BF Classified: 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible

If my calendar is right, then today marks the Summer Solstice. That means that there are still plenty of opportunities to hit the road and to enjoy the warmer weather from behind the wheel of a classic convertible. This 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 could be the perfect car in which to do this because it needs nothing more than a new owner who will appreciate this beauty. As an added bonus, the engine that hides under the hood should ensure that it possesses the performance that will more than match its good looks. The Coronet is located in Hamilton, Ohio, and has been listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. You can take this beautiful car home today by simply handing the owner $29,500, although he will entertain realistic offers.

The Bright Red Dodge is a striking looking car, with the owner describing the paint as being at least an 8/10. It certainly has a great shine to it, with no signs of any noticeable dings, dents, or scratches. The panel gaps are tight and consistent, and there are no rust problems for the buyer to be concerned about. The owner does note that the floors wear four patches, but that these have been installed and finished to a high standard. The external trim and chrome shine just as nicely as the paint, while the White top is in as-new condition. The Coronet rolls on a new set of ET Wheels, which are wrapped in new tires. If these aren’t to the next owner’s taste, then a set of 14″ steel wheels are also available. These wear narrow whitewall tires and come complete with full wheel-covers with spinners.

I promised performance, and I think that what we see occupying the engine bay would definitely deliver on that promise. When the Coronet rolled off the line, it was powered by a 318ci V8. This has gone the way of the dinosaurs, and in its place is a 440ci V8, backed by a TorqueFlite transmission. However, this 440 is in disguise, because it is fitted with a full 413 Max Wedge top end. This includes the heads, intake, and cast iron headers. Breathing will no doubt be further improved with the fitting of a Mopar Purple Camshaft and a 3″ exhaust. It isn’t clear just what sort of power this combination actually produces, but I suspect that it will be somewhere around “quite a lot!” The engine bay presents just as nicely as the rest of the vehicle, and the inclusion of power steering would help to make things pretty effortless the moment that the going became twisty. The owner says that the vehicle starts and runs well, so if the idea of some relaxed cruising with horsepower on tap is appealing, then it would seem that the Coronet should be capable of delivering on that front.

It is difficult to find anything to be critical of with this Dodge, and that even includes the interior. The combination of Pearl White upholstery with splashes of Red ties the car together nicely. The owner believes that the interior trim is nearly new, and there certainly doesn’t appear to be anything for the buyer to do but to sit back and enjoy the ride. All of the upholstered surfaces are flawless, while the carpet is free from any wear or fading. The dash and pad appear to be in great condition, while there are no signs of wear on the wheel. There is an aftermarket tachometer mounted on the steering column, but if the next owner doesn’t like this feature, then removing it would take no time at all. One of the great interior characteristics of cars from this era was the splashes of chrome which were used to add a touch of class. In the case of the Coronet, this isn’t over the top and really does make the interior pop.

This 1965 Coronet 500 Convertible should have a real Jekyll-and-Hyde personality because when driven sedately, it would almost certainly provide a very relaxed classic motoring experience. However, if the right boot was buried, I suspect that this is a car that would really press you back in the seat. Visually, it is a vehicle that would attract its fair share of attention simply because it looks so very tidy and unassuming. I can’t imagine the sorts of comments that it would garner from enthusiasts once they got a peek under the hood. I can see that the next owner is likely to get a lot of enjoyment out of this classic convertible.

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  1. Matt in LA

    For you obscure 60’s TV Facts, this car is like the one driven by Miss Jane Hathaway, secretary to a certain banker for a family of Hillbillies living in Beverly Hills. I’d name the car “Miss Jane” if it were mine!

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      I believe the Hathaway Coronet had a black top and black interior.

  2. Ken Jennings

    They took a beautiful car and ruined it, no longer drive able as it was intended. Just for acting like an ignorant kid. Not to mention, dangerous too.

    Like 3
    • Chris M.

      Such Foolishness! How much must we endure of this wild dangerous big block recklessness!

      Hey everybody in case you haven’t noticed Ken Jennings is the latest tool here on BF lol

      Like 12
      • triumph1954

        Chris M. You are correct. I noticed that with his first comment.

        Like 7
      • Ken Jennings

        Not to make you jealous, but my wife likes my “tool”, likes it a lot. I guess some men feel the need to compensate with big blocks.

        Like 3
      • Chris M.

        You just keep digging yourself in a hole everytime you open your mouth Ken. Lol I bet your wife says that to all the guys buddy ­čśé

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      • Ken Jennings

        Actually Chris, my wife has been happy with my tool for 40 years and it continues to be in perfect tune, she says it really makes her purr. Unlike so many of you guys “big blocks” that are not in working order and need a rebuild. Don’t you wish you still had your standard original equipment like me? I’m like a Timex watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

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      • Chris M.

        Once again Ken lol

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  3. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    From what you can see it is still a beautiful car. I think it was done in good taste to the period. Nobody said you had to lay stripes with it, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard if you wanted to. You can cruise it around just fine, then pop the hood and look a conversation piece.

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  4. TimM

    Wow a max wedge on barn find!!! It sure is a good week to be rich!!! I just wish I was!!!

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  5. Stevieg

    I feel it is a nice, well done car, priced fairly to boot. Too rich for my blood, but still a reasonable asking price.
    As for it being a big block with the cross ram setup, ya gotta have some self control if you drive this. I have no self control, so it is a very good thing I can’t afford this lol.
    I wish I had the money and the mindset to buy and drive it lol.

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