British Barn Find: MGB GT

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

There are barns, garages, and sheds, all around the world where rare and unique cars can remain hidden for years. Last driven in 1980, this MGB GT is a low mileage one owner Barn Find that is looking for a new owner in the United Kingdom. Appearing complete, this British classic is currently bid up to 750 GBP with less than 24 hours remaining before the auctions end. Check it out here on ebay out of Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. Thanks to reader Dik S for the submission!

Looking within this classic reveals a mostly complete and original interior with the addition of some sheep skin seat covers. Beneath the covers the seats seem to be in reasonable shape needing some cleaning and conditioning. The dash has some light surface rust and would benefit from a solid cleaning.

Wearing plenty of dust and dirt, this old MGB GT has some promise. Looking to be mostly complete and straight, there is obviously some rust to be sorted. At one point in this Mg’s past the front wings were replaced with some slightly off color orange pieces. Exercise caution closing the doors on this MG as the doors suffer from a fair amount of rot.

Also the passenger rear wheel arch suffers from rot, but the driver side is much better off, and rather solid. The passenger side rocker looks to have had some work before, and seems somewhat solid with some small areas of rot developing. The concerning area of this car is the driver side rocker as it is nonexistent, and is definitely going to need some careful attention. There are no photos of the floors or the under-body so it is difficult to pin down how much work this GT may really need. Despite the lack of engine photos, the seller mentions that the engine is not locked up, and does indeed turn over. With 26,000 miles and one owner, are any of our UK readers willing to take on this British classic?

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  1. Dutch 1960

    The problem with this one is that it would cost way over what a good one is worth to get it back in shape, and it is too far gone to drive as-is. Looks like a parts car to me.

  2. Cerbera67

    I’ve got an MG and this looks too far gone to me. Be a good spares car but rust is a major problem on this. Shame though.

    • Dave Wright

      The trouble with most parts cars……..they all rust in the same places…or the same parts break…… most cases with cars as common as MGB’s I find it better to just buy the parts needed and not have a disassembled car lying around to deal with. If you could find one with a good body and bad or missing drivetrain it might make sense, we used to buy a wrecked car to repair a clean body needing mechanicals and the like but today the most common problem is rust. I hate sending an interesting car to the crusher…..would rather find some ambitious young person with more time than money to sell it to cheep…..

  3. Bob C.

    Okay, what year is THIS beast? Just like the previous Daytona, the seller forgot to mention the year.

    • George

      BGTs started i England in 66. They were brought here in 67. Back up lights and grill say 67/68.

    • Derek

      G registered, so 68/69.

  4. Bob in Bexley Member

    I need some sheep skin covers ! Better than seat heaters !

  5. cyclemikey

    You do realize that the Brits like to re-import MGs of this era from the USA precisely because unsalvageable hulks like this are all they have left over there after 50 years of English rain?


  6. Brakeservo

    You say the driver side rear wheel arch is better off than the passenger side, yet it looks pretty well rotted to me . . . Or did you forget that the drivers side is the right side?

  7. Woodie Man


  8. Martin Horrocks

    How the words “unique and rare” apply (even as contextualisation) to a disastrous ´69 MGBGT is a mystery. Or how it could get that way after 26000 miles, one owner and (presumably) nearly 40 years of storage? Not a careful owner for sure! Or a real mileage….

    I see it has sold for 790GBP. In the UK, that may be the value of its registration plate to someone, the rest is free.

    • Rob K

      The reg plate is worth nothing – you can’t transfer a plate from a car unless the car is roadworthy and has passed the ministry test (MOT). The bids on this one are likely to be for the parts including the wire wheels.

  9. Rob K

    DVLA check says this was last on the road in 1980 or ’81

  10. David Miraglia

    always wanted a MB GT but I do agree find a good one and strip this one for parts.


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