Black Plate Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Update 9/27/19 – This cool Camaro has been relisted here on eBay with no reserve so it might end up going for a lot less than the seller’s original asking price!

From 9/25/19 – This 1967 Camaro is a car that has spent its life in either California or more recently, Nevada. As a result, it is no surprise to learn that it is a rust-free survivor. Barn Finder Pat L referred this black plate beauty to us, so thank you so much for that Pat. If you are searching for a Camaro project car where the restoration work is relatively minimal, you will find this one located in Henderson, Nevada, and listed for sale here on craigslist. The owner is asking $16,000 for this first-year Camaro.

Finished in Nantucket Blue, the Camaro looks like it is a straight car, with no obvious signs of major panel damage. The paint is starting to show its age a bit, but it is by no means horrible. It might require a repaint at some point in the future, but if the next owner chooses, they could certainly leave the exterior as it is. That way it would retain its claim as an original survivor. The owner provides a number of photos of the Camaro’s underside, and they certainly seem to back his “rust-free” claim. There are a couple of exterior badges missing, but the rest of the external trim and chrome certainly looks presentable.

When you start examining the mechanical side of the equation, the Camaro continues to stack-up quite nicely. This is a full, numbers-matching car, equipped with a 327ci V8 engine, Powerglide transmission, and power steering. The owner claims that the Camaro has a genuine 108,000 miles on the odometer and that it runs and drives. He doesn’t specify exactly how well it runs and drives, so that is a bit of an open question. There are a couple of non-original items in the engine bay, but at least it doesn’t look as though anyone has made wholesale changes or at least changes that can’t be reversed. Once again, the next owner will be faced with the choice of either leaving the appearance as it is or undertaking a cosmetic refresh.

There is almost always going to be a price to pay for a life in warmer climates, and with the Camaro, there is no exception to that rule. The worst of the wear-and-tear that has been inflicted on the Camaro over the past 52-years has occurred inside the car, and there is going to be some work required to bring it back to its best. The seats will definitely need new covers, while the center is missing out of the steering wheel. The kick panels have been cut to fit speakers, but thankfully, the aftermarket radio/cassette player has been mounted under the dash. This means that the dash itself has not been cut, and the original radio remains in situ. The console looks quite good, although there will be a couple of small screw holes from a microphone bracket, while the carpet is also quite faded. The rest of the trim looks pretty good. So when you consider that the shopping list will only consist of seat covers, carpet, and kick panels, it actually isn’t as bad as it looks.

For the person who is hunting for an original survivor 1st generation Camaro, this one looks like it could be a good option. Its needs are fairly minimal, and it appears as though there is no reason why it couldn’t be used and enjoyed as it currently stands. Personally, I would probably attend to the few issues with the interior, and leave the rest of the car pretty well as it is. If you bought it, what would you do?


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  1. Keith

    Nice first year Camaro!

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  2. Keith

    Looking closer, this camaro has had wreck repairs and bondo on multiple panels on the passenger side and a respray as well …not as original as owner states .

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    • davew833

      There’s definitely something going on with the passenger side front fender. Looks like a rust-out filled with Bondo to me.

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  3. Tom Member

    Good luck to the seller. 16K? Maybe 14 years ago. Although,… there are plenty of people out there with more money than brains. I keep saying it. The market is changing. There is a TON of supply out there with decreasing demand generationally means the prices are coming down.

    Go to Tons of inventory. completely restored versions of this car for $30K. There is mind blowing RS 327 Fuel Injected car in Texas Show Ready for $43K or offer. MANY 67 base & RS even SS cars out there for $30-50K DONE….ready to drive. Can’t restore them for that money.

    The guy who owns this car should restore it correctly HIMSELF and maybe make a buck on it for his labor…., maybe. That’s where this owner will get their 16K BUT again I say, this car will be worth $30-35K if restored properly and it will take twice that to get it there. This car will take $60K plus, plus the buy so call it $75K to be worth half that. I don’t know what to say anymore. This car is cool BUT needs EVERYTHING.

    Again a great candidate for the clone of your dreams BUT it will be a labor of love, not for the money. that is the sweet spot for this car if there is one. HUGE fan of the car. I had a 67 RS SS. Love them but a base model will only be valuable as a clone of some sort. Z28 clone is were the money is.

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  4. canadainmarkseh Member

    A good DIY guy could restore this for far less money then $60k. That’s the kind of numbers you pay when you hire the work out. There was a time when most guys in the hobby were DIY guys now it’s the other way around. And because restoration skills are in the hands of fewer and fewer people the costs of restoration have gone way up. One big problem too is to many people see these cars as an investment and they have no passion for just having and enjoying there cars. Now a days all we have are a bunch of computer geeks that don’t know a wrench from a screw driver. I’ve been a licences mechanic since 1985 and I can tell you with a fair bit of certainty that there are very few modern day mechanics that really know these older systems. They don’t know about points or distributors or carbs or drum brakes. Again this is why it cost so much for a restoration. The guys with the knowledge are fewer with every passing year. JMHO.

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    • LARRY

      Case in point…fellow walked into a parts chain store a few days ago and needed a 6 volt coil and a set of points for an old project vehicle and out of all the employees in the store (5 including manager) no one had a clue! I happen to work part time at the store and new what he needed..he came back while I was there and got parts. My point is that just as you said..most of us here can build carburetors set points by eyeballing etc AND work on newer models too…some people just cannot

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  5. Troy s

    Even years ago when this was a very cheap car guys would spent all kinds of money making it an awesome street machine. Way more than they could sell it for. Engine, maybe a swap, wheels tires, suspension, transmission work, gears, custom paint and interior mods, stereo system, broken parts, ….speeding tickets…it was all for having the killer ride, not for investment purposes. Them were the days.
    Plain Jane blue Camaro right down to the wheels. There was one similar to this a week ago here. It just lacks spunk, or something like that.

