Believe In This! 36k-Mile 1972 Buick Skylark

Paul Burke was the voice-over actor for Buick commercials in the early ’70s, and the slogan was “Something To Believe In” Well, from the looks of this very-well-kept survivor, for sale here on eBay out of Hartsville, South Carolina, I “believe” that it is a neat find! Thanks go to reader Jamie for suggesting this one to us.

Putting aside the fact that its a post-car A-Body sedan with 350 V8, 2-bbl carburetor and a whopping 180 horsepower, and the plain-jane green vinyl interior, let’s look at it in more objective terms: This thing is really clean overall. Sure, the underhood area is a bit weathered, but the interior and exterior are quite nice.

The seller gives us multiple pictures and tells us that it’s in good mechanical condition, with working air conditioning, and has had recent repair and maintenance work performed. They even claim that the AC blows cold!

With all due respect to the seller: In my opinion, the asking price of $7,200 is a bit idealistic. It’s a nice piece overall, and I personally have good childhood memories of a car just like this, as well as a green station wagon that had the exact same interior, but while the market is good for all unrestored classics, it might not be that good. It’s not that I wouldn’t buy the car, I just don’t feel that it’s worth quite that much. Am I right or wrong on this?


  1. TimS Member

    As it is not a 2-door with the 455 and a 4-speed, it should of course be crushed into a cube, as it has no value except for the front sheetmetal. There, now the Barrett Jackson Car Snob view has been served.

    I love it for the green interior, which one hasn’t been able to order in, say, a generation? And I also love that it would look stick out big time among the silver jellybeans. I bet if somebody showed up with around five grand cash they could have it and make a nice dry-day driver.

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  2. Rhett

    These are great cars…Quick, even with a 2bbl, solid like billet, bulletproof steering/brakes/electronics.

    This particular car is as Grandma as Grandma gets, all that’s missing is a plastic covered brocade interior.

    I wouldn’t spend 7500 on it, but somebody is going to love this car

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      @Rhett – Right on with the Grandma comment. My Grandma drove one of these, green paint with black interior. The Buick was a big upgrade from her Falcon, and everyone loved it. You could probably shove a FAST or Megasquirt EFI on there and get better MPG than a full-sized SUV. In a pinch the Buick will seat six without giving up its trunk. Thanks Russell!

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      • bigblocksrock396

        Had one of these 35 yrs ago. Green on green. One if the most reliable cars I’ve ever owned. I recall paying less than a thousand for it.

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    • Poppy

      I agree, Rhett. I had a ’70 Cutlass Supreme with 350 and 2bbl. The larger throttle bores compared to the Q-jet primaries gave it very snappy throttle response even if the top end was choked. Was somewhat disappointed when I did a Q-jet conversion. I think a car this clean is well worth the ask.

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  3. don

    I’m not a 4 door guy, , but if this car pulled into a car show or cruise night I’d really be checking it out – its beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing on it, its a real time capsule of a simpler time !

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    • PatrickM

      I agree except for the “simpler time” comment. I lived through them and they weren’t very comfortable. We had the first gas crunch in my life. Emission controls, higher gas prices, and not much in pay increases. Really put the hurts on most families. As for the car itself, I really like it. It is almost exactly what I am looking for. But, the asking price is a bit ambitious. Bidding is at $7,250.00. Oh well. I’ll keep looking. Okay, BF, do your stuff!! $5,000.00 all day.

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  4. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    $5000 car all day. And I’m a plain-Jane Buick lover.

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  5. Bob C.

    2 door, 4 door, these mid size GM cars presented themselves well. Everything just seemed right about them in this generation. I agree $7200 is a little pricey for a post sedan.

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  6. Rhett

    I swear if this were mine, it’d have blackwalls, dog dish caps and I’d pop a spotlight through the a-pillar.

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  7. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Here is the 26k mile Special I picked up in 2007, as found. Similar color scheme.

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  8. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Same car a few months later after adding some new rolling stock and factory rally wheels. There are bargains out there with fewer doors. This car cost me just shy of $3,000.

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  9. Alex T.

    This same model was used in our Driver’s Ed class although with an extra brake pedal on the front passenger side. Nice memories.

  10. Chris In Australia

    4 bbl conversion, faster steering and some brake & suspension upgrades. And a set of 15×7 Buick rally wheels.

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  11. Miguel

    I thought I had seen all the steering wheels from this era, but I don’t recognize this one.

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    • Rhett

      That’s a base Skylark wheel, standard with a non-Custom or “Skylark 350” interior trim package

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  12. sourpwr

    1972 Skylarks with 36k on it for 5000.00 are not seen everyday here in Michigan. I’d pay the 7200.00 drive it home and park it in the winter. My walker could fit in the back seat or trunk

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  13. dweezilaz

    “Putting aside the fact that its a post-car A-Body sedan..”

    Come on Russel. Unless a car is a “hardtop sedan” without a B pillar, they’re just sedans.

    Post sedan is redundant. If it has a B pillar it’s a sedan.

    The outlier is a hardtop in 2 or four door coupes sedans and, yes, wagons.

    No one ever sold “post” sedans, coupes or wagons.

    Like saying “I, myself” “post” is redundant and a filler word as well as a poor description of something that never was.

    Using proper terminology is important for credibility.

    It’s not that difficult. Using slang is not good journalistic form.

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    • Rhett

      Where everything you have said is technically correct, I personally would not deduct points for the use of the term “post sedan”. it quickly defines what type of sedan we are discussing.

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  14. Bob McK Member

    This is going to make a really nice car for someone. Nice entry into the old car hobby.

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  15. W9BAG

    Nice car, but I feel that a $4500 range would be acceptable.

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  16. Bakyrdhero

    I had a red 71 custom convertible with the 350 2bbl. That car was quick! The 72 has 50 less hp however. I had always said “no way” to the 4 door Skylarks because I thought they were homely until I watched a show on Netflix called “You” the main character drives a red 4 door skylark with a black roof/interior and some black aftermarket rims. Classy and sinister looking at the same time. I miss my old lark. Fun cars.

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  17. Troy s

    When I think of the Skylark this is my impression of them right here. Always remember seeing grey haired old folks driving them when I was young and never paid much attention to them at all…when I was a kid.
    After all, Buick was an old folks car brand, at least that’s what I thought of them despite buying a ’63 Buick Wildcat at the age of 16.
    Somehow it would seem wrong if young hipsters were laughing and carrying on driving this Skylark, must be my own view after reading some of the comments here.
    Gran Sports were a different story of course.

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  18. Brendon

    This brings back memories. I had a ’72 Buick Skylark 4 door hard top as my college driver in the early 90’s. It was a $250 purchase from a guy I went to high school with- originally his grandmother’s car. I threw some junkyard Buick mangum 500 style rims and drove it for 2 years until it was too rusty/ breaking apart to keep going. ended up selling it for $200 to a guy who parted it out. The hubcaps to this car are still hanging in my parent’s barn in upstate NY. To this day this was one of the best value cars I’ve ever had.

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  19. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Speaking of terminology, we can stop commenting about Magnum 500 style Buick rims. They were/are, simply, known as Buick Rally Wheels.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Amen Alexander. I’d further like to request a stop to all “road wheel” comments. Aren’t all wheels meant for the “road”?

  20. Pat

    I went and purchased this car on Saturday, 01-04-20′ and drove it 3.5 Hours home with no issues. I am working on going thru the entire car and cleaning, detailing and refreshing it.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Congratulations, Pat! Be sure and post some updated pictures!

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