Bridal Bliss! Coachbuilt 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

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Some couples take their wedding ceremony quite seriously, planning for months to make sure everything goes just right.  Others drive down to the courthouse and say I do.  But back in 1994, a gentleman took things to a higher level than I can imagine when he summoned UK coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward to transform this 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II into the ultimate matrimony mobile.  Considering the amount of work performed and money spent, its asking price of 39,710 U.S. dollars doesn’t really seem that out of line, so if you’re ready to pop the question she’ll probably say yes if it’s in the back of this one.  The Rolls is still in the United Kingdom near Lancashire and can be viewed here on the Car And Classic site.

Kyle K., this was a good tip and we thank you for it!  We don’t get any information about the Rolls pre-1994, other than the transformation began in that year when the ’77 Silver Shadow II had accumulated 58,000 miles on its ticker.  The story goes that this wealthy gentleman had a vision of showcasing himself and his new bride being driven away extravagantly after their vows were exchanged, so plans were begun for this RR to fulfill that purpose.

We don’t get any before photos, but the car underwent an extensive renovation and was rebuilt to the owner’s specifications, with a no-expense-spared budget and very high-quality standards.  All the glass was taken out and the body was stripped down to the bare metal, followed by numerous panels replaced with new components.  A new paint job followed at a cost of over $14,000, and when all was said and done a total of nearly 70k U.S. dollars had been invested, and that was in 1994 currency!

When you invest that kind of cash, it’s important to make sure you and your lady can be clearly seen leaving the venue, so a domed rear window was added.  There’s also a transparent roof, ensuring your new bride can be admired from all angles by those in attendance.  But you also want her to be comfortable once she’s in there, so let’s take a look inside.

The Rolls is equipped with magnolia hide and ivory carpeting throughout the interior, with a custom-crafted kidney-shaped rear seat for the fortunate couple to relax in.  The front passenger chair was removed, creating room for the bride’s wedding train to occupy that space.  We don’t get any updates on whether or not the marriage was a success, but we do find out the car belongs to the lady who sat back there 29 years ago and has only traveled an additional 2,000 miles during the last nearly three decades.  The seller suggests this would make a great centerpiece for a wedding fleet, but that’s sort of a limited market.  What would you do with this custom Rolls Royce?

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  1. Scotty GilbertsonStaff

    Nice one, Mike! (and, nice find, Kyle!)

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    • Colin Jackson

      Most of what has been written about this particular Rolls Royce is incorrect. I myself did all the work on the interior of this car for a friend of mine. He was indeed wealthy. I also advised him on the conversion which took place in London by Vantagefield, who also converted his Range Rover. I have a photograph of him waving to me from the car at the said wedding. 3rd August 1985.
      Regards, Colin Jackson

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  2. Tbone

    This falls into the more money than common sense category

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  3. Steveo

    A lot of money was spent to get an expansive view of the rear parcel tray.
    I don’t see where this does much of anything to improve the view of the passengers except maybe from above.

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  4. ACB

    Maybe it’s for brides with really big hair.

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  5. Maggy

    .Not my cup of tea old chaps, but might be for someone else.You’ll get a lot of stares that’s for sure. Wonder if he’s still married to her?

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    • Colin Jackson

      No he isn’t.

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  6. CCFisher

    Wouldn’t it have been more effective (and probably less expensive) to have a Plexiglas roof fabricated for a Corniche?

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  7. OldCarGuy

    Do we really care? I would think that hardly any one of us travels in those circles, and who want their head to suffer sunburn? Would we all have to get together to practice the royal wave?

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  8. Steve


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    • TheOldRanger

      I agree…. why?? I liked the looks from the front, but then the side view ruined it…. oh well, he must have had a good reason and plenty of money to do it.

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  9. Tom

    Sorry folks, but I can’t help myself; I say tub it out and throw in an LS6. You’re sure to draw an even bigger crowd at the local cars and coffee!

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  10. Rodney - GSM

    A Popemobile for “Non-Popes”…

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    I can see it making money for weddings. $300 an hour rental, 2 hour minimum?
    They are kind of a mechanical money pit, so the proverbial “Put an LS in it” might be the right thing to do. Insurance would be high I’m sure. Beautiful car.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember


      Not only have I owned about 30 Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles, and ran my own antique car restoration & service shop, I also owned the largest vintage Rolls-Royce style limousine service on the east coast of the USA, located between 2 large cities [Washington DC & Baltimore].

      If you are already wealthy and can afford to own a “boutique company” that will likely never make a profit, and you don’t worry about rarely having a weekend off, then by all means DO buy a car like this one and start your own wedding limo service.

      But don’t expect a car like this to be in demand for other types of limo service. You might get a few couples who want to use a car like this to go out for dinner and a show, but those few rentals won’t come anywhere near what it costs to offer the service.

      What is a surprise to me is with all the work done, that rear canopy appears to be removable for open-air use, however there is no mention of the rear top being removeable, nor can I see any fastening hardware to lock/unlock the top for removal. If I owned this wedding car, and since it’s already been modified, I would arrange to have that glass area made to be lifted off. And just like Presidential parade cars with plexiglass tops, I would have a van with the top in the back, that would follow the limo and be ready to fit the roof if the weather turns sour.

      Another concern is the VIN. If you are in North America, and want to import this car, and the VIN starts with SRH [I’m sure it does], the car does not meet the DOT and EPA requirements, so it cannot be brought in and used for commercial use in most states. If the digits were SLF, then it could be imported & used commercially.

      This also brings me to another problem; Insurance. ALL insurers who write antique car insurance policies do not permit vehicles to be used in ANY type of commercial situations in which money is exchanged for the service. You will need commercial liability insurance, and that will likely be your most expensive yearly cost. Yeah, it’s that expensive. I closed my limo service due to the high insurance costs that were doubling almost every year, even though we NEVER had a single claim!

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

        Forgot to include a photo of my former limo fleet from 1989.

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  12. Bob WashburneMember

    Or: a Corniche.

    Did a double-take at the passenger seat delete. I like to drive around by myself, but that’s ridiculous.

    Appears to be in great shape, though.

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  13. Kim in Lanark

    Not my cup of Earl Grey. I am however intrigued by the Magnolia hide. How does one skin a magnolia?

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember


      It’s similar to how one skins a Nauga!

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  14. Chinga-Trailer

    Putting a Chev V8 is JUST PLAIN STUPID as the Rolls engine & transmission is the most bulletproof part of the car. It’s the brakes, hydraulic suspension and electrics that will eat your wallet.

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  15. chrlsful

    like ‘e said “da parcel shelf?”

    Move the 2nd seat back too? Have some jumps face U for the ‘extras’?

    VERY nice rig otherwise

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  16. V8roller

    A bit ostentatious. Would have been better to start with a Cadillac.

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