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  6. Jwinters

    why does the ebay link take me to cragslist?

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  7. Bingo

    Flipper it’s dry and dirty good resto candidate at 8-10k dependent on powertrain condition.

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  8. sparkster

    This Camaro is listed on Craigslist Las Vegas. They built a lot of Camaro’s back in 1967 & 68. So many to choose from in better shape. Most here know this is an $8000 Camaro

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  9. Tort Member

    With the color and the dog dish hubcaps this is one of the most plain jane camaros I have ever seen. Not a knock on the car but a fact at least in my eyes.

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    • bone

      Most were like this , just like first generation Mustangs , its just now 99% of the surviving Camaros have turned into SS clones

  10. JoeNYWF64

    Odd there’s no outside mirrors – both stolen? lol
    & no fan shroud either.
    Also 1 pic shows no power steering belt – another does.
    Looks like a disc brake master cylinder. Since there’s no booster, i wonder if even more pedal pressure is required than if it had 4 wheel manual drums. I would sooner have gotten power discs than a factory radio.
    I didn’t realize even small blocks got the silly rigid 6 cyl 4 blade fan.
    Always scared me how close that fan is to the radiator on a 6 cyl. lol
    So did all domestic factory hose clamps scare me back then, especially on mopars – how can they hold a hose under pressure!?
    Heater core has been bypassed.

    • JoeNYWF64

      Disregard what i said about the ps belt – it’s there in all pics – i must have confused the car with some other 1.

  11. Paul

    Car looks to be really solid (rockers and floors look perfect) well worth $16,000 in my opinion with the matching # engine. Very hard to find 52 year old car this solid with a well sought after desirable body style for that kind of money.

  12. TimM

    Car seems to. E pretty stock and pretty solid!! Sometimes it’s better to get them this way then someone else’s idea of what’s cool!!!

  13. Keith

    Go to craigslist add and enlarge the photo of the rocker panel . Very thick bondo showing in that photo.

  14. Jim

    A couple things caught my eye and made me look further.
    The left front control arm bushing has been replaced. Using a HAMMER.
    The heater core leaks and has been bypassed. No reason for this. It HAS to one of the easiest heater cores to replace EVER.
    I’m betting that the rear window also leaks, hence the removed body plug in the trunk and the water line on the rear seatback
    When the battery was replaced they didn’t bother to replace the rear bolt on the core support brace and the front bolt was never tightened..
    It seems that the seller is a bit of a stranger to the truth.
    Here are a couple examples of what I mean.
    Yet, the right front fender has been replaced and resprayed, The hood doesn’t line up correctly on the RH side. Probably a result of whatever happened that the fender needed replacement.The right rear quarter has a ding in it, you can see the body filler in the photo of the rocker panel and on the rear valance below the bumper.
    See above. neither straight OR original.
    Too bad the seller isn’t as “honest” as the car.
    and, finally, he doesn’t even know WHAT he is selling.

    No telling what else I could find if I could actually SEE the car.
    Again, somebody is gonna be mighty pi$$ed when they purchase this car for (right now) over 10K based on it really being a survivor.

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  15. Keith

    Jim , I agree with 100% .If a seller has to defraud a buyer just to sell his car then he should be removed by the listing site . Ask Jerry Seinfeld what happens when you defraud a buyer ! Jerry has to pay millions to a buyer for fraud and counterfeit of a Porsche he sold. Gentleman in Michigan paying millions for a counterfeit 1969 copo camaro sold 2 years ago at barrett Jackson. You can build a car any way you want it ,enjoy it ,have fun with it , but when you misrepresent that car and sell it under false or fraud representation you have committed a crime . Be honest it’s the best policy .

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  16. Paul

    I do know these cars well from owning them for many years…And I would say that this is a fairly solid and mostly original sheet metal car….I totally agree that the front fender has been replaced that’s evident with the black primer under paint. And there appears to be some dents here and there that have seen some bondo…however the trunk pan looks original and clean and on these cars if the trunk pan is original and clean the car IS NOT a rust bucket….the trunk pan is what separates the good from the not so good original sheet metals first generation Camaro’s…..and as far as heater core….Southern California cars don’t really need heaters as much as most other areas in the country. So I can even understand why it’s not repaired even though like Jim said “it is the easiest heater core to replace” he is spot on!

  17. Paul

    Also I may be wrong but that does not look like bondo in rockers, what I see is the factory spot welds with what only appear to be water mark line stains under them. (At least that’s how it looks on my I-pad)

    • Keith

      Paul your first line is true ….you are wrong . What you are calling spot weld are bondo sags that have been shaved off ….no spot welds in that location . The stain you see is bondo line. But did you notice the blue paint over top the road and tar debris? Looks like Earl scheib $ 99.00 paint special from back in the day .

      • Paul

        Could very well be bondo….although It may not be filled from rust, maybe dented and filled I only say this because other areas of this car that would normally rust before rockers on this model seem to be very rust free and solid also undercarriage bolts are original and fairly clean….I would say this is a solid car and would agree with you on being one of Earl’s special economy paint jobs!

  18. Navi318

    This bad boy is a good candidate for an original resto, custome resto, race resto or whatever. Aftermarket Parts for this car are readily available. New floor pans, quarters, fenders, hooks, etc.. I’d negotiate the price of course, but this one’s not that bad.

  19. Miguel

    That engine looks really small to me in there.

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