Budget Exotic: No Reserve 1976 Lancia Scorpion

While survivors and all-original cars are great, sometimes a vintage sports car with period modifications is way more fun. This 1976 Lancia Scorpion will never be worth appreciably more if it were 100% stock, as it left the factory, so why not have some fun with it? The seller purchased the car from the same seller he was buying a Porsche 912 from. Since the air-cooled coupe was the target of his affections, the Lancia is up for sale here on eBay with bidding over $5K and no reserve.

The paint isn’t original but looks great in pictures. The seller notes some imperfections and that it wasn’t a top shelf paint job, but that it’s holding up OK. The original blue paint can be seen under the hood and in the door jambs, which reveals that the later paintwork isn’t a perfect match. The old-school BWA wheels look great here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the Scorpion has a lowered suspension.

The interior is in surprisingly good condition, with untorn bucket seats and what looks like a crack-free dash. The carpets are clean as well, and the seller notes that the cabin was restored about 10 years ago. The seller indicates he had plans to use the Lancia, but after a long-time stay at a local shop that ended on a sour note due to a case of mild neglect, he is simply done with the car and wants to move on. As a result, it has some mechanical needs at the moment.

The seller says the engine was supposedly rebuilt a few years back, and that it’s received the following updates: “It has an Alquati intake with Weber 42 DCNF’s. Exhaust is a CSC system. Bosch alternator, Pertronix ignition. I had a shop install new clutch master and slave cylinders, and new brake master and slave cylinders.” With no reserve and just some minor brake work needed to put it back on the road, this looks like a fun project that can be driven without worrying about damaging an original car.

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  1. Tom Justice

    Same guy with the Alfa, maybe we will see his 2+2 E type with the 350 Chevy engine soon. If you think you need to check for rust on the Alfa, you REALLY need to check for rust on a Lancia; they seem to rust away before your very eyes.

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    • Ken Tilly Member

      Both made from recycled toothpaste tubes. My friend was restoring the rust on a Lancia but gave up as he said it was rusting quicker than he could repair it!

  2. Wayne

    On a quiet night you can hear the rust wevulls at work over the corn growing. That said, IF. the car has no rust issues. I would really like to have this one.
    But not too crazy about the blue paint.

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  3. Rabbit

    Didn’t Chevy Chase drive one of these in “Modern Problems”?

    • Kevin Harper

      No he drove a beta coupe.

      This was Herbie’s love interest

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  4. Xpletiv

    Wonder how long you can stay still in those seats……

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    • Tom Justice

      As Wayne said below, they might be comfortable but I bet you have to hang on for dear life in a sharp turn.

    • Healeymonster

      The whole issue of italian cars rusting since new is nonsence. It all depends on where you live as to what will rust. I have a 58 year old Fiat from the bay area in northern Ca with zero rust. I had many cars in bare metal there over a year waiting for paint with nothing but the lightest dusting of rust. Then i have a home in San Diego where rust forms on bare metal before your eyes! New cars are not saved from the tin worm if you live in its neighborhood.

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  5. Wayne

    The seats look very much like Beta Coupe seats which are very comfortable. ( I have spent 12 hours at a time in A Beta with no problems. And I have a bad back.)

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    • Derek

      It was sold here as a Beta Montecarlo. It’s also the car on which the 037 was based.

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  6. SubGothius

    These aren’t Beta coupe seats; these are standard Scorpion seats, albeit probably recovered, as I don’t think any of these came stock with black upholstery.

    I’d hope the Weber carbs, Alquati intake and CSC headers indicate a rebuild with HC pistons, which are really necessary to take good advantage of the better breathing, all of which would radically wake up (like 50% HP gain or more) the smog-neutered stock engine these came with.

    Brakes shouldn’t be hard to sort; they’re common to the X1/9, for which a Wilwood upgrade kit is readily available, last I knew.

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  7. SamM

    Aaaaaand sold. That was quick

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not sold. The popular “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.” makes another appearance.

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      • JC

        Yep… happens every time a no reserve car doesn’t meet the sellers secret reserve… smh…

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  8. peter giles

    its not a “vintage sports car”

    • Ken Tilly

      Correct. Vintage vehicles had to be built between January 1st 1919 and December 31st 1930

  9. t-BONE BOB

    looks pretty good.

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