Barn Finds reader Harry Hirsch has listed his pretty 1965 BMW 1800Ti with us as our latest exclusive. These cars are exceedingly hard to find in any condition today, and Harry’s appears quite nice with low mileage and unmodified condition. As the name suggests, this Ti model offered some additional performance over the base spec, but finding one of these elusive Neue Klasse sedans in any configuration is a treat. Harry is asking $75,000 for this car, in part due to its low mileage of just 40,000 KMs or roughly 30,000 miles.

Chrome appears quite nice on the outside and the interior is holding up well inside the cabin. Harry notes: This rare car was stored for over 47 years in the south of France.  I found it two years ago in a barn close to Marseille. The BMW was just four years on the street until 1969 and is a low mileage car with only 40,000 KMs. I brought it back to Germany in 2016 and fixed a lot of stuff with original NOS parts she needs. 

The interior is gorgeous, and the paintwork inside the door jambs confirms that the original paint remains glossy and consistent throughout. Harry notes the car is nearing fully-sorted condition with some minor needs noted: The car is almost in running condition. Need around two more weeks to finish everything. I pulled out the engine and transmission and cleaned the car complete. She is still in original paint and was never repainted. The car is located now close to the French border in the south-west of Germany. It’s not cheap, but where will you find another one this nice? Thanks to Harry for sharing his find with us as a Barn Finds Exclusive!

Location: Germany
Asking Price: $75,000
Mileage: 30,000 miles / 40,000 KMs
Title Status: Clear

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  1. Dolphin Member

    “It’s not cheap, but where will you find another one this nice?”

    That says it all. This must be the nicest 1800 Ti on the planet that’s not in a museum. This is a car for someone who wants a perfect, original 1800 Ti, and has the price of entry. I hope it goes to a very good home.

  2. Bob

    I love these cars, and I favoured the ti over the tii, because I could easily work on the Weber carbs without the special tools required for the mechanical injection. These cars carried 4, and yet drove like a sports car. They were well built, reliable, and handle very well.
    I can’t have one in my future, but I will fondly remember the 2002s I have owned.

    • rapple

      Bob, The 1800TI (upper case) had Solex carbs, the much rarer 1800 TI/SA had Webers and a five speed transmission. Having owned in succession (back when they were just late model used cars) an 1800, 1800TI and 1800TI/SA, I agree with all of your observations regarding their goodness.

      • Bob

        I am happy you cleared that up. Unfortunately, I often make the mistake of lumping all the side draft carbs under the heading of Weber, when I have worked with all the three major brands Weber, Solex, and Mikuni, and full well know the difference.
        I still have a pair of Webers, a pair of Mikunis, and the BMW manifold, and at the time I was playing with the small BMWs, I didn’t worry about sticking with OEM equipment. As a matter of fact, I still have a set of BBS wheels that I will have to find a new home for.

  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    Wait…just 3 photos?

  4. David Miraglia

    A beauty.

  5. Rustytech Member

    Yes it’s a very nice car, but $75k for a non running 4dr sedan?

    • tirefriar

      The seller is getting a running start

  6. Kevin McMaster

    Great looking car! Terrible looking interior.

  7. Doug M.(in Oregon) Member

    Would like to see the motor! :)

  8. BOP Guy Member

    Love it !

  9. Hodgepodge

    That hole where the stick shift is supposed to be is a little disturbing.

  10. John

    Nut case price! I’ve had a few of those and great as they are that $ would buy a very nice 3.0CS, far better investment
    . Never seen that light colored insert in the seats, plenty of red and black ones, doubt that is the way this one came.

    • Doug

      This is the way these seats came, with either this light cloth or black vinyl inserts.
      As for the price, it seems quite high, however the cost to restore one of these cars to this level would likely cost more than the asking price, and the result would be far less original. I think the originality here is what makes this car so unique.

  11. Pete

    At one time I owned a 1802 two door. Not a TI or a TII that was a later production car a 1975 model. You could get these cars with a standard black vinyl interior or a nicer two tone for the Ti models as this car appears to be fully loaded. just like this one but not in as nice a condition. He has the real deal. This car was found fairly close to Cannes where they have the international film festival each year. A very nicely optioned car like this one may have made that trip a few times perhaps driven by Brigitte Bardot or perhaps Madeleine Lebeau. You never know. LOL. I think the ask is to much for what he has though. Although if it is the nicest one in the world at the moment I guess that is possible. We shall see.

  12. Al

    The mileage in miles is actually closer to 24,000.

  13. bog

    I agree with the 4 seat sports car comment. One of my SGTs had one of these when I was stationed in Germany (beginning in ’67). He loved showing off on the “twisties” near our base. I’ve got a 3 series “is” model now that’s been mildly tweaked, but it still feels “heavy” compared to that car. If I went back to “visit” the car on offer, I suspect that bringing it home would present “issues” with my Frau.

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