BF EXCLUSIVE: 1953 Nash Ambassador Custom

Now, this is a daily driver! I’m not kidding, the seller uses this 1953 Nash Ambassador Custom as his daily driver, that’s as cool as it gets in my world. This black beauty is a Barn Finds Exclusive and you can see all of the photos at the bottom. This one is not only a daily driver it’s an actual barn find and it’s located in Far Rockaway, New York. Let’s check it out.

Most of us dream about finding a hidden car and bringing it back to being reliable enough to be a daily driver. Jonah has done that. This is a “true barn find” and it sure has an interesting look to it. Black is a mysterious color anyway and seeing it on a ’53 Nash in this patina-heavy look sure would draw a crowd anytime that a person stops for gas or groceries. I really like the unusual look of these big 1952-1957 Ambassadors.

With a mere 38,000 miles, this one is hardly broken in yet, but there will be a reasonably-sized to-do list for the next owner. Hopefully, the exterior can be brought back to a decent level with a good, detailed cut and buff. The interior will take more work but it looks complete. The vertical stripe pattern is correct but with a seat cover on the bottom of the front split-bench, I’m guessing that it needs help.  There are a few splits and other areas to redo unless a person just wanted to keep up the tradition of having this car be an interesting daily driver.

I wish that there were more photos, these were great back seats with lots of legroom and headroom. I’m sure that the seller would send any photos that a serious buyer would want to take a peek at. It doesn’t look like the interior is really that far away from looking like this again.

This long six-cylinder is a 252 cubic-inch that would have had 140 hp when new. The seller mentions that this car has a “Rebuilt transmission, carburetor, and rear end. Runs great!” As Nash-Kelvinator merged with Hudson the year after this car was made, AMC’s “compact” line took off and the big Ambassador model became less popular. This car would sure be popular in our garage. Have any of you owned an early-1950s Nash Ambassador?

Location: Far Rockaway, New York
Asking Price: $10,000
Mileage: 38,000
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Miguel

    Why the two different colors front and back?

    When you fold it down to make the bed, it should all be one color.

  2. SAM61

    Neat car. I like how the interior trim follows the body lines. Here’s one that prowls the streets of Noblesville, In in fair weather.

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  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’d say that the rear seat was a replaced/repaired at some stage, Miguel. Not an uncommon thing to happen.

    Neat car, Scotty…

    • Miguel

      While I agree with you, it seems odd to have to replace the interior on a 38,000 original mile car, as the write up says.

  4. Keith

    Very popular automobile on the 1950’s “The Adventures of Superman” television show. Lois and Jimmy always hopped in one those when they got a hot scoop Lol

    • Andy

      Clark had his Nash Healey. You know who the star was!

      • MSG Bob

        Except that was the actor’s personal car. His lady bought it for him, IIRC.

      • dr fine

        His lady’s husband was a Hollywood fixer and vice president of MGM. After enduring many years of the not so secret affair, he had enough. Supposedly.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Lois drove a Nash Rambler convertible…

  5. Miguel

    If this is a barn find, which means the original owner does not still own the car, why was this in the write up?

    “With a mere 38,000 miles, this one is hardly broken in yet”

    Why are you assuming a 65 year old car only has 38,000 miles?

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      I’m thinking more like 138K miles, which also answers your comment re the upholstery, Miguel.

      Looks like the door, and possibly, the window seals have started leaking with age. Hey, it’s a 65 year-old car that’s driven daily.

  6. Andrew S Mace Member

    I’m assuming that the car had those seat covers fitted when new or nearly new. The front ones deteriorated over time and were removed. Odds are the back seat upholstery is nearly pristine.

    This would be a very cool car to simply clean up as best as possible and then enjoy!

  7. stanley kwiecinski

    looking at the interior pic. between seat and dash. Jonah, maybe kinda short? just noting.

  8. ccrvtt

    My Dad worked for N-K in Detroit and brought one of these home as a “company car” to make a business trip. It was light blue and it was the coolest car I had ever seen! I was 4 years old and I still remember it. Great find!

    • TouringFordor

      My dad had one in blue. I loved the dash, and the turn signal stalk that flashed with the directional signals!

  9. Steve Link

    My first car in 1965. A 1954 Rambler I bought from my aunt for $50 with a blown head gasket. Easy fix. Three speed standard with overdrive. Neat old car, just wasn’t a real hotrod. Loved the naked lady hood ornament!!!!!!!

