Buddhist Hearse: 1995 Nissan Cima

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The business of importing “forbidden fruit” Japanese market vehicles has been around for a while now; it’s practically old hat in some parts of the country after being a very exclusive club for a number of years. One would think that means importers and buyers have a clear sense of which makes and models are sure to bring in the buyers, but we still see oddballs like this Nissan Cima hearse being imported and listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $12,495.

I’m sure a seasoned importer would be happy to explain to me how I’m missing the point of a vehicle like this, which is a very low mileage example with a 4.1L V8 under the hood and all-wheel drive to put that power down. The hearse body can likely be removed, revealing an intriguing pickup-style body that strikes me as being a sort of Japanese ‘ute. Is this the point, or is there an underground market for JDM hearses I’m not aware of?

Like many of the JDM vehicles we see imported, mileage is very low and the condition inside is excellent. Basic cloth seats and materials abound, so you won’t find much in the way of luxury here. The car is, of course, right-hand drive, which isn’t a major hindrance once you’re used to do it, but does still limit the buying pool a fair bit. All I can figure is the dealers and businesses dabbling in vehicle importing occasionally see a car like this selling so cheaply that it just makes sense to throw it on the boat with the other models that will be far easier to move onto new owners.

And who doesn’t like the idea of a sonorous Japanese V8 under the hood? I’m sure it moves out OK, especially once you remove the Buddhist burial portal on the back. The seller notes “…you will be the ONLY one in town with one,” and I’m not sure that’s the slam dunk he thinks it is. Regardless, for a novelty vehicle that will still be more pleasant to drive than most funeral cars, it has some redeeming value; I’m just guessing it will take some time to find that perfect buyer.

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  1. Tom71MustangsMember

    Oh yeah- sign me up for some of that! Looks like a great boulevard cruiser. I wonder if it will do a burnout?

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  2. GerryMember

    This is a big pile of Nope

    Even if you could convert it into a Ute (they built it on a sedan not a station wagon which would’ve made a better Ute) there’s not enough Shinto Priests or otherwise to ward off what might come with it.

    Honestly cannot think of a proper way to dispose of the shrine so that it doesn’t piss of some spirit.
    The reason these show up in the states is there is no secondary market for them here in Japan as the superstition outweighs the cool factor.

    There is one parked at a used car dealer near my house and its been there going on 3 years. Probably because they cant think of a way of disposal that wont piss off the spirit world.

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    • Big_FunMember

      Well, Buddhism teaches giving; this could be used for a food drive, clothing drive, or other uses concerning unselfishness…

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  3. Maggy

    Ummmm I think I’ll take a pass on this one. It is unique though.Defindtely turn some heads that’s for sure.

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  4. Will Fox

    Wow…….be the only one on YOUR block……….

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    • Brad T.

      You get a car and your kids get a play house in the backyard, you couldn’t ask for anything better, hang it from a tree and it’s a tree house as well, just unbolt the back ‘thing’ and you get 2 for 1, a great deal if you ask me.

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  5. Big C

    It would make a cool little camper. And, it’s 4wd. So you could go off roading with your buddies in their Land Rovers and new Broncos!

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    • DON

      Aint no way I’m camping in one of these ! Just lying down in something that everyone else was lying down in was dead is enough for me to stay away .

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  6. TheOldRanger

    This one is a big NOPE for me, but it certainly is an interestingly looking vehicle.

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  7. KurtMember

    Very interesting, but would upset the neighbors. Definitely a hearse of a different color.😬

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  8. ChiTownJeff

    You wouldn’t catch me dead in one of these!

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  9. CarbuzzardMember

    There’s an active “professional car” collector car subculture. These people are into old ambulances, hearses and such, and I would think that there’s a butt for that seat among them.

    It might be fun to show up at your local C&C with this and then pass it along to someone
    else. I wrote an article for AutoWeek a Volvo hearse that got a lot of attention for Volvo fanatics and I suppose the hearse fans.

    But I have other candidates for MY cash…

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  10. Howie

    Wow!! What a chick magnet!!

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    • FrankDMember

      you mean chicken magnet?

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  11. FrankDMember

    Boy could you have fun with this thing.

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  12. Francisco

    People are dying to take a ride in this.

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    • CarbuzzardMember

      It’s the last thing that I would ride in.

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  13. jwaltb

    That “sonorous” V8 looks like it would be hell to work on sitting sideways in there.

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  14. George Birth

    $124.95 seems to be a better price for this oddball. Way too much $$$ for this one. Unless a funeral home needs a second hearse this one will be hard to sell.

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    • KurtMember

      Actually this may be a good hearse for mortuarys catering to the growing Buddhist communities all over America.

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  15. Harry

    For me, the wheels have to go. Otherwise tag it and drive and enjoy.

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  16. Terry Roberts

    Perfect “24-Hours-of-Lemons” racer….if I can just talk them down to $500! (see Lemons rules)

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