Blank Canvas: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Project

This 1963 Corvette is a project car that is essentially a blank canvas for the new owner. It is currently completely dismantled, and the seller is very clear about the fact that what you see is what you get. You will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and is being offered for sale with a clear title. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $19,600.

From what we can see in the photos, the Corvette looks like it is essentially quite solid. The frame looks good, and even the birdcage looks like it is fairly solid. There is a second one included as part of the sale, although it looks like it will need to be cleaned up. There are some faults in the fiberglass, as you can see from this shot. There are also some additional body components included, including a complete front, and a full set of new window seals.

The interior trim is all absent. All that appears to be present is the wiring loom, along with the dash and the gauges. It is hard to tell whether the doors have door trims, but I think that it would be safe to say that you will be starting from scratch with the interior trim.

This is where this Corvette truly is a blank canvas. The car comes with no engine or transmission, so the new owner has the opportunity to build this Corvette to whatever specifications they choose. As far as mechanical components are concerned, the new owner will get a front and rear end, but that’s about it.

This Corvette is not a project for everyone. While there are quite a few parts and extras included in the sale, there is going to be a lot of work involved before the car fires a shot in anger. Some people will look at it and their eyes will light up with the possibilities for this one, while others will look at it and know that it is a project beyond what they would be willing to take on. Which camp would you fall into?

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  1. mainlymuscle

    Splitties are hot right now, even as the rest of the mid-years have cooled off.
    That said,$20k is plenty for what is left here.No way you get this car on the road for less than another 100 large.

  2. 433jeff

    My camp would be to……oops im already over budget, forget the lt1 and the 4 speed.

  3. ruxvette

    P.T. Barnum said it best. This thing will go for close to $25 and it will take an easy $100k + to finish.

  4. jw454

    I can’t say about the right side but, in that first picture it looks like the left side deck was a good place to paint that Chevrolet water pump. LOL

  5. Classic Steel

    Hmm missing

    Vin numbers separate from vette
    Heater assemblies
    Vacuum for headlights
    Paint 🎨
    Wheels (proper)
    Steeeing wheel
    Door hardware

    22k and climbing

    I guess one could by a 63 very and strip it down to bones
    Retro fit a new fuel injection late engine
    Modern high backs
    Go digital dash and keyless start
    With new steering assembly

    Either way your crossing 65 grand do it yourself with paint

    Or hire it and break a 100 grand

    Or that retro

    • DavidL

      Looking at the list of missing parts this looks like it was a donor car for another project or it was just parted out before the split windows became so popular. I find it interesting that these were produced for only one year before being redesigned due to complaints of poor rear visibility.

    • TriPowerVette

      @Classic Steel – Pretty comprehensive list. You undoubtedly meant ‘electrics’ for headlights. Great comment.

    • rustyvet

      headlight buckets are a one year only part for 1963. The buckets were wrapped in fiberglass and are difficult to find. $$$

  6. Alain Rivas


    The illusion of saving money with this project is simply the inability to face the fact that you will spend more money in the long run,

  7. ben dobreuenaski

    Mucho junko=parts car. If you want to restore this you need a big bank account.

  8. BigDan

    Well 1963 Corvettes split window are something special and can be a great investment grade car to consider, but for me and like the others have said it’s too much of a restoration project/ investment.

  9. Don Sicura

    Being fresh out of my own C2 resto, I would have to say that this car would put you upside down at about the 50K mark, yes it is a split window, but otherwise it is nothing special, when you realise that every nut & bolt, and every piece of trim will need to be either refurbished or replaced, not even counting the cost of the entire interior, you are already getting close to 50K when you include the price of the car at 20K, and the body panels are trash with an aftermarket front on it, also remember that just about everything on this car is 1963 ONLY, yes other year parts will fit, but then the car loses all of its collector value, I’d pass on this one.

  10. Carla Hernandez Member

    I’m, well, already I’ve paused trying to express my disbelief at the bid. However, we love cars and its hard to pass up a deal…

    I did a frame-off with a substantial upgrades to a 78 vette that was a sentimental build. And I did a frame-off to a 64 fully-optioned vert 365hp with the Winters intake…the car looked like it had been found by Shelby Stangle on one of his swamp runs. Took months but ended well.

  11. LAB3

    Everyone has mentioned restroration, how about resto-mod? Seems like the perfect candidate for that sort of project! At $27,600 with about a day left you won’t see it in my garage but someone with a non traditional idea for this car might be getting exactly what they need.

  12. Matt steele

    You would have to want one pretty bad ..I’d think you could buy a better one & be money ahead…or less money in the whole at favorite car of all time..if I had the money and I dont…I’d pass

  13. Matt steele


  14. Gaspumpchas

    $old for 30, 601. Somebody wanted this one badly. Good luck to the new owner.



  15. billbytnar

    People is watching too much gas monkey with Richard Rawlings and he’s crazy prices this car ended up selling for over $30,000

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