Big Block Beauty: 1977 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT

Ford built this sixth-generation F-250 to be a serious workhorse, with 3/4 ton capacity and a big 460 V8. That being said, this one doesn’t appear to have seen much in the way of work. It’s covered just 67k miles and is in nice shape inside and out. And did I mention that it’s a Crew Cab with an awesome Eagle hood ornament! Reader Eli R is looking for a good home for it. It’s located in Manheim, Pennsylvania and can be found here on Bring-A-Trailer with a current bid of just $4,000!

I love the way these crew cabs look with a topper installed, it just gives the truck a cool look. Eli took lots of photos of every part of the truck to give you a good idea of the condition of the body and inside. It looks like some restoration work has been done, but looks solid and ready to go. Eli notes that the paint has been touched up around the fuel doors. I’m guessing the work was professionally done though, as you can’t see any signs of the repair in photos.

You can have the shiniest truck in the world, but if it doesn’t run and drive, what’s the point of having it? Well, in the case of this truck you can have your cake and eat it too! The original 460 V8 has already been pulled out and given a full rebuild to RV specs. I assume that means it was given the higher duration cam, which should increase torque output. And as you can see, it’s been equipped with a larger Holley carb, so this thing should run great.

The interior looks great, especially for a 42-year-old truck! It’s equipped with working AC, so you’ll stay nice and comfy year-round. And you’ll have plenty of space to haul your family or friends anywhere you go. It’s been upgraded with a modern stereo, so you can jam out to your favorite tunes as well!

This really is a great looking truck and would be fun to have. The current bid seems like an absolute bargain for so much vehicle! So be sure to take a look at it and leave any questions you have for Eli in the comments below.

  • Location: Manheim, Pennsylvania
  • Mileage: 66,550
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: F25JCY62348

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  1. Matt Toni

    Wow Barnfinds and Bringatrailer are officially one

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  2. Skorzeny

    Where to start? Get rid of the awful topper, the awful wheel covers, and are those some kind of grab handles on the side of the cab? Chuck those too. Get some nice Torq Thrust wheels on this with some lower profile rubber (+1? +2?) and go cruising at 9 mpg!!

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Those mirrors need to be replaced with some West Coast juniors if you want to actually drive this anywhere.

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    • Dave

      Pffft! Put a plate on it and drive it. Just make sure you have a spare ignition control module and the tools to change it when it dies on you.

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    • Beaver

      This was NEVER ment to be a LOW rider it is a TRUCK!

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      • Dan Mar

        Amen Brother ! ! !

  3. angliagt

    Wow! – THREE gas tanks?

  4. TimM

    Everything that Skorzeny just said was pretty much what I was going to write!!! Good job Skorzeny!!!!

    • Skorzeny

      Thanks Tim!!

  5. Eric

    I was with you guys up until the wheels and tires. Needs old school white wagon wheels and one size bigger tire. Also, lose the running boards. Truck is awesome, but yeah those mpg’s are what stops me.

    Also, that’s the most gigantor are cleaner I’ve ever seen- I’m amazed the hood closes!

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    • Dave

      Can you get Goodyear Tracker A-Ts to go with those wagon wheels? If not, then BFG Radial All-Terrain T/As are period correct. I had them on my 77 Ford F-150 4×4 back in the day.

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  6. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with everyone else, the truck would look so much better without all the bling.

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  7. AZguy Member

    Kinda reminds my of one of those crazy busses in mexico city with all the things attached!!

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  8. Jeff Bucklin

    This was every grandpa’s dream in 1977!

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  9. Jwinters

    put the JC whitney catalog down and back away slowly

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    • Bear

      rofl! :-p

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  10. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Nice truck but too many doors for me. I don’t have an airplane hanger to park it in, either.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358


      I love the airplane hanger comment!👍

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  11. CanuckCarGuy

    Hook up the camper and go…great rig, but as others have said I’d declutter the exterior somewhat, replace the cap with a tonneau cover but keep the wheel covers, I like them on the bumpsides and dentsides.

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    Pretty cool, without going dually, this was the nicest( and biggest) pickup truck you could buy. I’d bet dollars to donuts, with visor, running boards, road lights, hood ornament, grab handles, this was some truckers personal vehicle. We never thought this would replace the passenger car someday.

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  13. Gaspumpchas

    Great Thread and great comments! Skorzeny, correct about the gas mileage, this one would pass everything but a gas station. I’d say if you got 9 mpg that would be great mileage. Not meant for cruising around town, but we had one for a shop truck and it used a quarter tank of gas for a local parts run.Great Tow vehicle and that’s what its built for. I’m a ford guy, but my 98 chev 2500 with the 5.7 does very well towing a loaded 3 ton trailer. We have come a long way with the super American pickuo trucks!! Good luck to the new owner.

    • 433jeff

      It needs someone with vision, cuz right now its not half as cool as a squarebody 4 door.

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  14. Max

    I wouldn’t change a thing about it, I’ve been drooling over this since it was posted to BaT. Sure, you could make it look more sporty by removing all the accessories and bling, but thats part of the charm. Grandpa spec trucks are becoming harder to find, and it’s neat to see all the period correct accessories still intact. I’d put the old school mirrors back on it and cruise it as is. Hopefully whoever winds up with it will do the same!

