BF Exclusive: 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible


We’ve all heard of Chevrolet’s Bel Air, it was the brands top model for much of the 1950’s and is still well known today. In 1958, GM decided to take a bold steep with the Bel Air. It was to remain at the top of the food chain, but it also became heavier and more luxurious. A new trim level was introduced that was to only be offered on the Bel Air coupes and convertible, this option made the car even more luxurious and was called the Impala. It was so successful it eventually became its own model. These early Impalas are getting hard to find in original condition. The example you see here has been in storage for the past 49 years. It’s now up for grabs right here on Barn Finds!


The seller, Andy purchased this Impala from the owner that parked it all those years ago. According to the previous owner, they parked it in ’67 when they went to serve in Vietnam. When they came home from the war, they went out and bought a new 1969 El Camino SS 396 and never looked back, well at least they never looked at the Impala ever again. And so it sat in this garage, without much hope for ever seeing the road again. If it’s rusty free and complete, getting it driving again could be a fairly simple task.

Besides being a desirable Impala Convertible, it also wears the rare Cay Coral paint and is packing a 283 V8. Andy didn’t tell us which version of the 283 this one has, it could be the 185 horsepower or the 290 horse fuel injected 283, but we don’t know. It’s most likely one of the lower horsepower engines, but hopefully Andy can clear that up for us! We do know that it has a Powerglide and power steering. It’s currently in Altadena, California and Andy is asking $65,000 for it. If your interested in speaking with him about it, you can call him at (626) 398-4848


  1. Bingo

    Haven’t we all heard the Vietnam story before? I’m not buying the lame story. Andy, your going to need lots of paperwork to prove that one. Good luck pal.

    • Ikey Heyman Member

      I agree, the devil’s in the details. For 65 large, Andy needs to provide more than 2 photos.

    • Clay Byant

      Went to Vietnam and returned? That’s story telling? Get a life, Snowflake……………

  2. JW

    I always liked the 58’s as a gas station owner in my town had a white hard top that had a awesome exhaust note. You don’t see many of these and even less convertibles. $65K is out of my price range, too bad.

    • JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

      That one may of had a 348, they do sound good.

      • jackthemailman

        Yes. The old W heads have a nice sound. Nearly as good as a Ford Y block, but I digress.

  3. G.P. Member

    65,000 wrong- ugliest color ever, correct. And it’s inside and out.

  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wasn’t this on Evilbay ?

  5. Jon

    The guy thinks he has gold. .. 65,000…yeah right..

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    • Randall

      . Right. …why not ask 165,000 while you’re at it. And where are all the pics?

  6. Kent Pearson

    Always wanted to own another ’57 Bel Aire but in the last few years I keep thinking of that all white ’58 that co-starred in American Grafitti. The dual exhausts, and connie kit, etc. That would be my choice now.

  7. KeithK

    I find it amazing that car manufacturers in the 50’s and to the 60’s for the most part found it so important to drastically change a body style in just a few years. Even the tri-5 chevy’s must have required massive tooling changes (from a 1955 standpoint) in just three years. I know major components would probably have been shared but today,at least the manufacturer I work for , can build a model for up to 6 or 7 years with just a few clip on differences to attempt to keep them fresh. I would want this just because it’s such a radical departure from the year before. Drive it like you stole it!

    • jackthemailman

      ’55 through ’58 GM products are the same basic body. Your “radical departure” was the ’59. Give it another (close) look.

      • Loco Mikado

        Sorry, ’58 was the point of “radical departure”, it was the first year of the X frame which is totally different than the ladder frame Chevrolet had used up until “58. Also the way the floor pan was designed and constructed was also unlike any Chevrolet had used before ’58. So ’58 was the “radical departure’.

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    • Yellowjax Member

      What’s with the saying “drive it like you stole it?” I’ve had a car stolen and they beat the crap out of it. I guess they drove it like they stole it. Funny.

    • Clay Bryant

      Production costs (wages,etc.) really started to climb in 67-8 on up and cancelled a lot of die production, etc.

  8. DENIS

    I had a dark red ’58 convertible with a 348/glide….thought I was somebody with that cruiser…grease for peace….lol

  9. vetteson

    It was Rambo’s friend’s car………they were going to cruise until the wheels fell off.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love the ’58 Chevys. But this one is out of my budget; it would sure be tempting otherwise. Hope someone takes and enjoys it.

