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Black Plate Project: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

For Blue-Oval enthusiasts, finding a rust-free 1st Generation Mustang project car can be a bit of a challenge. For those people, fear not, because your quest might be at an end. This 1967 Mustang 2+2 Fastback is a vehicle that has spent its life in California, and it shows a lot of promise. It runs and drives, which means that the possibility is there for the restoration work to be tackled as time and money allow. The Fastback is located in Anaheim, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at $38,000, and there are currently 140 people who are watching the listing.

The Wimbledon White paint that graces the panels of the Mustang is quite baked, and a full repaint is going to be on the cards for this classic. The panels themselves look to be pretty straight, with no significant dings or dents. The only apparent rust is what looks like a couple of spots in the bottom corners of the passenger door. The rockers and lower rear quarter panels look clean, and it appears that any remaining rust is little more than surface corrosion. The owner doesn’t indicate the state of the floors or torque box region. However, there is no carpet fitted at present. This gives us a look at the floors from the inside. The general impression is that they look quite sound. The rocker molding is missing off the passenger side, but the majority of the remaining chrome and trim is present. Its condition would be considered to be acceptable for a driver-quality restoration. Still, the buyer might want to send some pieces to the platers or replace those items if perfection is the goal. The Mustang features factory tinted glass, and this seems to be in good order.

Occupying the engine bay of the Mustang is a C-Code 289ci V8. This 200hp engine is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission, while the buyer will also receive power steering. Cosmetically, there is some surface corrosion to address, while the air cleaner has been swapped at some point. Beyond those issues, the news appears to be positive. The 289 runs nicely, and the Mustang seems to be a driving proposition. There is a video at the bottom of this article which provides a walk-around. We can hear the 289 running, and it does sound clean.

Apart from a lack of carpet and the missing radio, the interior of the Mustang does appear to be complete. It shows the signs of both wear and UV exposure. Therefore, a full retrim will be required if it is to be returned to its best. The dash pad has no cracks, but it is heavily discolored. The buyer might choose just to replace the essentials, or they could conceivably opt for a full trim kit. The costs of these vary widely and depend heavily on the included components. They start from about $870 for a basic kit that consists of a dash pad, seat covers, door trims, rear trims, a carpet set, and a headliner. If the next owner wants to really go to town, then it’s easy to spend more than $2,000 on a kit. That will all be a matter of choice, because there are also plenty of options that fit between these two prices. The interior features a tilt wheel, and I believe that the Mustang might have been equipped with air conditioning. There is no visible hardware under the hood, but there are some components visible inside the vehicle.

Ther is no doubt that if this ’67 Mustang was treated to some restoration work, then it could be an attractive and comfortable vehicle. Its performance would not threaten a muscle car, but it should be capable of some relaxed cruising. I think that its biggest attraction is that it would seem to represent a sound basis for a project car for the person who wants to tackle a DIY restoration. For me, the biggest issue with the vehicle is the price. The BIN is on the high side, because it is possible to score some pretty tidy C-Code ’67 Fastbacks for under $40,000. What do you think?


  1. angliagt angliagt

    “Black Plate” means nothing with these newer-issued plates.
    You can get them for any vehicle in California.

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    • Miguel

      I was going to say the same thing. Technically it is a black plate car, but it doesn’t mean what he thinks it does.

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    • Dave

      The plate reads “JHN WICK”, so how old could it be?

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      • Steve R

        You couldn’t get personalized black plates in the 1960’s. They only became available when they were re-released a few years ago. Besides obvious differences in appearance, the numbering sequences were changed. California has a system in place that allows you to register vintage plates on an older car, that is the way to go in order to keep from lookinga bit like a poseur.

        Steve R

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    For the amount of money it’s going to take to properly rebuild this car the going in asking price is a bit high. Base V8, automatic, etc. doesn’t put it into the elite category of early Mustangs. If bought at a reasonable price it looks like it could be worth the time and money spent on returning it to it’s former glory.

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    • Miguel

      The owner is counting on the Bullit effect, but I am not sure it will continue to happen for these cars.

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  3. Rob

    Shirley you must be joking!
    I miss the days when a regular person could actually afford a Fastback or Charger project.

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  4. JohnfromSC

    IMO, this car is priced crazy high for an ordinary FB. As a side note, the best way to build a restomod Bullitt these days is to find a coupe in very good condition as the base, then graft on a fastback and build out from there. Coupes are comparatively cheap, and a restomod buyer is into power, handling and looks versus originality.

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  5. K

    “John Wick” plate indicates the seller has never seen the movie

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    • Autoworker

      I saw what John Wick does to people who messes with his dog or cars…I’d be afraid to buy it.

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    Aren’t ‘67s considered second gen cars?

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  7. Troy s

    Add removed due to an error in the listing, no worries it’s not that special anyways. The wheels and fastback body brought me here, the asking price actually didn’t surprise me,,, ask all you want doesn’t mean you will receive.

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  8. chris

    302 air cleaner ?

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  9. Mark

    Spoke to the owner ended up selling it for $32,000!

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  10. Kenny Zink

    I had scheduled a time to see the car in person but it sold before!
    No many left unrestored, I don’t want to buy a painted bondo rocket!

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  11. dan

    $38000 for a project???
    Good luck

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