British Bargain? No Reserve 1979 Triumph TR7

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If you’re looking for a British roadster, please tell me if this 1979 Triumph TR7 checks the right boxes – British Racing Green, rust-free, and low-mileage. Sounds like a good start to me. This TR7 was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Yorktown Heights, New York. There have been 26 bids tendered, but the current high bid is just $1,225.

As a departure from the TR6 it replaced, the TR7 was available in more than just roadster form – you could now get a fixed hardtop. That hardtop was the overwhelmingly popular choice – 112,368 of the 141,232 TR7s built from 1975 to 1981 were of the hardtop variety. That makes the roadster presented here one of 28,864.

I know Triumph didn’t offer British Racing Green in 1979, but the seller calls this color BRG and tells us the previous owner had it painted, so it is possible it was painted in a non-original color. There are a few scratches, but the paint looks pretty good. The top appears to be in good shape, but I’d only use that if absolutely necessary as I think the top-on look makes the TR7 look a lot less refined. As every good British roadster should, this one has a luggage rack in place on the trunk lid.

Inside is a tan plaid interior. Seats and door panels look to be in good condition. The dash looks crack-free, but I do see some staining on the carpet. An aftermarket stereo has been installed and you’ll noticed some type of extra padding on top of the center console armrest. The extra padding must be easily removable because it’s not in all of the photos.

Under the hood is the lone engine option for the TR7 – a 2.0L inline-4 which is backed by a console shifted manual transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. The car is reported to have just 52k miles, but the seller suggests some engine work if you plan on making this TR7 a daily driver – “The carbs should be rebuilt. The head gasket should be replaced and the springs and shocks could be replaced as well.” Even with those recommended repairs, the seller says this Triumph “runs and drives.”

While there have been a lot of bids, the high bid price seems light to me. Maybe the recommended work is scaring people off? Or is the TR7 market weak? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Frank J Ballendux


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  2. Vegaman Dan

    Already gone. Listing removed.

    This would have been an excellent bargain at $7K or less in my area.

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  3. michael J robinson

    These are very underrated. the latter ones like this where built in a different plant and had less problems then the early ones. They are very roomy (for a 2 seater) and with a 5 spd can keep up with modern traffic. Back in the day they got bad reviews and the old school TR4 and 6 guys hated them. I had an 80 and a 79 TR8 and like them both.

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  4. Jerry C

    I have some advice for anyone considering a British Leyland product – run! The Lucas electrical system is totally bunk.
    See the distributor cap close to the hood edge? When it rains it gets wet and fouls out. You have to pull over, take it off, dry it, then resume driving (of course that would be the rare time that is actually running).

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    • sg

      I have a customer who purchased his TR7 new. Its been a ridiculously reliable car for most of his ownership, despite being a poster child for deferred maintenance. I change the oil for him every spring and check it over, and occasionally talk him into some needed minor repairs.
      I was never a fan of the TR7s but this one is quite relaxing to drive, and the interior feels huge for a sports car.

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  5. Richard WhittingMember

    I’ve owned a TR7. I only put 250 miles on it in 3 years. Not by choice!!

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  6. Paul

    I miss mine i would buy it! Easy to work on and the later b ones were more reliable.

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  7. Lynn DockeyMember

    ’80 owner here, biggest pc of garbage i ever owned

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  8. Paul T Root

    I owned a 1980 model. Same color, I think it was called Brooklyns green.. Bought it from my brother. He had some issues, but once I got it in 85, it was reliable. The 5 speed did self distruct on I-5 in Orange county in the fast lane. Fortunately it wasn’t in season for guns and I was able to cut all the way across and coast I p the off ramp.

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