BMW Dealer Trade: His & Her’s Pacers

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a pair of AMC Pacers sitting in the staging area of a BMW dealership. If you notice the signs in the background, this red 1976 AMC Pacer here on eBay ended up at a BMW dealer in Texas. It also came in with a second car, seemingly a pair of Pacers for the couple that does everything together. Both examples have relatively low mileage and remain in great survivor condition.

The Firecracker red paint of the first car certainly got my attention, but so did the excellent interior. However, be warned – it doesn’t hold a candle to the cockpit of the second car. The red car is an automatic with just over 60,000 miles, but the dealer doesn’t let on as to whether it’s been restored or simply preserved. I can’t imagine a scenario where the previous owner felt like a dealer would give them a better price on a classic car than the collector market, other than if the owner passed away and the heirs decided to cash in on a late-model German luxury sedan.

Still, they could have done better having a little patience and selling the Pacers privately. The second car, a “Sand Tan with Dark Cocoa Metallic Bottom and 2 tone Brown Navajo Design interior” here on eBay  has even lower mileage with just over 40K on the clock. The polished hubcaps and chrome bumpers look great, and the paint looks just as good (if not slightly better) than the red car. The AAA sticker on the rear bumper is a nice touch, seemingly indicative of a honest car that hasn’t been messed with.

As someone who studies the BMW brand fairly carefully, I can tell you none of their current interior offerings have anything on this Pacer. We need more cars to come with custom center inserts like these. The selling dealer says both of these cars come from a “private collection,” but whether that’s the one belonging to the dealer’s owner or an older Texas couple now tooling around in a new 7-Series is left unsaid. The red Pacer has a $6,837 Buy-It-Now while the tan car is listed for $7,685; which one is the better deal?

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    • Bill

      Nice Car!

  1. mark

    A couple of years ago I stopped for a cup of coffee at a convenience store on the way to work. The store happened to be across the street from a mid size university. One young man was in line in front of me. He reached in his pocket, pulled out a large handful of change and told the clerk that he wanted that amount of gas on pump #6. I looked out the window when he left and noticed that he was driving a 76 AMC Pacer. The definition of a poor college student. LOL

  2. JDJonesDR

    And the Red one (My fav) is gone already.

  3. Gunner

    That is a sweet 442 Brian! My favorite year, color, and number of petals!

  4. Mike

    Why does the red one have a 100 mph speedometer, and the beige on a 90 mph speedometer? They’re both the same year with the same drivetrain…

  5. Don H

    Hi mark that was funny ,almost as funny as a man stopping at a convenience store for coffee on his way to work

  6. Moparman Member

    Texas and California plates would indicate a long distance relationship for the same couple! LOL!! :-) BTW; The red one is missing the rear wiper, and the higher trimmed beige car doesn’t have one.

  7. Mitch Ross Member

    REd one was a steal and could have brought a bunch more. The tan one is a great deal tooa nd will sell fast I’m sure. Pacers and Gremlins are hot (at least for AMCs)

  8. Lew

    Party on, Wayne….

  9. Dan

    I think there may have been some parts mixing and matching on the red car. It looks to have been reupholstered, and the dash looks to be from a pacer “x”, which would explain the 100 mph speedo. The lack of other trim on the car (side moldings, dl labels, etc.) makes me think it was a base model. Tan one is a nice car! Of course, I just had tires put on mine today, so I am a little biased. :)

    • PaulieB

      are they bias-ply tires??

      • Dan

        Steel belted.

      • Mike H. Mike H

        I saw what you did there. Funny.

    • Dave

      I love this picture because we can see that you had the torque wrench out to torque your wheel lugs yourself after your tire replacement. Shows you care about and love your car enough to do it yourself to be sure it was done right. Your car is in great condition! Thanks for sharing your photo.

  10. glenn

    if i had the money i would buy both one for me and one for my sweety husband

  11. chad

    I’m lookin 4 the wagon…

  12. HeadMaster1

    I’m with Chad (not in a gay way), in the I’m holding out for a wagon..I’d love an Orange wagon with the wood on the bottom…..then I’m going to get that guy to stuff a cad 500″ in it

  13. MikeH

    They’re both gone–and I’m glad. I was really tempted by the tan one and I’m only a few miles from the dealer. The automatic is a turn off though.

  14. David J David J

    Great find, Jeff! Two Pacers in good shape, at the same time and place is somewhat miraculous. I doubt this feat will ever be seen again.

    I’d go with the “Sand Tan” one, for sure. Super cool interior!

  15. Howard A Member

    Couple years back, I was in L.A. visiting my daughter, who works in the movie industry, and we went to a prop house ( one of many in L.A.) in Burbank, and way in the back of the lot, covered with junk, was a blue Pacer. I didn’t think of it at the time, but it very well could have been a prop for the Wayne’s World movie. They use many for shooting movies. Pacer’s were good ( not great) cars. I knew several people that drove them,( before the internet) and would have bought another, if they could have found another at the time. That movie did more for the Pacer, than ANY advertising could have. Like Lew sez, the new owners will assuredly get at least one “party on” per day.

  16. PaulbZ3

    I’m pretty sure the tan interior was marketed as the special “Whitey Tighty Skid Mark” Package…..

  17. Oil Slick


  18. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    “I can’t imagine a scenario where the previous owner felt like a dealer would give them a better price on a classic car than the collector market ” Sad story, my buddy traded his 63 SWC for a new compact Chevy to give to his daughter about five years ago. He told me he saved a ton on the taxes by the trade in. I do not recall the boot money he received, but he knew his Vettes and I am certain he did not trade it in at a discount to the dealer. Maybe the tax man works the same in Texas as Wisconsin.

  19. jackthemailman

    Jeff, this is the Grammar and Spelling Police. You have been cited for bad spelling; to wit: “her’s.” I’m letting you off with a warning this time. Just remember: if it’s a possessive, e.g., its or hers, there is NO apostrophe.

  20. Ryan

    I seen a red one in Berlin Wisconsin today. That’s the only reason this caught my eye !!! Couldn’t believe, and to see these on here, what a coinky dink !😅

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