  11. Mtoomey

    I’m asking for a pony for Christmas, but I’m not going to get that either. Good luck Andy.

  12. Rex Kahrs Member

    I can’;t help think that for 65K, a perfectly nice running example of this car could be found. Less than 65K I’m thinking.

    • Wildfire

      I don’t understand the AP because I have seen a few 58 Impalas selling for about half that I really like those cars but just can’t pay that much for a car that is not a driver of show car quality maybe that’s just me

  13. Nick G

    I doubt if anyone would have the audacity or gumption to ask this price in person.

  14. Rustytech Member

    A perfectly nice one may bring $80 or $90k in the market today. One sold at Mecum’s auction a couple of months ago at over $110k, but that was a 348ci tri carb in triple black. In it current state $65k is a stretch for this one.

  15. Ck

    Hey I’ll give him 65K !! If he restores it and drops it off in my driveway when its done

  16. GoodoleMike

    In 1963 I was driving my Dad’s 58 Chevy Convertible. Pulled out to pass another car, ran head on with a 1948 International pick-up. Totaled both. Dad got $750 dollars from his insurance company.

    • moosie Craig

      Bet ya that made Dad very happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT !

  17. Danny Gonzales

    This particular car and it’s stories have been on the lists of many websites that features older and classic cars for sale. But , this one is one that you’ll never get a chance to buy, as I have tried to purchase this car. They were happy to talk to me, and wanted me to send the money for the car, but when I said that I didn’t live that far from the area , and said that I wanted to come and get it myself, they were not so happy , they were very insistent that I just let them ship the car to me. This was about 7 years ago. So , as they say, buyers be wear, if the deal looks to good to be true, it probably is a scam. Danny

  18. gregg

    And the quarter panel looks wavy to boot! What deal! Probably boinged in the rear, that’s why there’s no pic.

  19. MrBlueOval 57

    $65K for that ??? It’s gonna need a total resto from one end to the other with another 40K to do it at least. That left front fender looks like it was repainted at one point so it’s probably loaded with bondo. It didn’t fade as much as the rest of the car. And that color looks like ruddy red primer with the same in the interior. NASTY looking, if you ask me. For $65K I could have me a turn-key nicely restored late 50’s red & white Ford convertible ready to show and go and another $20K to spare. Some people think they have hot stuff on a silver platter when in reality they have a cold turd on a paper plate. This car will probably sit until dooms day or longer but then again there’s a sucker born everyday.

  20. Woodie Man

    So with respect to the Danny Gonzalez comment above about this car floating around on various websites …… seems unlikely that Josh would feature it if this were so. Of course we can all be fooled. That said the car is way overpriced and if you want that kind of money the seller ought to make a greater attempt at showing every nook and cranny of the car.

  21. Philip

    I’m not convinced about the Vietnam story. Every wannabee muscle car NB R collectable car sold in the seventies to early eighty’s had the same urban legend about a mother or father who’s son served and or died. They hold their car 10-15 years, then sell it to someone for a rediculous low price like 1K$ with 4K miles on it. It’s likely over priced at 1/4 the asking price.

    Since its a convertible there is nothing chance to do something like a tribute car to Steve Bollander’s white ’58 in American Graffiti. .which I have been wanting to do for nearly four decades myself. Of course I can never decide which car I want to do from Graffiti,.. the ’58 Impala, Milner’s ’32 Ford, or Falfa’s Blown ’55 Chevy. The ’32 Ford 5 window is easiest and nicest since you can buy a full on roller and add a 383 stoker 6 speed with deep gears and still maintain the movie cars troublesome fuel system for authenticity, or go with a 174 Weiand huffer and single 750 DP Demon…but I digress…

    The Vietnam thing is beat to death, just like the sellers car, as he’s looking for fully restored pre housing bubble Mecum and Barrett Jackson stratosphere money from this car. Reading the above posts I see everyone else pretty much agrees too, at some point the seller is in for a reality check down here on earth.

