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Big Block Brit: 1973 Jensen Interceptor

1973 Jensen Interceptor

We’ve featured quite a few Jensen Interceptors recently. I’m not sure if there are simply more coming to market or if we have all just been on a Jensen kick lately, but seeing yet another Interceptor is really giving me an itch to join the Jensen club. There aren’t too many things out there that are better than an Italian bodied British sports car with a big American V8 under the hood. Not only does this one have a V8, it has a 440 big block. Sadly, it also has lots of issues and may not be the car to start with for someone just joining the club. If you think you are up for the task, take a look at it here on eBay with a $2,250 BIN.

Jensen 440 V8

The seller didn’t really provide much in the way of information, but they are clear in the fact that this one is going to need lots of work. Getting the engine running and the car moving shouldn’t be that difficult, given the extensive use of Chrysler components. Making the car safe and comfortable to drive will be a different story. The exterior is covered in rust, so one can only imagine what the floors look like. There aren’t any photos of the interior, but I would assume it is in equally as rough shape as the outside. The seller claims they will be adding more photos in a few days of the interior and underside, which would greatly help in deciding whether to take the plunge into Jensen ownership.

Rough Interceptor

If this were a Jensen FF, the Interceptor’s all-wheel drive sibling, I would already have a transporter headed to El Paso, Texas to pick it up. Given that it isn’t the incredibly rare FF, it is going to take a Jensen aficionado, or at least someone who wants to become one, to get this back on the road. If the rust hasn’t turned to cancer yet, this could actually make for a great project, but without an inspection I would plan for the worst. Hopefully someone who is already a card carrying member of the Jensen club can chime in here and give us some advice on what things to look for when buying an Interceptor! So who else here would like to put one of these great looking machines into their garage?


  1. Gerry Member

    These remind me a lot of the Isuzu 117 coupes from the 70’s and 80’s that were Italian designed.

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  2. Mike G

    Shouldn’t ought to have bought that there car Cletus!

    Love these things, when they’re all put together, they are lookers!!

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  3. jim s

    still short on photos so it is hard to tell if there are enought good parts to = the BIN. nice find

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  4. Scott Allison

    This thing looks like it took a run through the Rio Grande!
    Hey Pancho… I got a 440 under the hood..
    Hey Gringo… We go get my sister Carlotta from across the border!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    The good news: there’s a fair number of bids

    The bad news: after lots of bids it’s still under $900, and the reserve
    The other bad news: the more questions the seller answers the worse this car gets

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  6. John Nickols

    Not a good investment , unless you have deep pockets, time, and patience . Buy a rust free car, and begin there.

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  7. Robert J

    I personally truly dig old Interceptors. The reason that they come up for sale at these reasonable prices is that the combination of issues that would need to be addressed in restoring one makes them not worth restoring. I am thinking of the massive big block that you have to wrestle with sure, but more of the rich pleated leather seats that you could never accurately replace for less than big bucks. So, that leaves us with the second idea, which would be to just fix it up a bit an hot rod it. You can do that, but this was a gentlemen’s express when built, so it is heavy and not as able as some other chassis that you could stuff a big block in. The sum result of all of this is that people don’t usually bother. There are a few lovely resto-modded Jensen Interceptors out there though. I’ll post one next. Best car name ever though.
    Hey! How about a Mad Max Jensen Interceptor? Oh Yes!


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    • Dolphin Member

      A Viper V10 instead of an M5 V10 in a hot rod Jensen Interceptor on an M-power blogsite.

      Sometimes the least likely thing actually happens.

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  8. Robert J
  9. Mike S

    Worh more as parts. The 440 V8 and the rear glass alone are worth more than the present bidding. If you must have an Interceptor buy one restored and enjoy. You will be many bucks ahead.

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    • waynard

      I agree with Mike S. If you have to have this, strip the few bitsa after the rear window and engine and move along knowing you’ve made a buck and a half.

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  10. JB

    That hot rod Jensen link was awesome. Very well done although the costs still would be prohibitive…loss of resale not included..

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