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SOLD FOR $5,000!

UPDATE 7/23/2020 – After some back and forth emails, we are excited to announce that Tamir and barkford just closed a great deal for this Honda and it will be headed off to its new home soon! We also want to congratulate both parties on finalizing the deal and we hope the donation can help America’s Car Museum keep the lights on!

We tend to stray away from listing newer cars as Barn Finds Auctions, but this low mileage Honda Accord EX is being sold for a good cause! The current health crisis has taken its toll on countless establishments, but it has been an especially trying time for museums, which often depend on ticket sales to stay afloat. Reader Tamir L, the seller, loves visiting his local automotive museum, the LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, and decided he wanted to do his part to help keep it alive during these tough times. He no longer needs this car, so he decided to contact us and the museum to see if his favorite car website would auction his Accord to help keep his favorite museum open. If you’ve been on the hunt for an exceptionally clean survivor that is ready to drive and would love to also help with a good cause, be sure to bid! You can find it in Mountlake Terrace, Washington and you can bid below.

Unlike most of the Hondas from this era that we see, this one isn’t a worn-out high mileage car. It’s covered just 43k miles since new and has clearly been well cared for from day one. Tamir is the car’s second owner and put 15k of those 43k miles on it. He states that it has been serviced every 5k miles or yearly, whichever came first. Having covered an average of fewer than 2,500 miles per year, there are a number of years it likely didn’t see any use other than when it was given its annual service.

The 2.4 liter inline-4 won’t blow the doors off, but with 160 horsepower, it shouldn’t have any problems keeping up with traffic. In 2003, the 4-cylinder was also revised, receiving a timing chain in place of the rubber belt. Between this improvement and a few other changes, these K24 engines are incredibly durable and quite efficient.

The interior might just be this car’s top selling point, beyond the low mileage that is. There are a few blemishes, but overall, it is in amazing shape. I’ve had the opportunity to drive a few seventh-generation Accords and they really are comfortable cars to drive. This one appears to have been well optioned. The only missing features that would be nice to see are the GPS system and possibly a 5-speed manual. Neither of these options is necessary, honestly, the 5-speed automatic is a good transmission and will make this an easy car to drive in traffic.

We know this isn’t the typical kind of find that we would feature, but it’s a near 20-year-old low mileage survivor. A new Accord will cost you anywhere from $24k all the way up to $36k, but why spend that much when you can buy this one and have the bonus of getting to help a good cause! If you aren’t in the market for a new car, but would still like to help keep America’s Car Museum alive, you can make a donation here or become a member of their Driver’s Club here. We want to thank Tamir for listing it with us and a special thanks to the LeMay – America’s Car Museum for everything they do to preserve and educate about America’s automotive history!

  • Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA
  • Mileage: 43,351
  • Title: Clean
  • VIN: JHMCM56673C066251

Please leave any questions about the car in the comments and we will do our best to get you the answer. And if you’d like to see Tamir’s recent video about preparing and listing his Honda on his YouTube Channel, take a look here!



  1. Oregon_Guy78

    This is one of my favorite Accord body styles. A friend bought one new and it drove really nicely.

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    • Tamir Lehrer

      It is beautiful and it drove very smoothly and comfortably for me especially considering its age.

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    • SWells679

      I didn’t care too much for this body style…until I bought an ’03 V6-L for my son to go to/from college. It has high mileage and I got it from a co-worker’s wife who babied it. It’s super easy to maintain and I never appreciated it until the first time I washed it. All curves! The easiest car I’ve ever cleaned!
      This car is a beaut!

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  2. Tamir Lehrer

    It is beautiful and the car drove very smoothly and comfortably for me especially considering its age.

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  3. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    A friend and I spent the better part of a day at the LeMay car museum a couple of years ago. Beautiful place, so very many fantastic cars. I applaud Tamir for listing his car to benefit such a great American establishment.

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    • Tamir Lehrer

      Thank you for the comment and for your bid!

      LeMay is a fantastic organization and unfortunately they have been shut down since March due to the pandemic and local government policy. Meanwhile, the pandemic has been very kind to me economically, so I thought the least I could do was help them “keep their headlights on”.

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  4. Jeff Z

    I commend you Tamir. Very nice gesture. I was just at the Gilmore museum today on the west side of Michigan — never been before — was excellent. There was a Volvo and a German car show (socially distanced) in progress today. Their collection is fantastic.

    Tamir’s Accord is one of the nicer body styles and IMHO is close to “peak Accord.” I still have my old 2004 Acura TL — kept it as my spare car (182,000 trouble-free miles) and I view the Gen III TL as the best of all of them. Honda from the 90s through the mid-2000s — fantastic cars.

