Field of MGBs, Midgets And Triumphs: $300 Finds In Nashville


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Barn Finds reader M.P. sent us this find, consisting of both Triumphs and MG’s, all you can haul at $300 per car (with one exception). They are located in Nashville, Tennessee and are advertised here on craigslist. As the resident British car nut (ok, one of them anyway) on the Barn Finds staff, I felt it was my duty to get the information out on these cars in the hopes that either some can be returned to the road or at least provide parts so that other stalwart sports cars may live on.


The seller specifically describes Spitfires, Midgets and MGB’s, but strangely does not mention any of the motorcycles that are also present. If you see something interesting there, be sure to inquire with the seller. This is a red 1971-1973 Spitfire Mk. IV next to a brown 1975-1979 MG Midget 1500.


Here we have a 1975-1978 Spitfire 1500, complete with factory hardtop, with what looks like a post 1965 MGB beside it, and another one behind it. I think that’s also a Spitfire hiding in the back as well.


Here’s the lone $500 car, a 1971-73 GT6 Mk. 3, with another 70’s Spitfire in the background, an MGB in the foreground and more motorcycles.


A shot of the other side of the GT6 shows a bunch of MGB’s and Midgets in the background. I really don’t know why they want more money for the GT6. Most of the cars are said to have engines and transmissions, and we’re told the GT6 has them both.


Here’s a couple more Midget 1500’s and what looks like a 1970-74 Midget in the foreground.


This Midget is a little older, but by the side reflector and solid color tailight we know it’s a 1969 car. I sure hope someone takes the time to rescue these; if they really do have engines and transmissions it’s hard to believe each one isn’t worth at least $300 in parts alone. Rust, of course, is the main enemy here, because even though almost any patch panel you need for these cars is available, it’s hardly economic to start with one this bad when solid examples are available for not a lot more money. I’d love to hear from any reader in the Nashville area that could swing by and give us an evaluation of this find!


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    With the abundance of these models on craigslist and ebay, I wonder how interesting this type of car would be to someone wanting to restore one. I mean, a nice driver MGB can be had for 5K all day long in just about any town in the USA, so why mess with a car with so many needs, even at $300 plus transportation?

    Next I have a question about the viability of these cars as parts cars. With two major catalog companies servicing the MGB, C, and Midget, (among other marques and models included in this collection), how would it be possible to make money parting out this type of car? Who wants rusty old parts when new ones can be purchased ready to install? Unfortunately I have only questions, and no answers.

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  2. Woodie Man

    Why would anyone leave those cares to rot outside?

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Dunno the answer to that, but they have obviously been sitting a LONG time.

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    • Charles

      Agree with you Woodie Man! Why do people let cars set outside and deteriorate to an extent to where they are worthless!

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  3. Zac

    Condition of parts doesn’t have to be mint. Original sells. I’m restoring a 1970 mg midget that’s pretty rusty just for the fun of it and apparently my dash board alone is worth a couple hundred because it’s original and not cracked. Plus parts from moss motors and other places are still somewhat expensive. A parts car can be a god sent when restoring a car.

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  4. jim s

    i wish i could save all the midget/sprites. how sad that all the vehicles were not stored indoors out of the weather. the full story on how the seller came to own all of these would be interesting. great finds.

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  5. Pfk1106

    Love these cars, my first two cars were a bug eye and a ’62 midget. Its sad to see these great cars just rotting…..

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    I think I’m gonna cry. I’d take the owner and slap him upside the head,,,,,well, not really, but to illustrate my point, what the hey, man? A lean to, or even just a roof of some sort, or a tarp ( although tarps aren’t the best either) but these cars aren’t 1980’s Ford’s or Chevy’s ( not that there’s anything wrong with those cars) It just shows how different people do different things, and these cars, to them, were just a “bunch of old cars ’round back”. Nowaday’s, parts are SO expensive to rebuild a car that’s been sitting in the weeds for years ( helped a friend restore a 1500 Spitfire, so I know the prices) that aside from a few, most should be dismantled and categorized somewhat, inside, keep the good stuff, pitch the bad, you could help a lot of others wanting to fix one up, like me, that have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on just a hobby. I hope someone saves these. If they’re asking $300 a piece, you know the next step is the crusher.

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  7. Mvm

    Great find, the brand aren’t my favorit, but picking or just visiting these places looks like a great deal to me (sorry for my bad english).
    Skmething for everyone: I also se a old landmower, bycicles a. Who knows what more the horder collected!

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  8. Coventry Cat

    Great parts cars, but no one wants them – I had both Midgets and Spitfires, and you couldn’t give the parts away. They all went in the bin. Love the cars, seems that until the collector world deems them “worthy” of investment, they’ll just be cheap sport cars, which is fine by me.

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  9. van

    dam the timing
    i could so build a spit 6

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  10. Spence

    I’m in Nashville, I’ll try my best to go check this out. That GT6 is the same color I let slip away, a one owner that was lovingly stored. I was 19, we tried to get it to start, $1500 if so, $1200 if not. To this day I hate I passed on it.

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  11. rangeroger

    That looks like a Honda Scrambler next to the orange Spitfire. Prices on those are going up. Needs to be saved like the entire yard.

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  12. John

    When you compare the new repop parts to the originals there is no comparison. Most of the new stuff never fits as it should, is thinner materials etc etc. Save as much as you can because there will be the day when you can’t get them. John

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  13. 71 MKIV

    I’m with Van, there’s a Spit 6 on the hoof in there.

    71 MKIV

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  14. Little_Cars AlexanderMember

    The price for most cars was $200 each this past weekend. I visited this guy’s three sites on Sunday. Every car has been sitting for at least 10 -15 years and those with ragtops have become planters. The GT6 and 69 Midget are actually located on dry ground in Cottontown, Tennessee at the owners home. One of his locations is a former repair shop where there are multiple motorcycles, scooters, a few Vettes, and lots of parts. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t have a negotiating bone in his body and I left with an empty trailer. The cars all need an expert in extraction and the owner may be willing to help.

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    • nessy

      You said the guy does not have a negotiating bone in his body? Well what do you expect when his prices are only 300 a car? Rusted or not, the guy held onto them for so long just to give everything away? 300 a car seems cheap enough.

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  15. Little_Cars AlexanderMember

    Also…in regards to “why” these were left out. There are multiple lean to and carports that have collapsed. The city had asked this gentleman to clear his properties years ago. There is no organization. I found some MGA hoods sitting with Keystone mag wheels from the 1970s. I went with the intention of buying multiple cars but only spotted two worth saving for another hobbyist. A rust free MGB parked 6 cars back from the access road/gate. The brown Midget in the photo was visually rust free but not guaranteed as the brambles around it made it impossible to see the floors! I will not be going back but left a contact number for when he is forced to pay people to haul these planter boxes away.

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    • jim s

      thanks for the update. i hope the city does NOT come in and just haul them all to the crusher.

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  16. Anthony

    I’m sick to my stomach – they do not make these anymore…We’re stuck with overprice plastic garbage these days. Kinda feel sorry for the guy – he had good intentions….

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