Bicentennial Vette: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette


If this Corvette can’t take you back to the summer of 1976, then nothing will. This 1969 Corvette was extensively modified for America’s Bicentennial, but we don’t know why. There is little information on this Corvette, other than it is a big block stick shift car, and that it was stored for 20 years. After being revived, this Corvette received some much needed maintenance, and a few upgrades. Currently priced at $14,188 with the reserve unmet, we wonder what it will take to get this custom time machine. Find it here on eBay out of Santa Monica, California.


The photos aren’t the best for this Corvette, but this Chevy looks to be in top notch shape. We personally aren’t fond of the current wheels, and steering wheel choice. We would much rather see a standard steering wheel and some Cragar wheels or other period wheels for this Corvette. The interior looks nice, though difficult to make out from the photos.


The paint work on this Corvette is awe inspiring, and the wide body paneling and the modified headlights look to have been executed nicely. The seller has mentioned there is some cracking in the paint, but we think it would be a travesty to do anything to the paint on this ‘Vette. Powered by a 427 4 speed combination with T-tops, this Corvette is likely a blast to drive, and people’s reactions are likely all over the place.


It would certainly be interesting to find out why this Corvette was extensively modified for the Bicentennial. Although many folks are against some cars going to museums, we think this Corvette would be a prime museum candidate. In a museum setting the paint and body work could be maintained for many years to come.  But at the same time this would be a cool car to have in a personal collection to take out to special events. Or it would make a fun Sunday driver blaring hit 1976 songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, or Take it to the limit.  What do you think should be the fate for this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette?


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  1. kman

    I remember seeing this car on the road in my younger years. Damn, I’m getting older.

    • Tom

      I actually just picked up this Vette, I still haven’t found any history on it, trying to find pics of it from back in the day. Do you remember where you use to see it?
      Thanks Tom

    • Geof T Oliver

      WOW! I also remember seeing this car, or one just like it in the mid 70s. I believe there were a short run of these Vettes. They were on album covers, in magazines, and I’m almost positive one of the model car companies did it!
      I can so clearly remember seeing one or more of these on the roads in the mid 70s. And thinking, man I would like to have of these one day. I lived in Northern Virginia at that time. Anyone else remember these?

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  2. Olaf E

    A friend who is having a beer with me and has used all kinds of drugs (and still does on a “recreational base”) just said, give me those pictures and I can throw away my LSD.

    • Greg NJ 2 SC

      Mam, never throw away the acid.

  3. Mark

    I was a young kid in 1976 when my parents took us to DC for the Bi-Centennial celebration. I remember wearing some particularly groovy tu-tone bell bottoms for the occasion. We made our way through the massive crowds packed onto the National Mall, and finally popped out from behind some barricades to stand directly in front of the stage where the Beach Boys were playing to an estimated crowd of 200,000. Good times, and plenty of star-spangled cars on the road.

  4. JoeR

    Reminds me of an old Aurora AFX slot car I had back in the 70s.


      Yes, I have that one. First thing I thought too. Need some further history on this Car as I think there is some significance to it.

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  5. hhaleblian

    Parody John Hiatt: Wrecking a perfectly good Corvette.

  6. Rock On Member

    This car should definitely be in a museum, The museum of Bad Ideas!

  7. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Sadly, a tragedy before our eyes. A beautiful car originally, ruined IMHO by “artistry”. Agree about the wheels (all of them) and unfortunate “body work”; I wonder how long it would take to put it back into a garage? out of site until the repair could be done. Great motor, if correct, probably in need of exercise, Great car, in dire need of “drastic updating” WOW!

  8. Joe Muzy

    Don’t like the paint job . The car is beautiful without an gaudy paintjob

  9. Jim

    Wheels are more like late 80s / early 90s Quality Farm and Fleet..

    Some wide Ansen “kidney bean” slotted mags would bring this car back to where it should be.

  10. Bingo

    I love this b@@ch!! I’m disappointed that the door jams are not freaky!!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      What about this car is not freaky ?! 1976, LSD’s heyday…somebody did the blue acid !

