Big Hurst/Olds And Cutlass Stash!

If you’re a fan of Oldsmobile’s fourth-generation Cutlass, this might be your lucky day! A collector of sorts near Orlando, Florida offers up a half-dozen of the popular Colonnade coupes here on craigslist.  The bulk listing invites serious collectors to reach a reasonable price on each. The phrase “Colonnade” refers to the roofline that calls the “Class of ’73,” new coupes entering the market that year across the General Motors fleet. These attractive coupes have been on collectors’ watch-lists for some time, and they’ve about tripled in value while I’ve sat around not buying them. Thanks to reader Jack M. for spotting this arsenal of Cutlasses.

I remember when a 455-powered Olds of this sort regularly traded under $2500. This 1976 “442” model packs a (presumably factory) 455, the last year for that motor in this body style, and the nifty swivel bucket seats are perfect for hanging out at a keg party… in a field… while cranking Led Zeppelin I. This 455 “runs well,” but shows some rust. Only about 1,500 Cutlasses came with 455 power in 1976. Emissions restrictions choked down peak horsepower, but you’ll still feel that velvety torque, and you can really wake up the Olds 455 if surprising those who disrespect ’70s cars makes you snicker.

My favorite of the bunch is another 455 (7.5L) car, this 1976 Cutlass Supreme Brougham that’s been regularly driven of late. The T-tops leak but this Olds has been stored indoors. Said to run strong, the Brougham features “power everything” and fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer.

Another sought-after model is this 1974 Hurst/Olds. Previously the branded H/O came only with W30 455 power, but the W25 350 rendered the 455 optional on Hurst cars from ’74 to ’76. Though described as “rusty” and in need of some exhaust work, it’s hard to go wrong with the word “Hurst,” and this one too has the Swivel bucket seats.

A pair of 1976 Cutlass S coupes both feature the 350 cid V8. The white car’s shiny paint makes a nice contrast with its maroon int. The brown car wears a tan vinyl top and tan tweed interior with the makeout-friendly front bench seat. The quad headlights and waterfall grille are a single-year combination. According to wikipedia, the Cutlass became America’s best-selling car in the year of the Bicentennial. Which is your favorite?

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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    No prices? Does that mean he wants too much for them?

    • bull


      • bull

        1976 Blue/White 455 442 $12,500

        1976 455 Silver Cutlass T-Tops $12,500

        A buddy of mine called.

  2. TimM

    Nice collection but no pricing might be a sentimental value!!!

  3. Jcs

    @Todd Fitch

    Just as an fyi…. option code W25 was for the ram air hood on the 70 – 72 models. W29 indicated the 350 on the 73 – 75 midels.

    • Popawfox

      1975 Hurst Olds had W-25 for a 350. I have one. White/ gold stripes. Padded half vinyl top. White interior.

  4. Tony Primo

    You can make some serious torque with a GM 455, doesn’t matter if it’s a Pontiac, Buick or Oldsmobile. Better pick one up soon before they start to become unobtainable like the 348-409 Chevrolets.

  5. karl holquist

    Full resto-needed $$$$$$$

  6. Djjerme

    I used to know a guy who bracket raced a ‘76 with a 455 in the mid ‘90’s. It’d yank the front wheels off the ground on a 10” slick, torque for days. If I recall, his dial in was in the 11’s.

  7. James m hannan

    We’re d prices

  8. Bmac777 Member

    I’m not a huge fan of all the different GM colonnades, but don’t hate them either.
    The ones I find actually cool looking don’t have the full rear passenger windows. To me it’s night and day compared to the ones with Louvered covers or a smaller landau type window

  9. Steve

    I can’t get the contact number to open. Can someone help out. One of those is much like a car I owned 40 plus years ago

    • Steve Haygood

      Never mind. Got it

  10. karl holquist

    I had a 76 Cutlass Supreme with a 402-steel crank with a 560-580 solid lifters L-88 1967 Corvette camshaft with a 3.73 posi with the stock axles that if you break a axle your tire does not roll down the street. It was a motor that was built for a MasterCraft boat I changed that camshaft to the L-88 chrome molly push rods upgraded valve springs and a $75 rebuilt Turbo 400 trans also a new holly 750 manual carb.. The guy that built the motor for the boat guy sold me the Big Block 10 over making it a 406 budget Big block I only had invested about $2,000 total in the upgrade making my car go 13.30’s with street tires and 12.90’s with cheater slicks. Before i upgraded the marine cam-springs-pushrods the 402 would only go 16.50’s. I loved that car. It was stolen one night and then was spotted at Detroit Dragway with the same $10,000 paint job. It was a flip-flop copper/burgundy it was used on Iroc’s and vettes. with a grey base coat and just a little sequence in a dixie cup sprayed using a drill gun to throw the sequence! Got paid classic insurance $$ and rebuilt a Ranger with a 302 steel crank lifted a fool with 35’s that some dummie put $40,000 and I got it for $2,000 no title because the last owner paid the guy cash and assumed he would pay off the outstanding loan. Now I drive a 302 1993 cougar XR7 that we ordered for the factory and would love to make it fast but I believe if it is not broke why mess with it!!

  11. karl holquist

    The motor was sold to me because the guy ended up in jail!! Bummer for him!!

  12. George Mattar

    I want that 76 Supreme with Hurst Hatches, the first year available. They were introduced in the 75 Hurst Olds. In 1978, I traded a Corvette for a super mint, one owner 76 silver Cutlass Salon with so many options, it had two window stickers. The car was purchased new at Rider Oldsmobile in State College, Pa, by an attorney, who traded it for a then new 78 Silver Anniversary Corvette. Big mistake. The Olds I got was the best looking car I ever owned. Yeah, the t tops leaked after a rain storm. Who cares. I live a half mile from East Coast T Tops in Pennsylvania. He can fix anything. If I had not just bought a new house, I would be on a plane to Florida to buy that silver Olds. Super comfortable and very reliable cars. So it eats gas, so do idiot women driving Range Rovers at 105 mph every morning.

  13. Popawfox

    1975 Hurst Olds had W-25 for a 350. I have one. White/ gold stripes. Padded half vinyl top. T-tops. White interior. The tops didnt leak. The stainless trim across the top leaked where the rivets rusted out. 2.56 open diff. Great interstate cruiser. NOT A “HOT ROD”! HAHA!

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