BF Exclusive: 7 Porsche 914s For $5,000!


From David C – Ok, the pictures aren’t all great, but I’m sure the owner would send any prospective buyer details or more pictures upon request. There’s a total of 7 cars! The value here in my opinion is in the race car project, the yellow car which appears to be unmolested, and the white car (behind the tube frame track car). The rest all have possibilities but I consider them parts cars and there’s a ton of parts! You will note that one car had a tree fall on the windshield. There are by my count 3 complete cars (with running gear still in place). The owner / seller is Frank T and interested parties can email him here. All the cars are located in Roanoke, Alabama.


He is asking $5,000.00 for everything which seems like a bargain! Whether or not he would separate, I don’t know, but maybe. He wants to free up the space for other projects. He wants to complete the “tube frame fun car” or the “Super V” race car (not pictured) he has sitting in the corner. If I had the space I would jump on this deal with the price of anything Porsche going crazy. The 914 market is rapidly on the rise and this kind of stuff is getting harder to find. I didn’t have my eyes on all the cars but the 3 standouts I mentioned are rust free! Frank told me that all the cars are good candidates for fixing, but I’m sure he can share more details with anyone interested.

Again, this is an unadvertised deal right now and I am just doing this for Frank. I’ll be glad to answer any questions I can but this is about all I know at this point.


  1. Doyler

    But I only want one!!!

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  2. jim s

    if you were close to the location so shipping cost were low i think this could work out. keep what you need to make one into a driver. sell the rest. maybe end up with all your money back. great finds.

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  3. hhaleblian


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  4. Pookie Jamie P

    It looks like you can make a couple out of the 7. Great find! Sell any left over parts to a Porsche collector.

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  5. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    914’s are finally going up in value… If that silver one still has a 2.0 motor in it, that would sinch the deal for me! …oh, but then there is the transportation and storage issue… oh, well. I am sure someone will buy these and have a great time, and make at least a couple of really nice 914’s live on!

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  6. Patrick

    Where are they located? I’m interested in all of them if they are close enough for me to pick up. Please call me 205-527-6226

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  7. Dolphin Member

    Looks like a bargain, but the logistics of dealing with 7 cars, none of which is really very valuable by itself, makes this a hard purchase to carry out unless you live nearby and have lots of inside space. Maybe they are priced low because the seller knows that.

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  8. Alan (Michigan)

    The leafy cars appear to have been sitting out for a long while, and that means rust in potentially bad places. But others look cleaner. The car without the windshield frame (tube frame track car?) does appear to have tubing in the interior in the photo with the interior cover askew. I wonder why the roll hoop was removed, appears to have been cut off? Good thing I don’t have a barn and a big transporter, I’d have bought all of it already!

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  9. Claus Graf

    Save the Porsche!

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  10. Rancho Bella

    Teeners are great little cars. But they rust from the inside out. As far value goes………..the gossip was they are going thru the roof in value. Didn’t happen.

    On the other hand, if you paid the typical $2500.00 for one ten years ago then yes…….they did go up but that ship has set anchor. I think VW made something like 125,000 914’s. They are far from rare.

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