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Broken Horse: 1966 Ford Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang

This 1966 Mustang looks like it has been ridden hard and put away wet…many times over. It’s for sale here on eBay, after being donated to a charity located in Anaheim, California. Currently the bid is at only $1k and there’s no reserve! Make no mistake about it, this car is rough. There’s a lot of rust, especially in the rear quarters, which apparently were “fixed” with body filler at some point. The interior is especially ugly and I doubt any of the upholstered components are useable now. However, it does have that magic little “289” on the front fender and the engine is running, although the ad states that it’s misfiring. Other faults listed are a cracked windshield and tires that only have 30% of their life left; I think the tires would be the least of my worries. But it is an early Mustang with a V-8 and a clear title. Do you think this is a parts car or an ambitious restoration project?


  1. Jim

    If you look close, it’s a very NON-rusty car. It has surface rust only. It was hit at some time in the pass side rear and the southern border bondo slingers seem to have had heir way with it but that’s easily fixed by replacing those two panels. What I find most amazing is that the area in the dash for the radio has not been cut out like so many. This i a great base car for a nice restoration for the first time car restorer. If I were into the first gen mustangs, I’d buy it in a heat beat.

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  2. Ian Chorne

    Ambitious project. I mean think about it, the words ford,mustang,1966 and V8 are bywords for cool and fun. You will have your work cut out for you but if all goes well, the results would be worth it.

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  3. Sim

    As the ad states “The seats are black and appear to be in decent condition, although a good detail will make a huge difference” …I hate to use LOL, so I will state that “I haven’t had a really good belly laugh in a very long time”. Thank you seller.

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  4. MikeW

    Vinyl top? maybe with lots of rust. Someone has put some money into it trying to get it running, new radiator, hoses and waterpump. It’s worth about $2000 in parts or make it a driver while you do the bodywork. I think it’s a CA car with a solid foundation. Added: the driver’s seat looks like it has over 200k miles on it.

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    • Ian c.

      One of the pictures said it had don 7,700 miles, I think it is clearly mistaken

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  5. Dave

    “The interior will look alot better with a good detailing” ?? did they really say that ?!!! Are they looking at the same car? Jokes aside I thought the car would make a good base for a restoration. I noticed the same thing as Jim, the radio hole has not been hacked out of the dash !! It would need full quarters hung on it and the rear straightened out, but it’s really not bad. Good thing I’m up here in Canada or I would be tempted to bid on this !!

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  6. Tom Stewart

    I’ve seen worse. Probably can’t save the quarters, but the rest looks solid and the parts are readily available.

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  7. Karl

    A true V8 Mustang with all the correct suspension and drivetrain components is worth a lot even in this car’s current sorry condition. I restored a six-cylinder Mustang years ago, so I can say that there’s two things that work in this car’s favor:
    1) It’s such a simple car that you can basically teach yourself how to repair it while you’re doing it;
    2) I don’t think there is one solitary part for this car that is not available brand new from the aftermarket, or from Ford itself, and the simplicity of the parts helps keep the prices reasonable.
    If the price stays this low, somebody’s going to make an awesome deal on this diamond in the rough.

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  8. DT

    They armoralled the bald tires,but they couldnt remove the rope they used to keep the wheel straight when they towed it.

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