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Bubble in Banana: 1960 Cadillac DeVille

Few cars exist that need little in the way of an introduction like a Cadillac DeVille, a quality that is only enhanced to the max when you paint such a car with a bright yellow exterior. Affectionately known as a “bubble top,” this DeVille is a serious project but also one that seems realistic if you’re prepared to bring one back from the ground up. The auction ends soon, so hurry over to see the DeVille here on eBay where bidding hasn’t currently met reserve. 

The seller calls this Cadillac a garage find, but also notes that it’s his personal project car. So cast aside any romantic notion of the garage door being thrown open behind a deceased neighbor’s former house and finding this bright yellow Caddy inside – it’s merely being released from the current owner’s captivity. The Cadillac still sports its original 331 V8 and comes with a host of supposedly functioning power options, along with a vinyl top that has long since left this world and the cool Autotronic Eye (no word if it still works).

The interior has seen better days and is just one item on a list of improvements needed. In addition to refinishing the bench, the Cadillac also needs a new windshield, tires, fuel tank, and a host of knobs and buttons that have gone missing. The radio is also MIA, and the trunk lock was cut off by a previous owner, which rounds out the list of shops this DeVille will have to visit before it’s restored: body shop, mechanic and upholstery specialist. But it’s an Arizona car since new and currently still runs and drives, so there are upsides here.

While the motor does run, the seller vaguely references that the engine could use a tune-up. That could mean a lot of different things, but I take some comfort in knowing it’s still operational. Provided a tune-up isn’t Chinese for, “The radiator cap blows off constantly and it can’t keep cool even in the height of January,” there shouldn’t be anything too terrifying underneath the hood – or could there be? The seller says he’s willing to let you hear the engine run, but no word about taking it out for an inspection. What do you think – is this banana-colored bubble top worth the risk?


  1. GearHead Engineer

    I knew these had become popular, but I didn’t realize how much. Seems like a lot of money for a very rough project that needs everything. Including rocker and fender rot repair, which I didn’t expect from an Arizona car. It must have lived in the higher elevations like Flagstaff or Prescott.

    And what happened to that gas tank?

    – John

    • Danny

      The gas tank was crushed from the bottom due to the “aftermarket ” or “shade tree” trailer hitch was over loaded
      and not properly braced twisted toward the back of the the
      car and the front of the hitch went up. This hitch would have
      been better than a bumper hitch. I don’t think this was a receiver/load distribution hitch. I would not think a soft sprung
      whale of a car could handle much of a trailer.

  2. Ralph Terhune

    1960 Cadillacs had the 390 c.i. engine. It was introduced in 1959. The last year for the 331 was, I believe, 1956.

    • olddavid

      I was just going to point that out. I had a 1959 Coupe deVille that was the best cruiser ever made. Too bad I didn’t appreciate it enough to keep it.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi David. Those ’59 models were a good cruiser. I sometimes think you needed rudder pedals attached to those high fins to keep it stable in a wild chinook crosswind though. And there was a lot of crosswind out here this winter….

  3. Nick Member

    Expensive restore. I am about done with mine and it was in good shape to start.

  4. JW454

    “Small perforations in the rockers”. I got a chuckle out of that one. What a nice way to not say “Rust In The Rockers”.
    I have to wonder what’s up with so much water staining. It appears this car has received some significant water damage. I like the design but, you may be better off spending a few more dollars to find a better example. Also, the Tweety Bird yellow doesn’t do anything for this former King of the road in my opinion.

  5. Fred W.

    If you are going to buy an Arizona car, might as well find a rust free one. “Needs a tune up” is code for “runs on 3 cylinders while smoking like a sailor”.

  6. M/K

    Arizona is famous for being dry but those dang flash floods leave water stains on lots of cars.

  7. Woodie Man

    Whoever painted it yellow should be shot. I’d guess it was some variety of rose…kinda metallic pink, judging by the interior shreds. Too bad……

    • jackthemailman

      Back then Cadillac called it “Metallic Heather.”

  8. Rustytech Member

    I have always thought the 1960 was a much better looking car than the 1959. My personal favorite was the 61 & 62 body style. Cadillac values have soared in the last decade, it’s a good thing because the cost to restore one ( especially one in this condition ) would exceed the budget of some townships.

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