Big Bad Blue: 1969 AMC Javelin SST

Some classic cars tick more of the right boxes than others, but this 1969 AMC Javelin SST ticks some good ones. It features a healthy V8 under the hood, a recently refurbished interior, and one of the most desirable paint shades the company offered in that model year. It has no urgent needs and is a car that its new owner could drive and enjoy immediately. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, you will find the Javelin listed for sale here on eBay. The seller’s BIN is set at $18,500, although the option exists to make an offer.

Many people believe Ford created the pony car segment when it unveiled its Mustang, although the Plymouth Barracuda beat it to the market by a couple of weeks. Nobody envisaged the profound impact those cars would have on the new car market, leaving the competition scrambling to develop their own models. General Motors unveiled their Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird for 1967, but AMC was late to the party with its Javelin for the 1968 model year. Its First Generation model remained in production for two years, and our feature SST is from that second year. It wears a shade called Big Bad Blue, which was the most desirable offered by AMC in 1969. The paint isn’t perfect, with the seller classing it as a good 6/10 following a repaint around ten years ago. It shines well, with no significant problems requiring immediate attention. If considered as a driver-grade car, it is undeniably acceptable. The panels are straight, and there’s no evidence of rust in the supplied photos. The decals look crisp, while the chrome is in excellent order for a vehicle of this vintage. The Javelin rolls on a set of Magnum 500 wheels, and although they aren’t original, they are period-correct and suit the car admirably.

When tackling a restoration project, some enthusiasts will find the prospect of an interior refresh overwhelming and expensive. Potential buyers need not worry about this with our feature car because the seller completed that task around four years ago. He chose a trim combination of Black leather and vinyl, and it presents superbly. The dash and console are original, showing no cracks or deterioration. The upholstered surfaces are spotless, as is the carpet. The gauge cluster includes the factory 8,000 rpm tachometer, with the lenses free from clouding and other problems. It isn’t loaded with luxury appointments. I can spot an AM/FM radio, but the original owner elected to forego such touches as air conditioning. It may lack the bells and whistles, but everything works as it should.

Buyers in 1969 could choose from a reasonable selection of engines for their Javelin, but this car’s original owner opted for the 343ci V8 that produced 280hp. They hooked that motor to a three-speed “Shift-Command” automatic transmission, while power steering takes the hard work out of maneuvering this classic in tight spaces. While the power figure wasn’t overwhelmingly high, the Javelin SST could hold its own when pointed at a ¼ mile. The journey would take 15.3 seconds before the car wound its way to 131mph. The seller indicates that this Javelin is numbers-matching, although the addition of headers and some cosmetic enhancements could mean there are performance upgrades hiding within that V8. The car runs and drives well, with the seller supplying this YouTube video. It provides a walk-around and allows us to hear the 343 starting and running. It sounds as smooth as silk, with no smoke or unwanted noises.

There is one major problem with pony cars that enthusiasts need to consider. Values for most models are increasing at an alarming rate, and the day will almost certainly arrive where they move beyond the average person’s reach. However, there needs to be one exception for every rule, and the Javelin SST is it. Values are climbing, but the rate is well below the market average. If potential buyers scour the market, they will find vehicles like this 1969 model begging for a new home. Some will look rough around the edges, but the presentation and condition of our feature car mean that its buyer can immediately enjoy the classic ownership experience. Ninety-seven people are watching the listing, and I’m sure a few have their fingers hovering over the BIN button because it is so tempting. I’d be interested to know if we have any readers considering beating them to the punch.


  1. Joe Samascott

    Numbers matching is not something AMC guys are too concerned with. This does have its advantages, as changing components, paint color, options, etc. won’t affect the value of the car ( as long as they are done properly). In fact, many changes can increase the value of the car , to enthusiasts. Kinda the opposite of MOPARs.

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    • bone

      I dont know about that, usually when a “restored” car is painted in a different color than when it was new it brings the value down, Mopar or not .

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  2. Steve Clinton

    $18,000 seems fair, but I’d be holding out for an AMX.

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  3. bone

    I dont know about that, usually when a “restored” car is painted in a different color than when it was new it brings the value down, Mopar or not .

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  4. chrlsful

    “…beating them to the punch…”
    “No”: only if the AMX…

    heed above advice for all (import, domestic, 30’s or any other).

    ‘Value’, ‘worth’, sales price / bought price – all different. What I wanna no is it’s value. That’s pretty standard, easily knowable (in most cases) and enhanced w/out a lota ‘bolt ons’, wrong colors (era aint too bad but if w/VIN exact match brings up price, etc).
    Fomoco used ‘an empty box’ manafacturing method for yrs, & records were lost in fire (marti don’t have, Y he started) & mopar much the same. “Numbers matching” is for a ’48XK120, ’53/5 Vette (make sure the Blue Flame is not from a truck, etc) or porche (need Kardex or COA, even “numbers DoNot match”). This field/topic is not just @ a surface, hearsay level…

  5. Howie

    This looks like a great deal, the seller says auction many times but this is not a auction. Seller has 495 items listed.

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  6. JT Member

    Nice to see these cars come up here on Barn Finds. Go AMC!!

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  7. Mikr

    I may be wrong, but I believe the high back buckets first came in 1970.

  8. Howard A Member

    If I remember, Big Bad Blue( and green and orange) Javelins had painted bumpers and no “Donahue” spoiler and 343/390 with Hurst 4 speeds in ’69. The “spoiler” and chrome bumpers came out in 1970, I read. Still a really nice car here, my hometowns finest hour.

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  9. JohnfromSC

    When 99 out of 100 pony cars appear here on BF, the lament is always the same. “They have priced the average guy out of the market”. Yet, here is a greatly affordable pony car with quite decent performance, and yet not one comment on how great an opportunity this represents for owning an affordable classic. Go figure…

    This is a hard car to buy and lose much money on. It represents a high immediate fun factor with an ability to wrench on and make more improvements casually over time.

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  10. joenywf64

    Matching spark plug wires.
    Was the ’67 or ’68 javelin or amx available with ram air? I think the ’70 was.
    Biggest brake pedal ever on any automatic compact car! – i seen some on modern automatic “cars” 1/2 the length/size! WTH
    Can anyone make out what’s printed on either of the lower fenders on the sides?
    Can’t say i ever seen these rear bumper guards before.

    • joenywf64

      Ooops i meant “was the ’68 or ’69 ….”

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