Big Fish Or Money Pit? 1970 Barracuda Project

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60s and 70s Mopar muscle cars are really hot right now! This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda probably appeals to many of you and is being auctioned here on eBay. Bidding is approaching $20,000 but hasn’t met the reserve yet, and if you are interested be sure to factor transportation from Richmond, Virginia to your garage into your total costs.

The seller is quite candid about the rust in the car, illustrating it with pictures and describing it in what appears to be an honest manner. As they state: “The floors are…not bad other than left toe pan. The frame rails are in good shape…the front rocker boxes have one little soft spot on the passenger side. The trunk will need patches installed…the drivers door will need a skin and the rear quarters will need skins, you might be able (to) just put patches in.” Certainly work that can be done by a home restorer, but not to be taken lightly either!

The car was originally a 318 V-8 2-barrel automatic car; not a particularly desirable combination and that makes it more than likely to be “upgraded” by whomever purchases it. Are there any of you readers that would leave it that way? A 318 is in there now but we don’t know if it is the original one. The seller alludes to $100k Hemi ‘Cudas, but it’s important to remember that the fender tags are not included with this car (why would someone take off a set that aren’t particularly special?)

You can see the extent of the floor rust and the level to which the interior has been stripped in this picture.

To my uneducated Mopar eye and the pictures I can find on the internet, this engine compartment doesn’t show many deviations from stock apart from replacement hoses and the addition of a cooling system flushing tap. Perhaps reader experts see otherwise; if so please share in the comments! What do you think about this convertible? Is it a money pit or a great fish to land?

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    This is one I think someone could get into over their head quickly both in task and in money. Between the initial cost, the time, money and labor to put it back in shape it would be easy to get underwater on it fairly fast. Then you have the existing and unseen rust to deal with along with a seized up engine. The top and all the missing items just add to the list on this one.
    This one would be for the love of it, not for a financial return IMO.

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    • Sidney

      If you just got to have one of these, why not go to Dynacorn for a brand new shell and other parts and built a brand new 1970 Challenger? After all is spent, might not be too far off the mark, plus you can customize it any way you want. Modern engine, handling, or if you must, some huge old elephant engine. If I hit the lotto tonight, might just do that. Imagine one of those with a modern hemi engine and a six speed with the classic looks, right down to the Magnum wheels!

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Yeah, but Mannix never drove a Challenger – repaint this Cuda a darker green
        & change professions! lol
        The wheels don’t even have to be changed on this one!
        I always watch that show hopin to get a glimpse of that green car ’70-73.
        I could be wrong but I heard that Challenger dyncacorns are not selling well & could be discontinued.

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  2. Mike

    That’s a big price, for a parts car

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  3. Woody

    Keep it original unless you have some hot-rod goodies stashed in the garage.This would be a great drop-top cruiser for summer nights.Maybe a mean “340” and fresh paint,love this car!

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  4. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    Not a parts car but more than likely destined to become a clone…..

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    • Ken

      Hey, why not? Let’s put a 383 into it, paint it dark green, slap a ‘cuda badge on back and pretend it’s Joe Mannix’s car!

      /sarc (in case anyone takes me seriously)

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      • KevinLee

        Ken, don’t forget your Botany 500 suit!

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  5. Bodyman68

    Not a bad car but will cost some coins to restore as mopars were never easy or cheap . I would drop a small block back in it and keep it as stock as possible for drivability . Do the body over and drive the wheels off it !

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  6. Del

    Money pit. Give it a pass.

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  7. William Decker

    20 G’s for a 318 2 barrel is ridiculous for ANY Chrysler Corp. vehicle. Best of luck to the new (dreamer) owner.

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    • Terry b. Meyer

      Blame the high end auction houses and the flippers! This is a $2,000 car at best. Yes, it’ll wind up being a big block/ hemi clone and sell for $150,000 to someone with way more money than brains. These guys are killing the hobby for us normal folks.

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      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        @Terry – It might not be worth the seller’s asking, but where are you getting your $2k valuation? This is a Barracuda Convertible and there were only about 1,500 built in 1970.

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      • gerry van haarlem

        buy all you can find for 2,000 $ or tell me where they are .

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  8. Dave

    More money than brains out there for sure. But…beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you gotta have it you gotta have it! The other day I saw an ad for a rotbox 70 Challenger with a six that was over 20G. Curious, I wondered what a new one would go for. Jim Shorkeys will sell you a new one for 18G. So you spend 20G on the rotbox, and another 20G to make it driveable and it’s still nowhere near as safe, economical, or competent as the new car. And the new one comes with a warranty. But if you want a challenge…

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  9. bruce stumpf

    my older brother collected hemi cuda’s they where worth a lot of coin 2 of them where numbered 426 hemi,s & 2 of them where 440 six packs and 1 of them a 340 six pack not matching number but he loved it… well if the motor is numbered for the car its a win it will cost a lot to get her ready i just dont thank it will bring as much as you put in to her good luck check that vin #

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  10. Ken

    Hey, I know! Since most people here seem to love clone cars, let’s turn it into a fake Hemi ‘Cuda!

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  11. Mike

    Ya wanna know the best part about this car?????somebody’s gonna give him $20,000 hahaha HA hahaha.

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  12. steve

    The rust on this is a big job and sounds serious….Big blocks should never had been put in these cars, they belong in the Bs and C bodies. I would 340 it with a shaker and 4 speed , finsihed in Sassy Grass Green! Good project for someone capable of keeping it under 45k.

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  13. stillrunners

    Darn that Nash Bridges……….

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  14. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I am seeing bubbles bursting ! Ended: Jan 05, 2019 , 11:17AM
    Starting bid:US $15,000.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 0 bids ]

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  15. Don Watson

    Sadly, overpriced considering the amount work needed. IF it were mine, I would leave the 318 in it, but that’s just me. Getting tired of “clones”, and the crazy prices people think They’re worth. Fair price for this car is half of where it’s at right now

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  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    This is obviously not a Challenger or worth $2,000, if you’re going to comment at least be informed guys.

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  17. brian crowe

    what’s the difference between a Barracuda and a Cuda’ arn’t they the same?

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