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BF Classified: 1972 Chevrolet Caprice

In 1965, Chevrolet added the Caprice, an upscale model that was a notch up from Impala (Ford made a similar move with the LTD and Galaxie 500). The Caprice caught on and gave the LTD a good run for its money. The full-size Chevies were restyled in 1971, so the changes for 1972 were minor. The seller’s ’72 Caprice has been in storage for some 22 years but is said to have a nice original paint job and interior under all the dust. It’s located in Eden, North Carolina and available here on BF Classifieds. You’ll need to contact the seller to discuss the price.

The most likely engine in the seller’s car is the 400 cubic inch Turbo-Fire V-8 that produced 170 hp net.  This motor, along with all GM powerplants, was designed to run on regular, unleaded fuel, which the industry was moving to in the early 1970s due to tightening emissions controls. The bumpers were starting to grow in ’72 in advance of Federal mandates that were just around the corner. Standard equipment on the Caprice were the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, variable-ratio power steering, and power front disc brakes. Overall full-size Chevy sales increased in 1972, partly due to a labor strike that curtailed production for 1971. Out of just over one million said cars built that year, 178,000 Caprice’s were built compared to 600,000 Impala’s. It was a good year for Chevy.

This 1972 wears its original Code 25 red paint and black vinyl top, which the seller tells us looks great under 22 years of accumulated dirt and dust. The black original interior is also said to be in good condition. We don’t know the running order of the car, but if there are few mechanical details to deal with, this could clean up to be a very nice older car. Hagerty says that a ’72 Caprice like this one would be worth nearly $9,000 in fair condition and more than $21,000 in unicorn concours condition.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    That’s a big block in there. 402 cid, or maybe a 454 cid.
    I’ve been told by several old timers that those turbine hubcaps could only be factory ordered on big blocks…

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    • bry593

      Dig that concave rear window, and the P03? caps are awesome (same as ’68-’72 vette).

      I love this car bit it is big, THE BIGGEST Chevy sedan ever offered. Sure wouldn’t want to try and park it in a modern lot. You’d have to perform an Austin Powers 8-point turn and then crawl out the window.

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    • Joe Pesch

      P02 wheel covers could be ordered on a Bel Air if you wished

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      I’m an ‘old-timer’ as well, but those wheelcovers were an RPO, so they were available on any model/engine combo. Not often seen, which may be why someone invented an ‘old wive’s tale’ about them.

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    • Paul Trickett

      I owned a 71 Caprice with the 454 and it came with the Vette hub caps. Bought it from my dad when he was going to trade it in on a new 76 Bonneville. For such a big car it would move right along plus mine was all black.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey these are good cars. This was my driver’s ed car in high school, and I am the best driver on the planet, and that’s a fact Jack! Shout out to Mr. Bill Hill.

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  3. Dustin

    Classified ad with no price?

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  4. dr fine

    ‘Looks just like a Cadillac, doesn’t it folks?’ is how Tim Timmers introduced these beauties to Atlanta.

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  5. Mel R

    Had an Impala,same body from Mel r74 to 80 . Was a pleasure to drive.

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  6. BillB

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen climate control (temperature set) in a Chevy of that era.

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    • ACZ

      That Comfortron was pretty rare in a Chevrolet. Once in a great while you’d see one come through a dealership in those years. Most of the techs didn’t know much about them. Same system seen on Cadillacs and some Buicks.

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      • William Hall

        I had a 67 Caprice Sedan that was loaded and had Comforton

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  7. KC John Member

    I’m in love with it. Big block, bright red, last year of good looking bumpers. My garage is too small though. Lol. No price is a bummer.

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  8. David G

    I’m seeing a big block. Engine is either a 402 or 454, both great and definitely increase it’s value. These are awesome cars, and this one is in great shape and well cared for.

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  9. Kenbone

    My 71 caprice had a 350 with 240 hp…my 72 belair had 350 unknown hp but felt power felt the same. Thats what it said on air cleaner

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    • Steve

      1971 Caprice came standard with a 400 small block.

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      • Kenbone

        71 caprice came standard with 400 small block. How ever 3y0 small block ass well a 0 and r5tbig block were als available

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    • BW

      That’s a lot of writing to be on an air cleaner.

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  10. DON

    It may be original code red, but somethings been repainted over the years – the trunk latch has been sprayed red – maybe the trunk lid was replaced at one time with a used one ?

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  11. Shorty

    Why is some guys saying that it’s a big block? The picture clearly shows a small block 400

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    • Steve

      That is clearly a big block.

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    • ACZ

      This is the problem when a seller doesn’t include a VIN and a picture of the Fisher Body plate. That eliminates all speculation on things like this.

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  12. george panetta

    how can you list a car for sale with no specs..

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    • DEC

      The same way you can say it has great paint under all the dust you haven’t bothered to clean off.

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  13. Johnny

    The valve covers look like a 396-(402) or a 454. Since you have to call for the price. I,d say he,s wanting to hear your offer first. If the guy is really wanting to sale it.Why don,t he state the price or does he work for e-bay? What,s the reason he never drove it much? To hard on gas or something is wrong with it he,s not telling?

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  14. Mood-O

    Back in ‘78 I had a ‘71 Caprice coupe with the 454 and turbo 400
    Couldn’t keep rear tires on it!
    Lady ran a red light as I was just pulling out in green…
    I T-boned her brand new ‘78 Regal sedan right in the passenger side door/rear wheel well and sent her car airborne and sideways
    No injuries.
    Insurance gave a check for $500.00 and totaled my car but let me keep it.
    Sold the drivetrain complete for $1,000.00
    to a local drag racer for his tow rig…
    $1,500.00 bucks was big coin for me back then(20 years old)
    Good times though…

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    • Steve

      That was a cool car to have, 454 coupe.! I had a 1971 Caprice 4 door in high school. It was just a 400 small block. That car took a severe beating and just asked for more.

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  15. Bob Member

    My Dad bought a 1972 Impala sedan white with blue cloth interior. Mom and al of us kids drove it. It was a good ride with plenty of room and power from the base engine. First automatic transmission Dad ever bought. I learned on the previous Chevy Belair 283 three on the tree. BTW that 72 was my wedding car from Church to reception in 82, rust not withstanding. I’d love to have this car but I have too many cars already.

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  16. md

    Chevy’s of this era usually had the engine size script on the front fender (if a 400 or larger) didn’t they?

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    • Shorty

      Sometimes the 400 badge could’ve been small or big block 402

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  17. G

    Airbags,daytons and subwoofer..high in front dumped in back…roll off the high end and listen to it vibrate w the windows down……sorry

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  18. Rease

    Do you still have this car

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