Build Your Own Patina: 1954 Chevrolet Pickup

How many times have you seen a classic car or truck with no drive-train and planned in your mind what exactly you would do it? Well this ’54 Chevrolet pickup is lacking its engine and transmission, but a drive-train of your choice would be right at home in this charming old roller. Solid with a cool weathered appearance, this Chevrolet is currently bid up to $1,600. Check it out here on ebay out of Richardson, Texas.

Having spent some obvious time without a windshield, or passenger glass, there are some holes in the floor, and some green mold on the gauges as well as on the center section of the floor. For those that are really into the weathered look, this truck only needs minor metal work on the interior, and some fresh gauges, wiring, and a seat for cruising in. The engine bay is empty, only having some left over wiring, from its past engine.

Although wearing a lot of surface rust, there is still some paint left on this truck. Aside from its weathered looks, this old truck is fairly straight and solid. The only real cancer to point out is on the passenger door, but the seller is providing a solid passenger door with a similar patina. The wood bed is long gone, and the rear bumper appears to be split. The cab corners are solid with some minor rust developing. Also the fenders are in remarkable condition really making for little body work on this pickup. There is also an awesome grill guard on this truck which is a truly unique and interesting item resembling an old steel bed headboard. Appearing as a patina enthusiasts blank canvas, what would you do with this project worthy pickup?

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  1. billy

    I’m thinking, Toyota Prius drive train.


      after owning a Prius for a quite a while I have often thought that would be fun to try sometime. Cab is a little tight for a battery pack however…

  2. Jim Clark

    Is that a headboard bolted to the front?

  3. Bill

    I’d go inline 6, but with triple carbs and a split manifold. then an automatic ’cause shifting is for kids! I’d even keep the headboard :)

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks for the photo Bill, what a great name for a cow catcher.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve got a couple of good boneyards I could raid to find the engine-related stuff I would need. Anything else for that matter. I’ve got a 235 engine; just need to source out a transmission. Speaking of which, did this come equipped with an auto? I see only one pedal but maybe that’s just an optical illusion. I might add that I don’t see a PRNDL indicator on the column. Fix it up, paint it up (We all know what the P-word stands for) and even find a set of those year correct hubcaps with the massive outlined bowties. Enjoy it to the max!

    • Dave Wright

      Didn’t only the early GMC’s come with autos? I have seen them with original Hydromatics but never have seen a factory Powerglide in an early pickup. I have a 302 GMC in the yard that would be great…….but the price is high on the pickup. My son bought a running, driving 54 for 1000.00 last year, nice clean original truck with original Gillig trucking signage.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        It seems to me that ’54 was the first year Chevy offered an automatic in the trucks. I think it was a hydramatic, the same as the GMC. Of course the motor was different. The Task Force Chevy trucks ran Powerglides.

  5. sir mike

    Love that grill guard…

  6. Howard A Member

    Pretty rough, geomechs, the clutch pedal is stuck to the floor, with no pad makes it hard to see. Man, IDK, these aren’t exactly rare, this one is needs a lot, but the price seems to be a great starting point. I mean, at least it’s not $8grand, which we’ve seen. Also seems like better deals are coming through here and other sites. Could we finally have a turnaround on affordable classics? This is surely one of them. Great find.

  7. KeithK

    Detroit 8V-71. Forget the childish stacks or 5 inch exhaust. Let the 2 stroke monster speak for itself. (Driver will need hearing protection!)

  8. RobJ Member

    On the other hand, I have a nice 283 in the shop. Paint it blue and with cast iron headers and a 2 barrel and an oil bath air filter…make it look like it was there all along.

  9. Glen

    I guess you could do some kind of ratrod with this, since there isn’t any drivetrain. I have to say, I don’t like the grill guard, but I like the overall look of this truck, the way it is.

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