Brand New? 1993 Dodge Ram 150

By David Wilk

Whenever an older vehicle comes up for sale with super low miles claimed by its seller, potential buyers will quite reasonably demand proof that the miles claimed really are as low as the seller says they are. The fewer the miles, the better the proof should be, it would seem.

There have been any number of seemingly low mileage cars and trucks on Barn Finds that our sharp eyed readers have called out and even found evidence in photos that the sellers might not exactly be right about the miles they are stating for what they have for sale.

Of course, a truly low mileage vehicle creates a valuation conundrum. If you want to preserve the high value of a low mileage car or truck, you can’t drive it very much. Every mile you put on it will lower its value. And any car or truck that has been driven very little over a long period of time is going to have maintenance and mechanical issues, unless it was stored professionally and given proper care and maintenance over the years.

Sellers of these low mileage vehicles often don’t seem to understand this problem, and asking prices are often unrealistic in the extreme. Maybe these cars and trucks simply belong in museums where they can be preserved as examples of the eras in which they were built, no matter how common or mundane they were when they were new.

Therefore it seems that trucks like this 1993 Dodge Ram 150 are just too challenging for most of us to deal with. This is a specially ordered 3/4 ton club cab truck equipped with a V-8, and interestingly a 4 speed transmission, along with air conditioning, a tape deck, and manual windows. The seller points out that this was the last year for real vent windows for Dodge trucks too.

This Dodge is for sale on eBay, out of Hayden, Idaho. The seller, who says he is the original owner, ordered it new, drove it home, and for some reason, simply never used it, preferring to drive his “beater” trucks instead.

This truck has apparently traveled only 70 miles in 23 years! The seller says there is still factory plastic covering much of the interior. The seller also states that there is no rust anywhere on the truck. This truck really does look like it has been sitting for 23 years, undriven.

As pictured, the truck seems to be sinking into the ground, and you have to wonder how long it’s been outside and how was it stored all these years. And why didn’t the seller at least vacuum out the car and clean up the exterior a bit too before putting it up for sale? There are bits of old newspaper all over the interior, and one side of the truck has experienced some fading from being out in the sun. Has this truck been sitting outside, immobile for 23 years? The seller says it runs, but what else can it do?

Are those water droplets on the seat? Why? So many questions here. If I was a potential buyer for this truck, I’d be on my way to Idaho to see the truck and meet the owner in person. I’d just want to have a first hand opportunity to evaluate both the truck and its owner before putting down any money for this Dodge.

There just seems no way to properly value a truck like this. Value guides are useless, as this is just a used truck for them. But even just guessing at value, the asking price of $19,000 seems pretty high, so I suppose buyers will just have to make offers while this truck is up for sale. I am sure many Barn Finds readers will have opinions about this truck. What do you think it’s worth? And what do you think will happen to this low mileage unusually equipped pick up truck?

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  1. rustylink

    meh – it would price out the same as a really low mileage truck that had say – 50K miles on it. It appears it sat for sometime – looks like a puddle of water sat in the drivers foot well (though the pedals show – that the mileage claim might be true). I;m guessing that finding someone to pay $19K for a truck that has sat for what appears to be years might be a challenge. You could buy yourself a 3/4 ton crew cab truck with a lot more going for it for that kind of money.

  2. Bdub

    “I am now in my late 70’s and I don’t need the the truck any more.”

    Sounds like he didn’t need the truck to start with.

  3. flot

    “I will have it picked up and delivered any where in the US for you free of charge.”

    Seller probably came up with $19K out of nowhere. Make an offer and, who knows, you may end up with a great deal.

  4. grant

    And after you replace every belt, hose and seal on the thing, you’ll have a really nice 23 year old truck for +/- 25k. Or, you could spend 20k less and have a “preowned” truck that you can actually use.

  5. Howard A Member

    Don’t ask me. Sure is a nice truck.

  6. Scott Tait

    Looks like the chassis has buckled or did the rub strips never line up ….the gap between the truck bed and cab looks suspect

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    Nice truck barring any mileage hoop-la. Agreeing with grant, all the rubber would need replaced. 19K ? Umm….no. 5K tops as a 2WD, and 7K tops if it were a 4WD. Figure in approx. 2K in parts and labor and you would have a decent hauler. My last Dodge truck was a ’73 Power Wagon…hard to kill it.

