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Blank Canvas: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

First Generation Mustang project cars will always attract plenty of interest, and this 1967 Fastback is no exception. There are currently 98 people watching the listing, so you have to wonder whether one of them will hit the button and take it home. It is a blank canvas, which means that the buyer can have free reign to build the classic of their dreams. Located in Aragon, Georgia, you will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $19,950, although nothing is stopping you from making an offer if you would really like to own this one.

The Mustang rolled off the production line wearing Lime Gold paint, and most of this is still present. It is heavily baked, and the car will almost certainly need to be media-blasted before a repaint is contemplated. There is also a significant amount of surface corrosion visible, but little in the way of penetrating rust. The owner says that the frame rails and torque box region are in good condition. He also says that the front floors have some holes, but that he believes that these could be salvaged with patches rather than wholesale steel replacement. There is rust in the rear quarter panels, but once again, this doesn’t appear to be extensive. The rockers, shock towers, and the battery tray all wear surface corrosion, but there is no visible rust. The majority of the trim and chrome is missing, so replacements will need to be sourced. The glass is all present and useable, although it might need professionally polishing or possible replacement if a high-quality finish is the final goal.

The Mustang was originally equipped with a 289ci V8, a C4 automatic transmission, along with power steering and power brakes. The original engine is still present, although there is a 3-speed manual transmission included in place of the original automatic. This combination would have made the Mustang a comfortable and relaxed cruiser, and that might be the aim of the next owner. It isn’t clear whether the 289 turns freely, but it will almost certainly need to be pulled if the engine bay is to be detailed to a spotless level. That could allow the opportunity to treat the engine to a refresh, or the buyer might decide to slot something else in its place. That is one thing that makes a 1st Generation Mustang such an attractive proposition as a project car. It seems that engine choices are virtually limitless, and leaves the option available to consider tackling this as a restomod project. A modern drivetrain under this car could potentially give the owner the best of both worlds. It would still retain the Mustang’s classic charm but would allow the vehicle to be a smooth and trouble-free daily driver.

The Mustang’s interior hasn’t escaped the ravages of time and will need a lot of work to return it to its former glory. Apart from the tilt column being absent, everything else appears to be present. A complete interior trim kit would seem to be the most straightforward answer if the faithful restoration is being sought. However, there is also the option to consider custom trim alternatives, including the possibility of leather upholstery. This could be the opportunity for a buyer to let their creative juices flow, and the result could potentially be an interior that reflects their personal tastes and desires. The possibilities would only be limited by their imagination.

We see plenty of Mustang project cars here at Barn Finds, and their condition tends to range from the good to the bad and then to the downright ugly. This one looks like it could be a good one, and there is the potential for someone to create something truly eye-catching. I have never shied from the fact that I am a sucker for faithful restorations. However, that doesn’t mean that I would be opposed to a custom or restomod pathway for this car. This Mustang would seem to offer someone a great opportunity to build the classic of their dreams. Is it an opportunity that you would be willing to grab?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Not for that kind of money. High end on that one would be $4.000. Pretty much junk.

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    • Josh

      Can you show me one for 4K? Unless you live in the 80’s
      That ain’t happening

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  2. Classic Steel

    These fastback Stangs are same as mopar pricing except the replacement parts are cheap on aftermarket parts.

    Someone will pay 12-15 grand for it….

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  3. Poppapork

    Barnfinds idk why you even bother promoting this kind of $20k my ass degeneracy here

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    • robert semrad

      Porkie, if you don’t like it, move on to the next ad… one’s begging you to throw your negative opinion in on something you don’t care about… you are dismissed….please….leave.

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      • Poppapork

        Dickie, its not that i don’t like this project i have a problem with people asking 20grand for a junkyard shell with not a single good body panel. If you look at the thumbs up i got im not alone.

        Ps. You’re in no position to dismiss me or anybody else here. And last piece of advice is if uou can’t handle comments don’t read them.

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  4. gaspumpchas

    The seller seems to be upfront with the written description but does himself no favors by the way he presents it. Seems to be in the business–how bout a good straight hood, clean it up, remove the junk in the interior and put some friggin air in the tyres? If this is the way he sells cars or restorations, run Forrest, Run. If you think you might be interested, go look at it in person and make an offer. The old way of doing business is still the best, hands on and in person. Curious why he didnt chooose to do this one himself. Stay safe and good luck!

