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Big Block Shed Find: 1970 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

The owner of this 1970 Impala Convertible says that it has been parked for nearly 10-years, but that it only needs a bit of TLC to get it back up and running again. Barn Finder Pat L spotted the car for us, so thank you for that Pat. The Impala is located in Bixby, Oklahoma, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The asking price for the Impala has been set at $12,800.

The overall condition of the Impala doesn’t look too bad. There is no doubt that it would look a whole lot better if it were given a buff and polish, but the paint itself looks like it is actually pretty decent. It is hard to be sure from the photos, but there may be a few small spots of rust appearing in the lower quarter panels, but the rest of it is quite encouraging. The trunk floor has an obvious coating of surface corrosion, but it doesn’t look like there is any rust-through present. We don’t have any information about the state of the rest of the floors, so hopefully, they will be okay. The owner says that the mechanism and frame for the soft-top works as it should, but the top itself will need to be replaced.

The interior of the Impala is generally quite good, although it could really do with a decent clean. The upholstery on the seats isn’t original, and I am fascinated by the fact that the inserts on the seat backs are a different color to the bases. I would be surprised if fading would account for this, but it is possible, depending on the quality of the material. The dash pad is a bit discolored, but the rest of it looks okay. It also looks like the occupants are looked after with a few creature comforts, such as power windows, a power seat, cruise control, and air conditioning.

Under the hood, you will find a 396ci V8, which is backed by a TH400 automatic transmission. Judging by the text in the listing, it appears that the car currently doesn’t run. The owner says that it will need a new gas tank, the carburetor requires a clean, while new tires and a new battery will also be on the shopping list. The engine has obviously been rebuilt at some point because the owner says that it has been over-bored. We can only hope that once that short shopping list has been filled, that the car happily kicks back into life.

I talk about cars having a lot of potential, and this Impala could fairly be given that label. It seems that any rust in the vehicle might only be very minor, while it looks like the shed in which it is stored is quite dry. These are usually quite good signs in a car like this, so it is possible that someone will be getting themselves a pretty nice car.


  1. TimM

    Reall go looking starter project!!!! Big block convertible is awesome!! Definitely not crazy about the cloth interior!!!

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  2. Convertible is 👍

    If the 396 a great transplant for the boat.

    A 400 and 454 was avail as well as 350 and four doors 250 6 banger.

    I had a 350 four bolt with 12 bolt rear end and chrome splash pan convert .
    It drove good but again a tank to pull on performance. The convertible top mechanisms are solid on this year and better than later year sisor top that could easily strip affecting top up and down movement.

    I like the1970 Impala . (Sadly mines demise was the new house 18 years ago with standard car garage built for Prius style small cars .. it barely fit and decided to get a 67 mustang convertible car that fit allowing motorcycle parked sideways in front😟)

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  3. Matt Murray

    A friends brother has a 69 ragtop,probably 40 years kids we took some fun rides in that car.
    It’s been sitting for many years now and hopefully one day he will get to it.
    That car sold me on ragtops.
    I’m a mopar guy but definitely have a soft spot for these impalas

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I don’t remember that color combination for the interior though it might be original.
    I have seen a few BBC equipped Impalas over the years and this one looks to have a lot of potential. Doesn’t appear to have ‘a lot’ of work required of it, though there could be rust issues needing attention.

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  5. TonyF

    Nice car. Needs to be pulled out of storage and cleaned up to get a better look. It’s missing all a/c components under hood, don’t see a power steering pump either. I would say an 8k car at best, and that’s without knowing if the engine is still good. Still will make a nice cruiser when done.

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  6. Will Fox

    Chevy didn’t use cloth seats on convertibles; they were vinyl. Overall this cvt. looks fairly solid, and would make a fun project to breath life back into it. Parts aren’t impossible to find, and this one is loaded with power everything. I thought by 1970, the 454 took the place of the 396 in full-size cars; will have to research that.

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    • flmikey

      I think your are right, Will…the only big block was the 454…2 of them actually…they were offering the 400 small block that year…

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      • 68custom

        No the 400 small block was a two barrel motor, the 400 big block was a four barrel motor!

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    • Mikey8

      In 1970, They had 402s in chevelle, I am guessing they probaby also had them in passenger cars

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  7. Del

    Another non-runner, that needs just about everything.

    I would say 4 grand is too much and maybe less once you take a closer look.

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  8. Chevychase71 Member

    When I see something like this, I get excited. Somehow that irrational part of my brain takes over and starts to foolishly, and very erroneously think, “theres always room for 1 more in the herd.” And then, as if I wasnt already desperately in need of a reality check, I see the price and realize…im not alone in this asylum.

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  9. Alex

    My dentist in CT had the same exact car while we had a 69 Impala convertible, blue with a white top and a 327 2 spd. auto.

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  10. dyno dan

    great patina, time capsule, original, survivor, perfect resto, excellent combination
    some tlc, investment potential. price is way to low. at least 50k! where’s my 401k

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