers and home owners alike. Now its growing like crazy again. I wonder if the State of Orregon or the Car dealers assoc knows theres a dealer moving that much $$$ and cars out of his garage?

    • Rando

      We have a local guy doing similar – moving lots of high dollar muscle cars – and some “affordable” fun things. He used to be a regular old used car salesman who loved hot rods and such. He found that by specializing, he could sell less cars, make more mony, work less, have more fun. If you can do it, go for it. Seems like a fun way to make a living. traveling to Mecum often, scouting muscle cars…having fun.

  16. Howard A Member

    Coolest Mustang EVER!!!

  17. Rick

    too bad its such a sucky color

  18. Jim

    That green isn’t one of my favorites either. Here in NYC, Con Edison electric company painted all their trucks a crappy blue from the 60’s forward and when Ford came out with Grabber Blue it was almost identical, they had a hard time selling cars that color here, everyone was tired of seeing those trucks everywhere. It was the seventies, I guess they were trying to be stylish, Chrysler had some odd colors also. On the other hand it’s only paint, a color change doesn’t ruin the car.

  19. Rocco Member

    Aside from the AM/FM radio missing(factory door speakers are there), it does have a nice addition of the export brace from the cowl to the shock towers.

    Beautiful car. Like Jamie said, the photography is done very well.

  20. Rocco Member

    I had one of these in ’72. They are great cars.

  21. VR LIVES

    There just is nothing about this car that is bad, aside from the fact that I don’t own it. Ford kept the back end of this car clean without ruining its image. My favorite is the 67-68.tail lights, but this is a close second. I know that these models were significantly heasvier, but like kids, they grew into their looks . Beautiful car, can someone buy this for me?

    • Rocco Member

      If I could buy it at all, it would be for ME. LOL

  22. Brad

    I think both the car and the colour are great!

  23. rich voss

    There was a comment early on about “why it sat on the dealer’s lot for so long”….Insurance premiums ! These cars were coveted by young guys that could probably afford the car note but not the insurance premium AND the car note. I’ve told this before on another Mustang listing, I bought a ’71 Boss by actually ordering the car the way I wanted it, rather than buying a ’70 428 CJ that some “other” young guy ordered, but couldn’t afford prem. and note. Lost his “holding” money. And I liked the body style of the ’70 better. Too bad my dealer didn’t have this car….

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid of $49,100.00. 65 bids.

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