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Big Bad Green: 1970 AMC AMX

Most car guys will remember Chrysler and its “High Impact” colors offered from 1969-73. But memories may get fuzzy when you mention American Motors’ “Big Bad” series of hues in 1969-70. They were just as flashy as Chrysler’s but fewer in number (just three) – orange, green and blue – and only available on the Javelin and AMX. The seller’s 1970 AMX is wearing its original Big Bad Green paint and may be one of just 74 AMX cars built that way in ’70. Located in Malabar, Florida, this non-running project will need mechanical and cosmetic work and has lost its monster engine to a small-block V8. It’s available here on eBay where the bidding is up to $12,500.

In 1970, the AMX was winding down its three-year run as a separate series at AMC. You’ll recall it was a shortened, 2-seat GT version of the Javelin, first introduced in 1968. Collective production numbers of just over 19,000 were small even by AMC standards and the car became a performance option of the redesigned Javelin from 1971-74 (the end of that car). The biggest engine you could get in the 1970 AMX was a 390 V8 and 1,632 of them were built with a 4-speed gearbox that year. That would include the seller’s car which was finished in the least popular of the Big Bad colors that year (74 versus 122 in orange and 113 in blue on the AMX).

There are signs of the Big Bad Green paint everywhere on the seller’s car, from the floorboards to the engine compartment and the trunk. Most of it is said to be original but in neglect after so many years. As you would expect, rust can be found in several places, but reproduction pieces will come with the car, such as the lower rear quarter panels, floor pans, and forward inner rockers. The trunk weather strip channel is also rusted and will be supported by a complete extra clip. Add to all this that the top front portions of the fenders are also corroded.

We’re told this AMX is in the Eddie Stakes Registry. It originated in Texas, then moved to Florida and finally Georgia where the seller ran across the car. He would like to keep the AMX, but like so many collector types, he has more projects than time. The car was originally a 390 with the Go Pack option, but the motor was blown years ago. In its place resides the lowly 304, which doesn’t run either. But the original transmission, Hurst shifter and other key parts have survived. As a Go Pack, the car has power front disc brakes and a Ram Air set-up. The photos show a set of machined wheels. They have since been sold and the car will sit on a set of rollers instead.

Much of the black interior has been removed and a photo shows that some of it is at least present. The rear window is out of this machine but comes along with a pile of parts for the buyer:

  • Spare-front bumper, rear clip, extras doors, and door panels with upper metal, front fenders
  • Original taillights (no center back up) and rear taillight bezels
  • Correct front seats with extra tracks

The seller suggests this could be a $50,000 car one day and Hagerty agrees, but only to $38,000. By restoring the car and sourcing the correct motor you may have a car somewhere in the middle. Thanks to Planet Houston AMX and Big Bad AMC for helping us sort this car out.


  1. alphasud Member

    That is a lot of rust and a lack of the original engine for the current asking price. We have seen a lot better for less on BarnFinds. Also you have to love that green and I think there was a reason it was the least popular color. Needs to be saved and hopefully someone will do their own work to keep the costs under control.

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  2. jerry z

    No longer for sale. Someone buy it locally? Yes thete is a lot of rust on that car. Shame.

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  3. James

    AMC ,did not have small and big block v8 engines ,they are the same block externally dimensions, just bored out and stroked . I wish people who post about vehicles would get there information correct and study better

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  4. Steve Clinton

    There is NO way you could restore this and not be WAY underwater from the value (appr. $30,000). I would love to know why the item was ended.

    “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”

    Yeah, the error was the seller thinking this AMX was worth $12,000!

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    • Steve

      Most people don’t make money on restorations, onlyhappens on reality TV shows. Restored, this rare car is worth more than 30k, and the Machine wheels he probably sold for 3k or more alone. But anyway ramble on….

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  5. Ralph

    A question: Didn’t all the Big Bad cars come with body colored bumpers?
    For some reason that is the only way they came then but since I was 12 at the time, perhaps memory fade has set in.
    Anyone know for sure? Thanks.

