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Built to Go Fast: 1968 Corvette


I think we can all agree that while power options are nice, there’s something appealing about a low-spec car with a high horsepower motor up front. The seller of this 1968 Corvette here on craigslist contends that’s what this car is, with an L-79 up front and free from any power options that might make this car a touch easier to drive. 


Obviously, it has the manual transmission, and I’m assuming manual steering and brakes as well. It is equipped with the limited slip rear end, so I’m inclined to believe the seller’s contention that this was a car with money spent in all the right places. The interior looks OK at best, but it definitely needs some work to be perfect. The frame is said to be in excellent condition.


The numbers are said to match, and the seller contends that even the radiator remains correct to the car. It has received some basic maintenance, including new tires, brakes and an oil change. The biggest strike against this car is the gold paint, which is not original. The Corvette also comes with its original wood wheel, pop-out rear window and AM/FM radio.


No word on whether the side pipes are original. Overall, this looks like a solid example of a desirable Corvette. The seller claims he is underpricing it at $12,500 OBO due to the incorrect paint color, but that it will bring $25K with a paint job. Do you agree – is that all this Corvette needs to be an authentic original? Or do you spot other non-factory items?


  1. sparkster

    This is one of those Corvette’s that are nice to look at after the restoration is complete , but no fun to drive. No power steering , no power brakes = no fun

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    • Joe

      I’ve had a 68 convertible, a 69 coupe, and now a 65 convertible, all small blocks, all four speeds. Best driving and most enjoyable car of the bunch was the 69 coupe with manual steering and brakes

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    • Mike F.

      I’ve had a ’71 for most of my adult life, no PS, no PB, but never missed them. I like the direct feel of manual controls. All that power equipment is just dead weight and clutter.

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  2. 68 custom

    a quick glance reveals missing valve covers and air-cleaner plus didn’t all radio equipped vettes have ignition shielding? also appears to be missing the rocker panel trim in lieu of the side-pipes. it does have a 6k redline tach so the car may have been equipped with the L-79. still, I like it.

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  3. Doug Towsley

    my favorite style vette only 2nd to the 63 Split window coupe. These are the good years of the Stingrays with the nice rear window and well done rear end. The nose is just iconic.
    Save the original parts, collect whats missing to be correct (all availible or not hard to find) and do a bolt on-resto mod and enjoy it. After you are dead & Gone, let the heirs fight over it and debate bolting back on the original parts and how to see it.

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  4. Rustytech Member

    Power steering and brake mods are fairly simple on these, so make that part of the restoration. ANY COLOR BUT THIS! I agree these were the best looking of the shark vette’s but, ( ANY COLOR BUT THIS! ) Yes I said that twice, it was intentional.

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  5. roselandpete

    From things I’ve read and people I’ve talked to, the 68 is more trouble than anything else which is typical for a first year GM bodystyle.

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    • Rustytech Member

      That’s why the 1970’s bring more. Most of the problems with these were assembly line quality issues and were easy to fix. Not a deal breaker.

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  6. Prowler

    Not sure if the side pipes are original

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  7. Tom Member

    Oddly corvettes, especially if the drivetrain numbers match should be painted back to the original color. one of the only muscle cars that “I think” matters to Corvette purists. If I own one more red car I am going to kill myself!!!!! nothing personal but I actually like the gold. IF the number don’t match, read Doug’s entry above!!!!

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    • Rod_Munch

      The Corvette purists might be more receptive of an incorrect color as long as it’s a correct shade for that year. But — I guess it just depends on the person.

      Personally…..I like the gold too. Its a color that you dont see too often. My brother had a 71 convertible that was War Bonnet Yellow. Unique and different — but still cool.

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  8. Rob

    Screw it, repaint it gold (great color) drive it, enjoy it ( I’d give it PS probably, I’d have to drive it first) then let the heirs figure out whether to make it”right” (as suggested by Doug.) great. Car, great color combo, pretty much the right options.

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  9. OhU8one2

    The color is called Riverside Gold,it was a love it or hate it color. I myself am not a fan of gold. Corvette’s had some really cool fairly rare color choices for the 68-73 era. Steel Cities Gray,look’s nothing like your thinking. War Bonnet Yellow,Cortez Silver,Flame Orange for example. The 68’s quality and design issues were corrected by 69. This was also the first car to get “fiber-optics” which was pretty advanced for the late sixties. But remember that the U.S.A. put men on the moon in July of 69.

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  10. RandyS

    My 69 started as a base car with no power options. Driving was a chore. After owning the first year I ended up installing a Borgeson 12:1 PS box and added Wilwood calipers with grippier pads. Made the driving experience much better, and being able to reset the caster to positive with the PS add made it handle better.

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  11. racer99

    Had a ’68 327/300hp 4 speed convertible configured basically the same way (manual steering and brakes) and it was a ball to drive. Yes, the steering was heavy in parking maneuvers but on the road it was not something you noticed. Not a fan of the color and heavy scuffs on the driver’s door frame would make me wonder about the chassis (could just be loose hinges but ….).

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    A 30 mile road trip for me if someone needs a closer look. Mike.

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  13. Pleiku Pete

    Looks like the seller/flipper bought it at an auction.

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  14. Rock On Member

    You can see the chrome headers in the picture of the engine. These appear to be Hooker headers and side pipes. Still available today.

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  15. dogwater

    Hey first year of the c3s they had some bugs but it looks like it would ok to restore

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  16. marlon smith

    Side pipes are incorrect actually they are headers popular upgrade back in the day

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  17. Rick

    My cousin owns a 69 corvette stingray.Blue in color.,and with factory sidepipes,with a 427 with 525 horsepower,not stock.

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  18. Rando

    Soooo… if you paint a car that has been color-changed back to it’s original color, then what? It’s original again? not to me. I like the gold. Didn’t the Apollo astronauts get gold Vettes? I like it in gold. better than red. What’s worng with it as it is? It’s still a “time capsule” type of car as it sits with its gold paint and sidepipes. Needs some Cragar S/S or Keystone Klassics in big/littles. Fresh gold paint. Clean up engine. Chrome period dress up and drive it or flip it. Either way, this one is pretty neat to me. I’ll never own a vette. But like this one just as it is.

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  19. JackT

    Yes, it’s a “first year” example, but so was the ’63 SWC which is coveted today. No, the chrome headers and side pipes are not original. Power steering and brakes might be nice for a daily driver, but manual everything — including transmission — are positives for a weekend toy. Asking price seems fair, but I’d want to carefully inspect the frame since it’s located in salt country Chicago. Seems an easy winter project with a potential upside, and worth a look!

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  20. Chebby

    Never been a Vette guy but I would rock this just as it is, all scruffy.

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