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BF Classifieds: One Owner 1967 Ford LTD

The LTD was the Ford division’s version of the Lincoln for more than 30 years. Sort of a Galaxie 500 on steroids, you could say. It was so popular that Chevy did the same thing with the Impala and called it the Caprice. This 1967 LTD is a one-family car, owned by the seller’s grandmother and later stashed away in a dry climate barn for perhaps 40 years. It doesn’t run and likely has some electrical issues to be sorted out. Prescott, Arizona is where you can find this castaway and it’s available here on BF Classifieds for $12,500.

From 1965-86, the LTD was the top dog in Ford showrooms. It always had the highest trim level of the full-size Fords, with standard equipment usually found on the more luxurious Lincoln and Mercury models. Having started out as the Galaxie 500 LTD, the LTD quickly became its own series. It received its first facelift in 1967 as the first generation would run through 1968. The most noticeable changes for ’67 came with the LTD 2-door hardtop like the seller’s car. It received a more formal profile with a landau style roofline and the interior would see Twin Comfort Lounge Seats (a 50/50 split-bench seat), which would be adopted by other American automakers for years to come. For 1967, the Ford LTD would see more than 46,000 copies made in the 2-door configuration. Thanks to Classic Car Database for some LTD info.

This ‘67 Ford LTD has been off the road for as long as 40 years. It belonged to the seller’s grandmother, but we don’t know what may have sidelined it, to begin with. A barn in Arizona has been its home all this time and that provided an opportunity for small critters to get inside the engine compartment and stake a claim. That has included chewing on some of the wiring. Hence, the car does not run and effort on more than the engine may be required to get it going again.

Finished in maroon with a white vinyl landau top, this car was an impressive sight when new. The body and paint are not perfect, with some scuffs and dents along the sides and a small crunch in one front corner by the headlights. Rust, however, is not an issue given the dry climate, with just some light surface stuff on the chassis.

The mileage is stated to be 39,300, so the car was not used a great deal in the dozen or so years before it was parked. The interior is pearl white in color (like the roof) and was not visited by the woodland creatures that settled under the hood. It’s said to be in excellent condition, which the photos support. It has all the goodies that you would expect of a large cruiser like this, factory air conditioning and power everything.

A 390 cubic inch V8 was the engine the car was fitted with at the factory. As mentioned, all the wiring will need to be scrutinized in restoring this 53-year-old car. Both the keys and title have been misplaced over time, but the seller is happy to request a replacement title from the DMV to rectify the latter. Three of the tires have been on the car forever and an inexpensive fourth one was added to enable the car to be pulled out of the barn and eventually onto the buyer’s trailer. It rolls, steers, and stops with no issues.


  1. Moparman Member

    WOW! Two 67 full size Fords in one week?! It appears that barns are being “exorcised” all over, LOL! This LTD, while more upscale than the 32K Galaxie featured earlier, and w/ only 9K more miles, is more deteriorated in some ways, due to the stated rodent infestation. It has potential for some daring soul! GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    I bet this thing was like a brand new car when it was retired some 40 years ago. I wonder why people do this.

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    12.5 k and no keys – bargain

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    • Joel FitzGerald

      Luke Fitzgerald, My name is Luke FitzGerald as well. We spell ours with a capital G.

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, easily 5 grand overpriced.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I bet this car would not look bad after a bath and an interior scrubbing and some aired-up tires. Probably minimal rust. Likely a good restoration candidate.

    53 year old license plate frame? Anyone recognize the dealer?

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    • Fred j

      Berge Ford now Larry Miller Ford in Mesa.

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  6. David

    “Power everything”?

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    • Dave

      I’m looking at the crank windows as I read power “everything”…

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Way over-priced in my opinion. You can buy a much nicer example for $18k-$20K and real nice ones for $25k. If this ’67 needs body work and paint plus whatever it needs under the hood, you’ll be up around $18K plus. These big Fords don’t bring huge money so I’d pass and look for a better one for not a lot more.

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  8. TJM

    If a vehicle sits in a barn or even a garage in Arizona for more than 1or 2 years rodents will not only get under the hood to chew wires, but under the dash and anywhere wiring is to be found! I know from experience when my friend’s Grandpa parked his 1966 Cadillac de Ville in his garage for 8 years in Glendale AZ many years ago. Never was able to get all the electrical bugs out of it.

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  9. Chuck

    Why wouldn’t you get the replacement title before putting it up for sale?

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  10. JEFF S

    Why would anyone wanting a 67 LTD buy this one??? When for just $18,900 you can buy one that you can drive today. Without all the Headaches. And who knows they my let you have it for $16,000, if they need to move it.

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    • K. R. V. Member

      Thanks Jeff S. For the link, to another very nice solid big Ford. While you can’t go wrong with white/black, the colors of the Arizona barn find, that looks like grape, purple? With the painted white roof an especially the pearl white interior, undeniably bring a great combo/contrast with it. I would be very leery about the wiring though. I have experienced mice teething issues with old vehicles, both 2 and 4 wheelers. One in particular could have burned to the ground, if I hadn’t imitate disconnected the battery right after the install! Where smoke immediate started rising out from under the dashboard!! The only systems worse than wiring replacement issues and diagnostic problems, would be rust repair, metal replacement!

  11. chrlsful

    yeah, what is it w/them so often zeroing in on the wires? I mean I get all kindza nests (air cleaner, bent8 valley, exh manny, etc) but Y they go fer da wires so often? No food value there. They just wanna piss off us restorers’n moders…

    • bone

      They are rodents and have to chew on stuff to wear down their teeth, which constantly grow.
      Volvos now are coating their wiring with soybean based material instead of plastic and the mice are really loving it – We have had several Volvos come in that were totaled due to mice eating all the coatings off the harnesses- it must be like peanut butter to them !

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      • JEFF S.

        You would think that Volvo engineers would of known, soybean is food, it does not belong in cars. They need to just add
        warfarin to the wire coating and no more rodent problem. But, then no more Volvos going to the junkyard early, maybe that was the plan all along. Lol.

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