      • Bingo

        Duh!!! The door jams!!

  11. Ray

    It looks like a corvette in a clown suit.

    • Bingo

      I think clowns are bad like Charles Manson, theses days.

  12. DrinkinGasoline

    Ok, now that I’ve composed myself from throwing up in my mouth a little bit, I’ll attempt to comment.
    Ugh, sorry…not yet…heaving again.
    Take it away….just take it away….In the name off all things automotive, please, take it away…I need Pepto ! And a cold cloth !

    • Bingo

      Come on Gas Man, we love Picassos right? It’s an abstract piece of work. You can’t argue that this is not as rare or more rare than a fully restored, sterile piece of Corvette. It’s more unique and there’s no arguing that.

      I dig it brother.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        I saw the Picasso exhibit when I lived near Chicago years back.
        My wife was trying to instill culture…I just didn’t get it :(
        I will agree that it is unique though.

  13. JoeR

    Did that steering wheel come from JC Whitney?

    Probably not something you’d find stocked at Van Iderstines.

  14. grant

    If I could speak to this car, I would apologize to it. At the same time it does embody American values. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas. Even the bad ones.

  15. RandyS

    It was cool in its day!

    It wouldn’t take all that much to make it contemporary today. Dual small diameter headlights with plexiglass covers. Change the side gills back to original to match the ones at the top of the front fenders and behind the rear wheels (I actually like those a lot). Change the wheels and tires. Solid color paint job.

    Unfortunately at 14k it is already at the top of its market so not much left to play with.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      It would have to be put in primer before i took delivery of it. That,s the only way i could bear to look at it.

  16. DAN

    I would so rock that !!!!!!

  17. David Montanbeau

    This is one of my friend’s cars. He is Woodward Al from Detroit. This was taken in 81. This was one of the badest cars on Woodward back then.

    • Tom Member

      I am a huge fan of 68-72 Corvettes, had a few but not that era stuff…I like originality with maybe some “period” correct stuff. However, this one is pretty cool and worth keeping “as is” marking that era in history. the red white and blue in this feature….not so good. Depending what it was “born as” maybe restore it back to its original factory condition.

  18. JW

    This car would have fit nicely in the movie “Easy Rider”….. otherwise a bad Horror movie like Freddie Kruger pulling up to a couple kids in their dreams. Actually I like Nightmare on Elm Street.

  19. Pfk1106


  20. Bingo

    Mark Hamill. Corvette summer.

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  21. Rob

    I get a kick out of all you guys ripping this Vett. Good lord, they did the custom work back in the 70’s . That’s the way they all did it back then. That car is a time capsule from that era. Preserve it. All you purests need to back off. Not everybody wants or can afford a vintage numbers matching car.

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    • Bingo

      I hope your a woman cuz I’m in love you!!

    • Mark S Member

      Rob you are so right, personally I’d leave just as is. I always find it interesting how if the first few posts are negative than most of the following post are negative. Where as if its positive than most of the remaining post are positive. Can you say baaaa baaaa. Do any of you guys realize the amount of work that went into this car. I think it is very retro. Any of you guys ever attempt to do paint work like this. The guy that did this work was a true artist, I guess we’re all entitled to our opinion so I sure hope that someone that likes this look buys it.

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    • Geof T Oliver

      I wholeheartedly agree. Unless those commenting understood cars and in particular customs in those days, they won’t get it.
      People like George Barris, (The King of Kustoms), were all the rage then. As were some others.
      I can truly appreciate customs like this. This is more than likely not a “rare” limited production car. It’s not an L88, or a COPO.
      Still love the old Kustoms. R.I.P. Mr. Barris!

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  22. Neil

    Clown Car.
    I was pretty much a hippy back in this time frame, and didn’t think it was cool in the day. Ugh. Of course, even back then, I wasn’t an Andy Warhol fan. To each his own I guess.