    • NMCarNut

      Yes, that was the first thing noticed, this poor Ambassador has had one of the all-time cool hood ornament stripped with the mounting holes filled to erase the evidence. Sad . . .

  10. Madmatt

    These old Nash’s are really cool,sure wish I could see more of them..😎this car sure is well enjoyed regularly,and seems to be a solid,nice original vehicle! 🤗what great early 50’s styling !! Real Americana..😎

  11. Michael Roberts

    Nice good looking driver, if it steers and stops straight. The old Nashes and Ramblers had a torque tube drive and the rubber stabilizer trunnion deteriorates from sitting around for a long time. An old bad one causes the rear wheels to steer the Nash. They’re available from . Do you know if it has been replaced? A little TLC and maintenance will make this a very cool ride.

  12. BarnfindyCollins

    I like it, my kinda ride, all I would add are some rubber bands to the shifter and leave as – is.

  13. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned that it is a FOUR DOOR and also an AUTOMATIC! That must be a first.

    • Yoopermike

      I would normally see the four doors and say no way . Not on this car, looks great. I remember these back in the late 50’s just being a old car. I see them different now.

  14. ramblergarage

    Here is my Lois Lane car. 1951 Nash Rambler Landau convertible. It is parked in front of a former Nash dealership building.

  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Neighbor had one of these back in the 50’s. The Millers had 4 kids, to ride in that back seat. I got to ride in it once when mrs. Miller took my brother, me and her 4 kids to the swimming hole for a day of fun. Mr. Miller traded cars quite often so they didn’t keep it long.

  16. bingb

    As squad chief of Kenosha P D ,gramps ordered dozens of Nash patrol cars but refused to own one…Only Buicks after hours..

  17. Lance

    ’21-50 to headquarters. 21-50 to headquarters. This is Matthews. Set up a roadblock’.. Ah yes the unmarked Nash of a bygone era. Broderick Crawford would be proud of this Ambassador. Great find.

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      @Lance. I well remember Broderick Crawford’s closing line “It’s not who is right, it’s who is left!” That was way back in the early sixties in Southern Rhodesia.

  18. David Miraglia

    close to home, i’m next door i n Brooklyn

  19. Gary

    My dad sold Nashes in the late 40,s. Dad sold a new 48 to my aunt, she left it to my granddad, who gave it to my dad, who gave it to me in 1968, it had 56,000 miles on it. I drove it a couple of years, sold it to a teacher.
    Step on the clutch to start it. Had a dimmer type switch on the floor to change the radio station. Coil springs all around. They were ahead of a there time.

  20. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    My 55 Olds had such a button on the floor to change radio stations it was called “wonder bar” also my 55 Buick had the start button under the gas pedal so it automatically set the choke.

  21. nsuser

    Nice car. I drove a 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom Country Club 2 dr HT ( A/T, Original Packard 320 V8, p/s, pb) It was a blast. Now I have 2 Met Nashes. Only got about 8 mpg in the BIG BOY.

    Like 1
  22. Bob C.

    140 horsepower on a straight six is quite impressive for that time. The Ford flathead v8 that year only put òut 110. The y block put out 130.

    • KKW

      However, a Flathead or Yblock would run off and leave that 6.

  23. Ken Carney

    @steve links: your old Nash looks very much like the one my Mom bought
    from a family friend in the early ’60’s. Ours was light blue with a dark blue
    top with a dark blue and grey interior. Our car also had a 3-speed stick with
    OD. It was just right for a single mom with two small children because with
    that OD trans, mom got really great gas mileage–which more money for our
    family to spend at the local carnival at Miller Park on Wednesday nights!
    And we can’t forget those reclining front seats! They were just the ticket
    when it came to napping on the way home from my Uncle’s farm after a
    fun-filled day of many adventures.

  24. George Soffa

    My 1947 Lincoln Continental coupe had a radio tuning button on the floorboard as well !

  25. nsuser

    Side shot


    Quick, Lois, I need to find a telephone booth.

  27. James Petropulos

    My Dad owned one of those, a ’52 bought from a Great Aunt when her Husband passed away. Ours was steel gray; it came with screens for the windows so you could put the front seat down and use it for camping! We never did though. I was about 8 years old then and that’s about all I remember about it.

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