  8. joeinthousandoaks

    Just another example of an unrealistic asking price from an emotionally attached owner.

  9. Woodie Man

    It’s A Dodge! That’s how it survived a quarter century outdoors in Idaho without a scratch!

    I for one believe the guy. By now we all know the weird reality of people and their 4 wheel buddies.

    Whether its worth 19K is hard to figure. What other kind of pickmeup could you buy for 19K? Being really cheap I’d be looking for a pickmeup for say 4K…but thats me.

  10. Byron Spencer

    The 150 was a half ton.and sitting in Hayden Idaho,this is very suspicious.i lived in the area close by.way to much moisture to not be in worse your butt on this one.

  11. JoeT

    A D150 is a 1/2 ton truck not a 3/4 ton. D250 would be a 3/4 ton and D350 would be 1 ton. Dodge 4x4s were W150/W250/W350 and vans were B150 etc. Would be nice to know if it is a 318 or a 360 engine. I suspect 318 given the base configuration otherwise. Ad says the truck will be picked up and delivered anywhere in the US free of charge. That would normally be a red flag to me but given the asking price, I could see delivery being included. It’s still to high for me though.

    • Bill McCoskey

      JoeT – You are correct about 99% of the Dodge trucks being identified by the series numbers 150, 250, 350, etc. However Dodge did offer factory upgrades to cargo capacity.

      I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, normally considered a 3/4 ton truck. However it was ordered with the 1 ton suspension, steering, wheels & brakes, because it was equipped with a heavy utility body from new. This meant the truck, with a bed weighing at least 1/4 ton heavier than the regular bed, allowed for the 3/4 cargo capacity.

      My truck was ordered new by the General Services Agency [GSA]. They probably knew the 3/4 ton truck could be ordered equipped like this, cheaper than ordering a 1 ton truck.

      To know if this truck meets that situation, one would probably have to see the original window sticker, listing the equipment options. I would assume the owner still has the window sticker in a drawer somewhere!

  12. Mr. TKD

    No. Not at this price. If the price was right, I’d get it ready to drive — and DRIVE it. It will never be a particularly valuable vehicle beyond its ability to transport people and things from point a to point b.

  13. angliagt

    I’d be interested – IF it was here in town,
    where I could look it over,AND the price was cheap.
    This will need almost everything gone through.

  14. Flman

    Driver side triangle window has been leaking. Note the mold on the rubber and stain on the inside of the door under the window which can be seen in the photo with the door open. Also there looks like rust or something in the driver door jamb in between the upper and lower door hinges. And a dent in the top driver side front fender. At minimum this truck has been sitting out in the wet.

  15. Francisco

    Queen of the trailer park.

    • Joe

      Nail on the head. I know these types, they buy a new vehicle and they think they are the king of the trailer park. It’s a pickup truck, only uneducated people get all excited about a new pickup truck as a daily driver.

      Hey Floyd come look at mee new teeruhk. I got me a teeruhk.
      Let’s drink some beer and look at our teeruhks.

      • Howard A Member

        Rather than thumb down you like all the others, I prefer to say that’s a pretty brash statement for today’s world. While trailer parks do attract the lower levels of our society,( for whatever reason) I lived in one, and guess what, it wasn’t that bad. ( aside from those pesky tornadoes.)

      • Dave Wright

        Interesting thing is, when I lived in Hayden ( it was called Hayden lake then) there were more millionaires per capita there than any place in the country. There is a magnificent country club and huge estates around the lake were people like Bing Crosby lived. A million dollars was a lot of money in the mid 50’s.

      • Mike Kiser

        What is wrong with you … if you don’t have anything good to say don’t comment … Mike

      • Joe

        I’ve lived in trailer parks all my life. And not one of those fancy ones with vinyl sided trailers so I know the type.

        I’ve seen it before.

        Why would someone who lives in a trailer park need a truck?

        The mentality of people that buy pickup trucks is fairly universal.

      • grant

        That’s just uncalled for.

  16. Dan Farrell

    I have driven a Dodge 3/4 ton pickup of about that vintage when it was relatively new. The most remarkable thing about the one I drove was that it seemed to have no suspension at all when unloaded. The ride was literally so stiff it was painful.