  23. Neil

    Plus… who would further bastardize this car with that steering wheel and wheels ? George Jettson ?

  24. OJM

    You had to live through the 70’s and Bicentennial to appreciate this car. In spite of Vietnam Patriotism was still strong unlike the divisiveness that infects this country today. I was cruising around in a ’74 Factory built red, white and blue Spirit of America Nova myself.

  25. Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig says I remember seeing a similar car when I was growing up in ABQ NM.

  26. Bobsmyuncle

    I have zero interest in this (actually most) era Corvettes. But THIS is fantastic!

    Whatever happens I hope it keeps its ‘colors’!

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  27. Ck

    “This is a super fine machine this may even be beter than Daryl Starbirds superflek moon bird .It is beter than Daryl Starbirds. ”
    What is wrong with some of you people??This is what people did to their cars in the 70’s.This is a prime example of a time machine . I love it!! I also would change the steering wheel ,and wheels to somthing period correct. But thats all I would do .This car is AWSOME !!! Yaaa this car belongs in a museum , CK’s Museum .Some of you guys need to come down off your Strawberry Flavored Rainbow Colored Unicorn and chill out a little .Just take a second and think about how much FUN this car could be. I really want this Vette.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Ck’s museum LOL.

      GREAT post BTW.

  28. moosie Craig

    Wheres the SAWZALL when you need one ?

  29. steve

    Me, this Vette, and the girl that was in all the old Hooker Headers ads.

  30. Chris

    I was a boy in the Seventies and Corvette Summer was second only to Smokey and the Bandit in my young, humble mind. Given that this car was modified long ago, and it’s period correct, I would give my left one to have it. Sure, I would paint it a solid color and swap some 5-slot aluminum mags on it, but after that I’d just drive the snot out of it. Unfortunately, the price isn’t going to leave room to do much unless you’re willing to take a loss at selling time.

  31. waldon herdman

    WOW! I like it! Except for those headlights! They’re killing me!

  32. Rando

    It’s awesome as it is a tribute to the era when it was customized. replace sterring wheel with a chrome 3 spoke and a set of 5 slot mags, Cragars, or Keystones.

    Love it! for what it is.

  33. ayjay

    The poor car. I feel sorry for it!

  34. JimmyD

    I remember the Bicentennial. The US Gov’t had a Bicentennial exhibit that visited our lil ol town in Wyoming. Had all kinds of cool stuff, like a Radar that was so small you could hold it up and look through it, and a hand that someday would be made to replace blown off limbs for soldiers. Lots of stuff in those red white and blue trucks, but nothing as cool as that LSD Vette. Like somebody else said, you had to live it.

    That said, somebody needs to take a sawzall to those droopy eyed headlights and give it a proper ‘vette front end. Good Heavens what did they do to the eyeballs?
    The rest is pure 70’s acid trip cool. And as someone who desperately wanted, but could never get the scratch for a set of Center Line racing wheels, I’m good with those rims

  35. moosie Craig

    Not so much as a “Proper” Corvette front end but one a bit more visually pleasing then the “droopy eyed” bad dream, the rest of the car is awright, but sorry, those headlights gotta go.

  36. CelestialGryphon

    I’m… all in for maybe fixing the wheels? Or possibly polishing them so they are more ostentatious. Then driving it. All. Day.

  37. Tom

    I actually just picked up this Vette, I still haven’t found any history on it, trying to find pics of it from back in the day so I can find he correct wheels etc otherwise it’ll be slots or daisys.

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  38. Neil

    What a bunch of dicks !
    One of the members purchased this car. And, while I’ll admit, it’s not my cup of tea, in the end, we all have different likes. No need to bash. What floats yer boat might sink mine. But c’mon, really? Back in the day, my Dad always used to say: “If you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing at all ”
    Lets just be happy for the purchaser. They got what they obviously are thrilled with.
    Congrats Tom. Enjoy !!!

  39. Tom

    Thanks Neil! Its all good. It’s definitely been a blast to drive and it just got a photoshoot for an upcoming magazine feature

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