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  15. David G

    Optioned a bit strangely. No front stabilizer bar, and no oil pressure or amps gauges. It has been repainted, but it appears professionally done. Has the lightest GVW possible on a crew cab F-250, at 6,800 pounds, despite having a factory overload leaf in back. Gross rear axle weight capacity is only 4,500 lbs. Driven at high speed through a JC Whitney warehouse. I would lose the hood ornament, sun visor, center rear rubber flap, shell, and grab handles/lights on cab. Trailer plug needs to be mounted in the bumper, above and to the right of the exhaust pipe. Hopefully the next owner will take the same good care of it that it has enjoyed for the last 40+ years.

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  16. Beaver

    I have a 2002 Excerson 4X4 V 10 cold air induction excell coils e3 plugs new leather seats fresh brakes ICE cold front and rear A/C and heat I would drive it anywhere a GREAT Truck 8 pass new tires never been repainted one very small spot on hood I would trade him even and even tryed to send them a MSG BUT they want a CC to just talk!! Book on mine shows about $7500 I just do not need the height of a 4×4 my wife can not get in or out! And yes I am a OLD Grandpa!!HA ! HA!

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  17. Dave

    Let’s go back in time, shall we? My truck’s VIN was F14HCY67867, not too far away from this one.

    In 1977, no one ordered Crew Cabs except utility companies. Mom had her car, Dad had his truck. Crew cab with an 8 foot bed results in a truck whose handling can best be described as “nautical”.

    This truck looks like it has 3 gas tanks, not two. I ordered my truck with two tanks and the second filler was on the cab and the tank was behind the seat.

    AFAIK, a front stabilizer bar wasn’t available with Twin I-Beam front suspension. It, along with a rear anti-sway bar, would be available on the 4×4 1978 Bronco. I updated my 1977 from the parts book at Allegheny Ford Trucks.

    Trim levels were Custom, Ranger, and Ranger XLT. Oil pressure and amp gauges were options on all trim levels, not standard.

    There were more than a few trucks from the Big 3 in the factory parking lots in western Pennsylvania that were done up like this one. Perhaps the WW2 vets that owned them were remembering their days in Manila by accessorizing their “rigs” like this one.

    January 1, 1977 saw the expansion of the CB band from 23 to 40 channels, so either radio would be period-correct.

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  18. Beaver

    Dave Very well said!! And I still want to trade!!

  19. Bear

    Damn that is a nice looking truck!  :-)  
    Bring A Trailer is a good venue for selling this, but it most certainly won’t sell for anywhere near $4K….

    ( I hope someone buys it who has an emotional connection to an F150 or F250 from this era. Perhaps is is similar to their Dad’s truck, perhaps to a grandfather’s truck, or perhaps it is just like the truck that got wrecked or taken away by the bank back in the day….) <3

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    • David Ulrey

      Stand alone fuel injection and free flowing, but not noisy exhaust. The white spoke wheels suggested earlier weren’t a bad idea either.

    • VAR2018

      Current bid of $8500. I guess that could be considered nowhere near $4k.

      • Bear

        I was trying to state that $4K was on the WAY Low Side.
        Current bid is at $17500, with 2 3/4 hours still left! :-)

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  20. matt steele

    I think that it’s ugly…but there is definitely a use for it….usually you have to add stuff to make something look better…this one will require removal..( I’ll stay with my 90 suburban 4×4 thank you)

  21. canadainmarkseh Member

    My uncle had the 1 ton single cab version of this truck. It was his first truck and pride and joy. He had a camper on his. Sadly he passed away last spring, so me being a wood sculpture ( hobby ) I made from wood an exact replica of his truck as his urn. This truck is the same colour and year as his. The 1 tons are still single wheel on the back but had the back wheels set further back so the box sides are different then the half and three quarter ton models. My uncle had all the bling on his too, it was a 70’s thing to do. So in that regard this stuff on this truck is period correct and should stay on. As for the wheel covers these are factor original and should also stay on the truck. My uncle was a giant of a man at 6’7” I recall watching him lift an Austin Mini off the ground from the front bumper once. He always drove truck because that’s what he fit in comfortably.

  22. Keith

    Wow! Nice old truck! I bet this truck never met a gas station it didn’t love!

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  23. Bear

    I’d Proudly drive this “grandpa truck” just as it is.
    It IS period correct. Right down to the “JC Whitney” opera lights & grab handles & hood ornament & sun visor.
    Back in 1977 you would be “The Man!” if you were seen piloting this land yacht down the highway.
    & yes, it has 3 gas tanks simply because it NEEDS 3 gas tanks!
    (…gonna need to be sold to someone in a state that still has relatively low /gallon prices! …NOT Calif, unless they have DEEP pockets, or a company gas card!)

    The one thing I’d maybe change is the color of the running boards.
    I’d like to see it with the running boards painted (or powder coated?) matte black.
    I’d probably also black out the receiver hitch & relocate the trailer electrical connection.

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