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Blazer in a Barn: 1972 Chevrolet Blazer

With the Chevrolet Blazer nameplate returning as a crossover SUV, there is only one way to get your hands on a Blazer with body-on-frame construction, and that’s buying one of the older models. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jamie, you can check out this first-generation 1972 K5 Blazer here on eBay with no reserve.

This Blazer is available in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, with the seller describing the truck as a great starter project that needs restoration. Unfortunately, the advertisement lacks details and photos, especially in crucial areas such as the interior and undercarriage.

Rust issues are present throughout the truck, but the seller claims the window frame, firewall, and frame are mostly unaffected by it. Additionally, the glass and top are both in good shape.

Under the hood, there’s a 350 cu.-in. V8 engine that pairs to an automatic transmission and a 4-wheel-drive system. The combination has driven 83,610 miles. This truck also has a 12-bolt rear differential and front disc brakes. Judging from the provided photos, this powerplant will need a good bit of elbow grease to fire up again.

At the time of writing this article, bidding is at just $810. Do you think you would pull this project Blazer out of the barn it is currently resting in, or does the lack of details scare you away?


  1. NotSure

    Potential buyers should really go over this before parting with cash. Probably the odometer has rolled at least once and perhaps more than once. Last year for this body style?

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  2. local_sheriff

    Yup NotSure, last year for 1st gen Blazers.Introduced in 69 they were only made for 4 years.
    I just hate it when people talk of a K5 as an SUV! OK I know it would fit into that category by today’s standards, but the K5 came onto the market decades proir to that term being invented.
    Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Daihatsu Credios(?) are vehicles that come to mind when I hear the term SUV – plastic cluttered vehicles ‘supposed’ to look like a terrain vehicle, but probably will need a front end alignment after a trip off road!
    The K5 on the other hand is a rugged, truck-based vehicle that happens to carry 5 adults(if 1st owner remembered to check the box for the auxhilary seats!) and can sure take a beating and be repaired by most DIYs.
    This one seems to have rust in the common places,but seems somehow doable. Probably would be more suitable for turning into a weekend crawler/mud monster when finish isn’t the priority, rather than some high $ restoration. It’s stated in the ad that it’s an auto, but on the only interior shot there seems to be a clutch pedal there and no shift indicator. As no transmission option is stated on the spid label it probably has the standard low-performance 3spd Muncie.
    Attached is the sticker on my 71 Blazer’s tailgate to remind everyone that my K5 is NOT an SUV!

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    • markp

      Before the SUV designation weren’t these referred to as “Carry All’s”?

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    • Michael

      @local_sheriff . The term/acronym “SUV” was used in the 60’s by Jeep for the Wagoneers.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Our brand new ’72 four wheel drive rig we bought to tow our race car had the right door rust through on the bottom 8 months after we bought it. Before it was all over we had everything off the frame except the cab chasing down the inside bare metal that was prevalent everywhere. After all that, even if it drove like a truck, it turned out to be a fun, dependable vehicle. Of course that 4 barrel, 350 did help that sensation.

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  4. whmracer99

    I need to find the guy that paid $200k for the one at Barrett-Jackson and see if he wants another one.

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    • local_sheriff

      Maybe that’d be a good idea – at 200k it’d be completely senseless to use a K5 for it’s intended usage which IMO is running over dunes or through bogs and just fun summer driving!

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  5. mainlymuscle

    Now at $2750 ,which is about halfway there.The $200k was an anomaly for a fantastic unit,but these bring 6 figures if well done.They are easy to build with parts ‘o plenty.They are also fun,and very nice to drive.I have a fully loaded driver,and 2 more projects in waiting.Love first gen Blazers and even more so Jimmys.

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  6. rojo

    Again ole RJ one ups everyone. I have a 1990 Full size blazer bought new and this 1970 K5 I bought in 1974. Find me one like this one. Three on the tree. Four wheel drive. No frills. Stock from the factory. Absolutely no rust but than again I put 225,000 miles on it. On accessory is a radio that I put in. No fabric, leather or whatever in the interior. Came like this from the factory. Bought from a friends estate who died with his girl friend sleeping in it. Turned on the wrong type of lantern. Sad. Like I said BARN FINE if it was made I got it somewhere’s.

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  7. Karl

    These vehicles were extremely prone to rust if it was not corrected right away obviously this one is pretty extreme! To my way of thinking every panel would be replaced all new floors through the trans and transfer case would be overhauled then the interior completely replaced including dash. Then we get to the engine, it’s open at the intake so the best you might get is just a complete overhaul needed, glass replace as needed then body fitting body work and paint. ALL THIS only after a very careful frame inspection! I wish my best to who gets it but I would run like the wind, all I see is a money pit!

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    • Dee

      Really,…..sounds like a want a be expert that is afraid to get his hands dirty. Your so wrong, I will leave it at that. At this price, it’s worth every bit of the asking price. Try to find one.

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  8. JP

    A real rustbucket!

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    I spent a lot of time in that area,my uncle had a farm there,its under water now.I still have a few relatives there but havent visited in quite awhile, I watched Aitch go under water.
    .Blazers are in demand here in NJ.

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