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  5. Troy s

    Not brand loyal but I have a weakness for old Fords, since I was in jr. High. However, a junk yard special like this is just that and although a talented mechanic/builder of sorts could turn this blank canvas into any number of things-restored original, restomod’, tribute car, street freak, or just a fastback with cool wheels and rumblesome exhaust,,, nearly twenty thousand bucks for start up money is sort of crazy. Or buy the 455 powered LaMans featured elsewhere for under eight grand and its Mustangs for dinner.
    This, hypothetically in my eyes, would be dark blue/black interior looking and sounding an awful lot like the one from the movie “Hard driver” aka “The last American hero” that Jeff Bridges ran moonshine with. It won’t, however.

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    • robert semrad

      Maybe the seller’s thinking about Detective Frank Bullet to squeeze more dinero out of her.

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  6. Don

    I would love to see the marti report. The GT gas cap, power disk brakes, deluxe interior, etc. has me believing it may be a factory A code GT with deluxe interior. A Well optioned car. 15K would be about tops still in that condition. Georgia humidity and rust would be a major concern.

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    • robert semrad

      Agree…. there more to this sweetie that is under the makeup.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      The seller is way into Mustangs – if it was something special or worth his time he would build it. Just my 2 cent opinion.

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      • robert semrad

        Maybe…maybe not…you’re just speculating, nothing factual. You don’t have all the facts that he does. Why bother?

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  7. Joe Machado

    Mustang graveyard with pictures teasing you to ask about others in the background.
    Never wanted one. Hauled a few Eleanors

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  8. Stangalang

    Seller is asking waaaaay too much for this. But say what you want at least its not in a crusher.

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    • robert semrad

      A smart seller will usually ask high, sell lower, so the seller is doing what common sense dictates….cars with new car dealerss are priced so as the dealer can come down to make a sale….common sense.

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  9. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I have to agree with the previous comments; way too much money for a car that needs everything. I’ll bet for $20 large you could find a better one to restore.

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    • robert semrad

      I’ll agree the price is a bit high, but, I’d have to disagree that it needs everything. Besides….Mustangs are one of the easiest cars to restore and every part, nut, and blot is readily available, as well as cheap.

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      • gaspumpchas

        Robert- one of the easiest cars to restore? Not sure where you live; I’m in the heart of the rust belt here in new yawk where the rustangs are abundant. Have done some relatively minor restos and even they are a bear. These cars rust everywhere, especially where its not easily visible. have seen some great metal artists do some amazing work. When someone says they are easy to restore, I laugh. Time and materials, if you have to pay someone to do the work, gets up there quickly. And parts are readily available, but we recently lost the parts house That I used to use, Mustangs unlimited in Conn. Was a great place to do business with, now we have one less. Just my $.02 worth . All good commentary here. Stay safe and good luck.

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  10. robert semrad

    Porkie, brainstormed, and came up with this jewel…”with not a single good body panel.”

    Yet, in the ad itself, it states in very good English….”There is also a significant amount of surface corrosion visible, but little in the way of penetrating rust. The owner says that the frame rails and torque box region are in good condition. He also says that the front floors have some holes, but that he believes that these could be salvaged with patches rather than wholesale steel replacement. There is rust in the rear quarter panels, but once again, this doesn’t appear to be extensive. The rockers, shock towers, and the battery tray all wear surface corrosion, but there is no visible rust. ”

    Porkie, you need to please read the ads, and admit when you’re wrong, when it’s obvious…now, go tell your family to give you more thumbs up. Now….please….you are dismissed again… that’s strike two…..

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    • Barry

      I’ve got some waterfront property I’ll sell too… appears you’ll believe anything in an ad.

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      • robert semrad

        Barry….read what I said….I didn’t say I believed it….I said that is what the ad actually, literally said. The person I was addressing had apparently overlooked that part, and I pointed it out to him. People, maybe not just on this site, but I will include them, have too many people who are thin skinned, and can’t tolerate themselves being corrected or contradicted, especially when they are wrong.
        I suggest everyone on this site slow down and read what is said, not what you want to be said, or what you can infer. Thanks

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    • Barry

      You seem to be the main one here “thin skinned” since almost everyone agrees that this car is way over priced but you “can’t tolerate being corrected or contradicted” when you are wrong. Yes, I used your own words since they apply here. I honestly could care less but you just keep making a point like everyone else is wrong and this must be a good deal, then go buy it.

