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V6-Powered 1962 Sunbeam Alpine!

1962 Sunbeam Alger

It’s probably safe to say that we would all love to own a Tiger someday. I’m not talking about the striped variety though. I’m talking about the V8-powered Sunbeam that was built between ’64 and ’67! It would be a whole lot of fun, but current Tiger values put them out of reach for many of us. So, this could be our next best option. This V6 powered Alpine is lot cheaper and may even end up being quicker! It needs to be completed, but it’s listed here on eBay where bidding starts at $6,475 with no reserve.

V6 Power

There’s the V6! It’s a 2.8liter engine that was pulled out of a Mustang II (seems like a good use for an otherwise unloved car). It was cleaned up, rebuilt, and slightly upgraded before being dropped into an incomplete Alpine. The seller estimates that it puts out 180 horsepower! If true, that would mean that this thing has more power than a real Tiger while still weighting less.

Five Speed

There’s no sense in going fast though if you can’t shift, turn, and stop. Luckily, a T5 five-speed went in so that area is covered. The suspension still needs work though. The seller mentions that they replaced the Armstrong lever shocks in the back with traditional shocks, but the next owner will have to decide which route to take because the front still needs redone. The brakes have been upgraded with the system from a Contour SVT.

Alpine Dash

There is still a lot of loose ends to tie up here, but the end result could be a lot of fun. A lot of money and time has already been invested here, so it just needs someone with the motivation to finish the job. Do any of you think you’d want to take something like this one? Finishing someone else’s unfinished project can be difficult, especially a custom one like this, but just think of the look on people’s faces when you tell them you drive an Alger!


  1. DAN

    “””Pennies were not pinched on this car, and I have approximately $20k in receipts for durable goods.”””

    ”This engine +/-180 hp. Not dyno’d, but that’s what the word on the forum puts on this lump’s suspected output”

    funny guy:)

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  2. cj32769

    I’m with Dan on this one the listing is just what I needed after a “bitchin” day at work.

    Here’s one of my favorites:
    “1991 Tremec T5 manual transmission that was listed as “bitchin” in the craigslist ad. Guy seemed like a cool dude and had 4 non-running Mustangs on blocks in the front of the house. What could go wrong? Shifter mechanism feels “bitchin” when you operate it with the car standing still.”

    And this one:
    “Windscreen is included. Glass is very good but probably not perfect. Seal on glass looks tired. Measure your level of OCD and plan to replace it if you are a nit-picker. I am a nit-picker but planned to not worry about it”

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  3. Angrymike

    I’ve always loved these lil cars, even when I disliked Fords. I’d love to have the extra cash to buy this and save it for a few years as a retirement toy……

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  4. j d

    Is this the German 2.8 liter V6. If so it is a great swap. These were used in the Capri and Bronco II.

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  5. JW454

    I’d be more comfortable with a quarter inch spacer setting the rear wheels farther away from the leaf springs. On a hard turn the rear tires may just be cut down rubbing the springs.
    That’s a lot of work to just quit before it’s done.

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  6. Van

    I disagree
    I’d rather have a Bengal tiger
    Next time my HOA says I have to many cars I’ll just say speak to him.

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  7. doc

    Our totally fun Tiger

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  8. JCB Fiber

    I had a 1966 Tiger in 1976.
    A lot of fun to drive..Did not turn sharp.

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    • doc

      Yes the rack and pinion design did not allow for a very small turning radius and they crab walk during sharp turns however now days there is an update, not cheap and for my use I’m OK with the original set up. When I first got the car I also put a set of Koni adjustable shocks,very nice improvement over the gas shocks that were on the car.ours is equipped with the 260 V8 600 cfm vacuum assist secondary 4 bbl Holly, and an Edelbrock high rise manifold, stock with the LAT package. I tried to put a double pump on it but alas, no room! .LAT stands for Los Angeles Terminal That is where the car was shipped to and converted with high rise, Wheels etc.Our car is the same as the day we got it.Someday we may do a rotisserie resto but for now, it’s a clean driver.

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  9. MSG Bob

    Listing removed. Maybe he changed his mind – or sold it elsewhere.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I can still see the auction. Maybe you’re looking at another car?

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  10. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I had a 66 Alpine, was a fun car even with the 4 cyl, it had a Chrysler Pentagon on the front fender, I guess Chrysler didn’t like selling Tigers with a Ford engine.

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    • doc

      Roots group were having financial difficulties and Chrysler bought them out. Funny, From that point on the ignition key went in upside down!

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  11. Rando

    Still up. Love that description.

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  12. DAN

    cool !
    for his starting $$ no reserve
    he should keep it

    I would let it rot before I sold it that cheap !

    he has built it his way, so he should keep it.

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  13. Kenyon

    Hey guys, I need help to find this car’s next owner. I’m the person that listed it, and I would like to point out that I do indeed have an in-ground hydraulic ram lift, and that my garage is kept clean and bright. I don’t know much about money or women, but I do know cars! This car is in distress after a turn of events that has nothing to do with the build itself – I can explain by phone to any serious prospective buyer.

    I really did do extensive research on what/how to do this. Was so aggravated by the lack of published information that I wrote down everything that I did so that others could follow my tracks. I will email it on request because it was meant to be shared.

    There is a squadron of people who have already done this, so it’s not a one-off kooky thing that I thought up and did on my own. The folks that have completed their cars rave about the engine really waking the car up without putting a lot of extra weight over the front axle as you do with a 260 V8. Not looking at my notes right now, but weight penalty is very low – under 100lbs? or something, so the delightful handling that the LEAVE IT ALONE crew wails about is left intact, but you get kraut quality engineering instead of the fish-n-chips stuff that was in there.

    Transmission is bullet-proof and acknowledged as one of the finest ever – it’s a variation on what everyone puts into home-built jobs – Tremec really is a super box.

    I am detail oriented and really did take my time to research and build carefully, so unlike some of the hack stuff available, I assert that this car really is tight and well put together.

    If you’re the least bit curious/interested, you’re invited to come look in person or call me at the number listed on the auction.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Kenyon, I wish I were in the market. I appreciate your candor in the post above and in the eBay listing. That is going to be one heck of a car when finished and I’m sorry it won’t be you finishing it. Good luck with the sale!

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  14. Dan Richardson

    This nice little Alpine V6 was done up right. I took it on consignment for Kenyon. I was planning to finish the car for Kenyon and sell or if a buyer came first let it go.

    I have designed a complete assortment of components for converting an Alpine 4 cyl to a V6. Engine mounts; T5 and A4LD transmission mount brackets; Slave Cylinder Brackets; Alternator and A/C brackets Thermostat Housing modifications and several other needed items for the conversion. Especially, the straight back headers that run similar to the Tiger system. Take a look by visiting the SAOCA Forum Site and look for DanR

    Had a lot of tie kickers and a few good offers before it sold.

    Part and parcel it now has a new home and a caring new owner. If you have an Alpine and the engine is tired or you just want to get more driving pleasure why not go for a V6:) ?

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