  17. ROTAG999

    He don’t need it and either does most of the planet for 19K

  18. moparmark

    This truck has been listed several times on ebay over several years. There is visible rust showing under the driver’s kick plate, and I imagine in the bottom of both front doors. Not to mention what is underneath! The fact that it continues to be listed over and over again is proof that the asking price is out of line. I wonder if it would even roll after sitting unmoved on a lawn for the time it has been parked.

  19. newfieldscarnut

    This price would be close to realistic for a D250 with a Cummins Turbo Diesel with 70 miles . My 91 with a Cummins has over 700,000 miles on it and is indestructible .

    • XYZOL

      Great photo, newfieldscarnut 🙂

    • David Montanbeau

      My 94 with 168k. Cummins with 5 speed and 1-ton specks. Bought it new. Shown hauling a 1934 Dodge 2 ton tow truck with 40k.

  20. Rustytech

    Ok it looks like a nice truck. After sitting outdoors on grass, and with grass growing up through the bumper I’d want to see what’s underneath for sure. $19k really? Even with free shipping, It’s over priced by about $11k, and it’s ugly! Had an 86 regular cab 4×4, it was good looking and a great truck. This just leaves me flat.

  21. Steve

    Cummins swap! LOL

  22. Nova Scotian

    Just a beater truck now….wayyy over priced. Owner/ purchaser shoulda drove it into the ground, instead they planted it. Sad.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      “Planted it”

      Perfect description for a “Yard Find”.

      Great comment.

  23. XYZOL

    Things like that do happen. You buy a car because at one point you think you need it and then some things happen and it ends up parked and unused for years. I’m ready to believe it ’cause I’ve been through similar story myself. I bought a brand new Mitsubishi estate a few years ago, did a few trips here and there and then put it into a dry, heated garage where it stayed ever since. It’s ten years old now and has around 3000 miles on the clock. And since it doesn’t show any sign of wear whatsoever I wouldn’t sell it for an average craigslist price, I’d rather pass it to a family member. On the other hand, asking more than it was worth when new is also ridiculous. Half of sum on the invoice (inflation adjusted) plus a new timing belt and a set of high quality tyres seems reasonable though.

  24. Pete

    Ya’ll remember that Lambrecht auction with all those low mileage Chevy’s? I think this guy figures he has got some treasure after seeing what they auction brought. That or some knucklehead who tried to buy that truck at a reasonable price without success told him man that thing should bring close to 20K as new as it is and he bought it hook line and sinker. So now that guy is patiently waiting for the owner to croak so he can buy it from the widow for 5k. Yeah people really do that. Personally I would much rather have an M-880 in very good condition. Cammo paint and all.

  25. Leon

    hmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!! he could afford to buy a truck and just park it never to use it but he looks to live in an old trailer park. Why would someone keep a vehicle sitting for 23 yrs when he could have sold it long ago. for the asking price it should be better stored than just parked in the elements

    • Leon

      that paint only appears glossy because it’s wet the trim looks chalked and the outer edges of the windshield have started to cloud

    • scooter8

      ghetto lottery?

  26. Bob C.

    This truck is special in terms of being the last year of the vintage 1972 body style. 19 grand? No. Cmon, let’s hear it start, neo neo neo neo neo neo whirr! Vroom! (Yes, I borrowed that from a previous post of a 1974 monaco.) Barn finds are great!

  27. newfieldscarnut

    3 Cummins trucks all high mileage and perfect running . 103,000 , 198,000 and 700,000+ miles . Well used and well maintained .

  28. David Montanbeau

    Here is a 70 that sold for high 30k with 12.000 miles.

  29. David Montanbeau

    Sold this 92 4×4 Diesel for 10k with 145.000 miles. It will buff out.

  30. David Montanbeau

    2007 with 40k Love these Dodge trucks.

  31. Walter Joy

    Things that make me wonder: the steering wheel is the same as my 89 W250 yet I’ve seen others for 1993. I think they had cruise control though. And it should be a D250. Someone is going to buy it and use the cab for a Cummin Club Cab build.

  32. David Montanbeau

    Funny that trailer parks come up. Picked up this camper that a customer just bought. He lost his home because of a medical issue. 900.00 for the trailer, 150.00 to transport it. 300.00 per month for lot rent includes all utilities. He said that he will live here cheap while he builds his funds back up. You never know what life will bring. It can happen to you or me.


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