    • starsailing

      Been driving 58 Impalas since I got my permit! I am now 65. Mom had just bought the neighbor’s 58 Imp Silver Mist blue 348/4 brrl/glider. First week I got my license I dragged and beat another 58 Impala twice. Unfortunately I got a ticket as the cop went after me as he said “I never give tickets to the loser in a drag race.” Pops had to appear with me in court and the judge gave me fine, probation, and had to go to “ding dong” driver class. Dad still hadn’t said anything to me…as we were leaving court walking to the 58…dad said “Just one thing, Well…did you win?” YEP! I put in a 3:56 rear and had the glider worked over when parents were gone for the weekend! That 58 I drove for several yrs until T boned by stoned college guys. I was down on lake Street racing…car was still driveable..called dad and told him I had an accident….He didn’t get mad…just wanted to know if I got hurt. Being just a Junior in High school I assured him I wasn’t but the two college guys who tried running away were sporting a black eye and fat lips! In 73 I bought another 58 Imp 348 Tri Pow, changed to TH350) trans.Cashmere blue. Coming home late one night from rescuing father in law suicide attempt,(1973) I was passing through Downtown St Paul Mn sitting in traffic as movie theatre let out….I had on deep chrome reverse wheels and blackwall tires at the time, glasspack mufflers, etc…and everyone started crowding around the car calling me Steve !…Bolander!…American Graffitti.!!!…What a bunch of fruitcakes I thought…I never saw the movie until about 5 yrs later! Doh! Sold the 58 to buy a house, bought it back a couple years later and drove it as a daily driver all year round until a few yrs ago when I blew out my back and shoulder. Was bored out 60-70 over, (can’t remember which today dangit! After last rebuild thinking 70 over.), bigger cam, Distrib curved and bumped up, rejet carbs two sizes up/mech linkage, shift kit in TH350. yada yada…Pretty much lived the life of Steve Bolander and Milner.
      The above convert …..had left fender replaced or repainted and dented left rear qrtr shows it took a hit of some kind…If the guy does not let people know what exact engine is in it/ came with it.(348s/triP add larger price to it)…yeah the ad I think is phony too! Two pics is not a serious sale offer to public. 65 k is not a serious sale price either. Provoked some good comments though!

  22. Mike

    I watched one of the barrett jackson type auctions on tv yesterday and there were dead mint street rods selling for 16-22K. Not that they were 58 convertibles, but I’m amazed that dead mint body-off restored cars are selling in the low 20’s – 30K lately. In 2005 it seems the same cars would be selling for double that. Anyne else notice this trend?

    • David

      Classic car buyers purchase their memories of youth. Honestly we are getting old and dying thus taking the market with us. Prices on 50’s and back units have plummeted. But…. Look at 60’s & 70’s Chevelles and similar, prices are sky high because these memory purchasers are still alive.


  23. Marty Parker

    The only 283 engines available for the 58 Impala were the 230HP 4 barrel and 250 HP fuel injection.

  24. Mike Williams

    I’m with Danny Gonzales on this one. They want you to make a lowball offer which they will except and as soon as you send the money they will disappear .

  25. James Martin

    Johnny, I just want to drive my chevy. They drew first blood they drew first blood

  26. Danny Gonzales

    I just wanted to let you all know, this very same car, with the very same pictures has been on many, many internet websites for sale. I once was interested in buying it, about 8 or 10 years ago, but when I wanted to come and pick it up. I never could get ahold of them any more. So, is it a scam, I would have to say, most definitely. As if it was a real thing, I would have bought it back then, for the price of $2200. So I gotta tell you, I don’t know how exactly they can keep putting the same pictures of the same car up for sale, for 10 years and not have anyone buy it, do you? Well just wanted to let everyone know what I have found out.Danny

    • 1958impala Member

      Hi Danny,
      I was the real owner of this 1958, and unfortunately it appears that some unscrupulous individuals used my photos in their efforts to scam others. I have been collecting 1958 & 1959 Impalas since 1971 and will tell you this 1958 was a real good original. I sold it to my friend who got it running / driving and he is really enjoying it in its present condition. Andy

      • Danny Gonzales

        Andy, I’m sorry if I insulted you, but as you already know that the pictures were used to scam people, I just didn’t want someone else to get taken by the individual who was doing it,. I have been seeing the pictures of the car as I said, for over ten years. I truly would have bought the car when I first saw it, but it was already being used in a scam. They would not ever respond to any emails after I sent them an email saying that I was going to be going through this area in a week and I wanted to get their address to come there and pay for it and pick it up. I’m not trying to cause you any trouble. Sincerely, Danny

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