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    • Steve

      Not in 1970.

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  6. David Bailey

    Hey, Ralph..Don’t know for sure. The ’68s and ’69s did, front and back. Good Question I’m going to say no, but?…

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  7. chrlsful

    we show all the others (not a mopowr guy) SST, cuda, etc but this is the one to have in my mind. Who needs a back seat (many stang FB guys flippe it dwn & ran a stero there)? Thanks for this and other recient ones on this channel. Here’s what I’d buy cheep yrs ago and DD while bringing back. A ceowd of us back then, no flippers. Comment above? ‘underwater’,,,the use/hoby/sale (to aford to go onto th nxt one) was/is not prt of our equasion. What is?

    The research, tinker/play/craftyness, expanded understanding, love of problem solving, connecting w/others (around all aspects here), understanding of history (not just cars but industry, culture, international and “grandularly local’), meet challenge (personal growth), planning and budgeting process, and a free ride (when sold) from some pretty nice vehicles we could not afford otherwise. Much of this has been removed by: net, auction, flippers driving costs up, crowding (neighbors don’t like difference in their mono-culture – race, income, noise, smoke).

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    • Steve Clinton

      Can you repeat that please?

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  8. Jcs

    Some cars actually pull off this color well.

    This isn’t one of them.

    Hmm, seems I’m feeling a little negative today. Sorry.

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  9. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Agreed that this shade can be a bit intense to the eye, but when these aren’t in this condition they can be attractive. With the “right”, im not saying correct, but right wheels and the ’70 only shadowmask treatment they look better yet. It doesnt much matter that the 390 is gone, many AMC enthusiasts build up 401’s and drop them in anyway. Open the hood, common guy isnt going to know the difference at your local show. I hope this one sees its second chance at life!

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  10. Dan W.

    The guy should I tried $1,250. Let’s get it real!

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  11. Jack A Reed

    In “71” while completing Primary Training at Pensacola,the “word” was to avoid local dealers after getting Commissioned. “The local “Barney Pifes” trolled outside the NAS waiting… I wanted an AMX but heeded the warning…I had driven the “Domino Javelins” for the pizza chain in Kalamazoo which had a 235 six and an automatic,painted “red, white [numbered] middle,and blue”. They were “Quick” around WMU campus and student apartments. After my “solo” I ordered a “Stealth[?]” Gremlin.AMX/Javelin from “Zantellos” AMC in Allegan MI. It was “Canary Yellow”,had a 258 cid engine with a 3 speed on the floor,air conditioning,tinted glass,tan bucket seats,disc breaks,heavy duty shocks,anti sway bar,am radio…”ala cart” cost was just over $2500.00…It got up to 106 mph just off NAS Whiting Field one night…no “Barneys” present.

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  12. Jack A Reed

    Oh Yeah… I had 1 more thing,”Quick Ratio Steering” too …

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  13. AMCFAN

    To the novice couch collector this doesn’t look like much. It is a very will optioned 1970 AMX. In fact I haven’t seen this before. Too bad about the missing 390. Those in the AMC world are very well connected and no real problem to get. It’s just money or a part they need that you might have Not the original motor It’s the less of two evils. I would rather have a 390 vin coded car with a 304 than the the other way around.

    BBG is a rare color. (bumpers were not painted body color in 1970) It’s a four speed. It has black leather still wearing Machines. The rust is minimal. While true it could top $50-$60K when done the BIN is pretty tall. I think the bid at $12K is a start but regardless of the condition there is a whole lot going on. If someone steps up won’t regret it when done

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  14. AMX Ed

    The big Bad trio of colors were made available on the 69 models mid-year. Bumpers were painted body color. The colors were also available in 1970 but the bumpers were chromed.
    The colors were also available, apparently by special order and at extra cost, on other models in 1970. Working at an AMC dealership at that time, I recall both a Hornet and a Rebel Machine painted in the Big Bad Green color delivered new to the dealership for inventory.

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