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Big Six Barn Find: 1922 Studebaker EK

1922 Studebaker Big Six Touring Sedan

Studebaker was one of the earliest American automobile manufacturers, opening its doors in 1852. They started off as a wagon manufacturer and went on to produce their first automobile in 1902. Most people remember Studebaker for the cars they built during the 1940s and 1950s, but sadly few know that many of their prewar cars set the bar for style, performance, and quality. Their big six touring cars were exceptional standouts. This 1922 Studebaker EK Touring Sedan has been parked in this Daytona, Florida barn for who knows how long, but is now ready to be rescued. It is listed on Heartland Florida’s craigslist with an asking price of $12,500.

Studebaker Big Six

The barn find above is going to need a complete restoration, but for a car that’s 90 years old it doesn’t look too bad in the photos. Studebaker built these cars to last, so hopefully the Florida humidity hasn’t wrecked too much havoc. The asking price seems high, but if it is solid and complete it may be worth it. That 354 cci straight six only produced 60 horsepower, but that was impressive power in its day. The combination of power and dependability made the Big Six popular amongst Police departments and criminals alike. Thanks to William J for sending this in.


  1. Dolphin Member

    The photos don’t do this ad any favors, so it’s difficult to tell what you would be getting, but most of the large hard parts seem to be there. Decades ago this was the kind of find that would excite a lot of guys with memories of days long past, maybe involving their Grandfather’s car and rides along country roads in a touring car like this with the top folded back. But there are far fewer guys like that now simply because of the passage of time. Today people mostly want what excited them when they were young, which was probably a sportscar or musclecar or maybe a big ’50s sedan that the whole family piled into for a trip do the Dairy Queen. Lets hope that someone steps up for this vintage Stude. After all, it has somehow survived the Dirty Thirties and a few major wars during which lots of cars like this were scrapped to provide metal for the war effort. It will be interesting to see whether the asking price stands up. I think it will take a very special person to buy this, maybe Jay Leno, if he doesn’t already have enough pre-WW2 touring cars.

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    • sean bennett

      Dolphin hit it right on nose !..generation changes what is saved , driven or thrown in barn another 80 years,thats right 80 years and it may start right up if stored correctly….I remember a 32 stude president 8 roadster went for over $150 now I see one for $60 K..and a 69 ? for $250 K…whats up with that ?? well , simple..we all want what we had in high school and the 20s and 30s MAY if lucky go to a museum…and the museum will sell many of these unless a duesy….any Studebakers in New England are of interest to me..a 21 sp 6 is what I have ..it was greatgramps and always in my family.after me it will be in museum,I am last one in family.Doing a valve job and then drive her…any recommendations for a good shop to do it ???

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  2. Grant Malherbe

    Once its cleaned up, it may be better than it looks. I am one for the maintenance of authenticity when it comes to cars that have survived so long in totally original condition. Once the car is restored, all patina is lost, and it becomes just another “New Old Car”!

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  3. BradL

    I’m all for preserving cars, even high mileage cars, in their “as found” condition. However, condition is an important determining factor in whether it can, or should, be preserved. This car may well be served better by a restoration. The only photo that shows the condition of the paint work is the one showing the engine. Sadly, the hood appears to be covered in surface rust. If this is indicative of the rest of the body, a restoration would be suggested.

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  4. wbjrace

    The Owner has posted slightly better photos. The actual color of the car shows up better

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  5. maark

    I looked at this car today and can buy for better price I’m 30 minutes away if you want info

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