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    • Tamir Lehrer

      Thank you Jeff!

  5. Rx-7 TurboII

    Could you tell me what the reserve is? I have one of these cars but it got damaged by hail a few months ago so I’m interested in your car but between the price of the car and the price of the ticket out there on the plane, i have to be reasonable. Thanks!

    • Tamir Lehrer


      I understand, there are additional costs beyond the car itself which may influence your decision to bid.

      I won’t say what the reserve is, but I will say both the Barnfinds staff (who do an amazing and thorough job) and myself agreed it was reasonable prior to listing.

      I encourage you to bid if you like the car enough (and would like to help raise money for a great cause) and if you do have any additional questions pertaining to the car’s history, condition, or the cause prior to bidding, I’m more than happy to answer those.

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  6. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Simple: Don’t bid more than you think is reasonable for you.
    Best advice for everyone when participating in an auction.

    I also would likely be flying/driving, and am keeping that in mind before raising the bidding paddle again.

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    • Tamir Lehrer


      Great advice, and best of luck to all participants bidding!

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    • Rx-7 TurboII


      Thanks for clearing that up for me, but I was addressing Tamir in my question so you weren’t actually cc’d in on it, sorry for any confusion.


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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


        BF is a Public forum, so your question, and Tamir’s answer are both to be viewed by simply everyone. No BCC possible here.

        Comments, opinions, and questions are open for all participants to respond to if they feel that they have something to contribute.

        I offered what is pretty much considered to be sound advice regarding auctions. Feel Free to follow it or disregard it, totally up to you. I did notice that you responded to me, but not to the seller of the car, and yes, that I do find confusing.


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  7. Rx-7 TurboII


    You make a valid point but unfortunately my message was literally addressed to the seller, not to you or anyone else on the forum, even though everybody can view it , so why you would take the opportunity to respond to a message (or offer sound advice as you put it), that wasn’t literally addressed to you is confusing to me. And why I didn’t respond to the seller is because he was factual in his response to me and I didn’t really need to respond back to him since he answered my question.
    Have a great day and thanks again!


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  8. Tamir Lehrer

    Two days left everyone! Reserve is almost met

  9. Tamir Lehrer

    Last day to bid everyone! Would love to see this car sold!

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    • americanpursuit

      How long will this auction run? I notice that it has already been extended twice now, I believe? I guess I did not realize the site allowed for continual extensions until the seller got their reserve. Interesting. I’ve seen automatic bid extensions but, never for this long.

      • Tamir Lehrer

        Hi Americanpursuit,

        I was quite surprised by the last minute result as well. Auctions on here, like many other auction sites, extend the end time every time there is a last minute bid to prevent sniping bids, so an auction can last for minutes, hours, or in some outlier cases days after the original end date.

        After all those bids end, if a high bid still doesn’t make reserve, the auction site can choose at their discretion to negotiate or broker a deal between the high bidder and the seller. Ultimately that’s what happened in this auction.

        I appreciate your participation in the auction! Best of luck to you in future auctions!

  10. Bernie R

    Sure is a clean car. Meticulously prepared and in an attractive shade of red over grey. This is a car you could buy and drive home. Good luck to the seller.

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    • Tamir Lehrer

      Thank you! The car is going to a great home and a great new owner

  11. Tamir Lehrer

    Nothing quite like a last minute bid to extend the clock, one hour left!

  12. americanpursuit

    He never even contacted me, I tried to reach out to him with no luck. My comments were deleted here…now it has sold? Thanks!

    • Tamir Lehrer

      Hi Americanpursuit,

      I apologize I never saw your previous comment. First comments do have to be accepted by the forum so that could be part of the reason why I never saw it.

      In the description, there is a link to my YouTube channel which I check pretty frequently, that’s an alternative way to reach out to me.

      Or you could look for me on Facebook, there aren’t too many Tamirs after all.

  13. YourSoundMan

    The best sized U.S. Accord ever! My 2010 EX is an ocean liner by comparison, yet I’m sure handles almost as nimbly as this one would.

    Deceptive though, in it’s audible offerings: While the stereos for 7th gen accords had a button for ‘Aux In’, to connect one of the mp3 players or iPods then becoming vogue, but… no physical connection. That would cost a couple hundred bucks and a trip back to the dealer to have the Aux or iPod harness installed.

    Of course, my favorite part of this subject Accord, and of my 2010 EX Accord, is right on top!

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    • Tamir Lehrer

      You mean the size or the charity aspect?

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