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      • robert semrad

        Barry, I said, “I’ll agree the price is a bit high, ”

        Barry said…..”almost everyone agrees that this car is way over priced but you ”

        Are you ok? Why are you so up set over virtually nothing?
        Grab another cool one,,,it’ll be ok.

  11. Larry McGaw

    Saw this 1968 Ford Mustang on’s iPad app

    For $12,500 CDN (that’s about $9,500 US) you can have this one that is similarly equipped and was subject to a full restoration five years ago.

    Wait! Why am I telling everybody this? I should be snapping this beauty up for myself.

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    • robert semrad

      That’s a great deal…. wowzer….

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    • Phlathead Phil

      It be gone. Looks like you din’t ‘snap’ quick enough?

      I once lost a complete ‘30 Model A coupe for $50.00 because I did not have that kinda cash in my pocket and told the man I’d be right back (having to run home six blocks away.)

      When I got back, 15 minutes later, some dude was loading it. That was 1974.

      I asked him why he sold it out from under my feet.

      He said, “First one with cash gets my stash.”

      As a young man I learned a valuable lesson.

      Never go looking for a car without the cash!

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  12. mainlymuscle

    I have left a message with the seller of that Gulfstream aqua car in Winnepeg.I am 100 % certain its a scam.”if it sounds too good to be true,it is “.It costs nothing to find out.Meanwhile back to reality,ANY FASTBACK Mustang starts at $10k and more likely 15.I know some of the people who Joe has hauled Eleanors for,and I sold mine last year.They start at $125k and go up to 250 with whizzy powertrains.Dynacorn bodies are NOT what you think they are,and have no VIN.Like it or not,this hulk is not overpriced,other than the usual wiggling room.

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  13. Steve

    Geez guys, what happened to the “no profanity, politics or personal attacks” rules???
    There’s enough crap going on in the country without us car guys, (who, by the way, are some of the best people I’ve ever met) getting ourselves all bent out of shape over someone’s comments or opinions.
    Peace, brothers!

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  14. Johnny

    Would I pay $19,500 for this rust bucket or $13,000 for a very nice 1970 Monte Carlo. I,d take the Monte Carol anyday . I wouldn,t waste my money or long hours working on this over priced car.When you can look around and find one in better shape and still drive it. This mustang needs alot of work and money put into it.The price is outrageous too.

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  15. Kh4fan

    Unfortunately excessive greed has engulfed this hobby. Never thought I would see the day when the average working stiff couldn’t afford a muscle car. I must be getting old faster than I thought.

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  16. Chris Hanley

    Thank you Robert Semirad for showing us all the error in our ways.

    Its only talk of cars.

    • robert semrad

      You’re welcomed, Chris… helping people see how wrong they are at times talking only about cars, makes them realize they need to slow down and think before they comment….you’re absolutely correct.

  17. mainlymuscle

    Follow up to the car in the Winnipeg Autotrader ; total scam.
    Emailed back and forth ,with the seller never providing a phone number,and ever so politely insisting on delivering the car,as opposed to my guy picking it up.The minute I said “okay,just give me the address, so my local friend can go and check the numbers,the emails ceased.The car shown was a thirty thousand dollar easily,a little more with patience.

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  18. Phlathead Phil 🚗🇺🇸

    Once upon a time in the land of car projects, a young eligible “Bachelor” spied a “Project” in an adjacent ‘Kingdom.”

    He inquired about the subject with the feudal Lord who stated ‘She’ could be purchased by paying a ‘dowry.’

    The man agreed to commence the ‘transaction’ and the two were “Married.”

    After the young man spent a ‘fortnight’ with his new “Bride” he returned to the Vassal Lord and wanted his $$$ back complaining he THOUGHT he was getting a mountain of gold, not a pile of rust and mold.

    The Lord replied: Caveat Emptor!

    “Let the Buyer Beware.”

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  19. Jonny

    Wayyy too much $$$. $12k I think. But I know the seller, Harry of HB.. good people but the prices are getting stupid now imo

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