Burned Toast! A Corvette Bites The Dust!

I have a hard time believing that this pile of ash that used to be a 1960 Corvette is now listed for sale here on Copart.com.  Thanks to Ed VonC. for this smoking hot find! Yes. That is the real picture of this pile of ash and melted components. It’s located in Detroit, Michigan. What’s left of it–I don’t even see many recognizable automotive components! I have no idea what happened here but I know it must have been very ugly. And hot. I hope no one was in the car!

I’m sure this has something to do with insurance rules. Something. So what would you do with this…ash pile? Give it a decent burial? I’m really not sure what someone was thinking actually listing this as a car. As best as I can tell, you don’t even get a VIN plate (I’m sure it got melted as well)–but you do get a title. I suppose that’s the going price for a title (the auction is currently at $275 with no bids yet)? What are your thoughts on this toasty find?

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  1. RayT Member

    Jamie, just think how much the auction would bring if this was a Porsche 356!

    I’ve seen a ton of 1960 ‘Vettes over the years, but will have to take your/their word for it that this really is one. For all I know, it could be a ski boat. Or a fiberglass awning….

  2. Dabig Kahuna

    Great patina!

  3. Jeffro

    That’ll buff out

  4. Race

    Does anyone but me find it odd, That the fire was so hot and intense it burned the engine and all metal parts, Yet the rubber floor mats are in perfect shape?

    • Pa Tina

      They always throw the floor mats in to close the sale.

      • RichS

        They should have built the car out of the same stuff as the floormats

    • redwagon

      floor mats thrown in at no additional cost

    • RichS

      It’s a Copart “Enhanced” vehicle which by their definition is: Vehicle Seller has authorized that Copart is authorized to perform an enhancement service to the vehicle. This designation does not guarantee that any enhancement service was completed but rather indicates that qualifying vehicles would likely be enhanced.

      Must mean Armoralling the floormats.

  5. MikeG

    Everybody’s a comedian

    • C Carl

      The jokes are the best thing about this ….car?

  6. Joe Haska

    Being a firefighter for 31 years, I saw a lot of car fires, and certainly don’t remember them all. But, one in particular, I won’t forget was a Corvette. We got the call in the early morning 3am, and it was on the freeway. It was what we call “in the air” when we got there. There was really nothing to put out and all you could recognize was the steering column and a clump of metal, which was actually the keys in the ignition. A number of months later a law firm called me and said they wanted to interview me about a car fire. I said we get allot car fires, and the only one, I remember well was a Corvette on the freeway. The lady said “THATS IT”. Needless to say, I said I don’t think I can tell you much, except they really burn “GOOD”.

    • al8apex

      I think they burn well better …

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    If there’s any consolation, I can say that this is a ’60-’62 Corvette I could actually afford…

  8. Big Mike

    I guess you could put it in a box and send it to the corvette museum and they could show it with the remains of the cars from the hole in the floor. Just a thought!!!!!

  9. Bill

    Note to buyer: “Bring a broom.” Just think of the towing charges you’ll save with this beauty!

    • Big Mike

      And a Dust pan or large scoop shovel

  10. Coventrycat

    Looks like someone just cleaned that room in the cellar no one wants to go in.

  11. LAB3

    Being in Michigan I’m familiar with this story. The owner (whom I once had a brief conversation with years ago) took his car and trailer full of tools from northern lower Michigan to the Detroit area for some reason, probably a car show. His rig was parked at a motel and was stolen, including the tow vehicle. By the time he realized what happened the car had been already been stripped and parts where for sale, the tow vehicle had been through a chop shop, the tools where gone and what was left of the Vette is seen in the picture. As to what you’d do with a clean title, if a guy had a body, an engine, and some other parts…

    • JamestownMike

      Wasn’t it insured? Almost all the time, the insurance company sells it with a SALVAGE title, PARTS ONLY certificate or a bill of sale only (NO TITLE). VERY weird! I’d call Copart to verify it indeed has a clean/regular Michigan title PRIOR to placing a bid.

    • gary

      Stolen from Hotel parking ramp on its way to Autorama 2017 in detroit…………i think the car was in a trailer and those items along with the truck the trailer was hooked too were taken……..they stripped the vette and burned what was left

  12. JamestownMike

    The high bidder gets a clean Michigan title!………NOT a salvage title or parts only certificate. It’s a NO reserve, “pure sale” auction. Guess we’ll see what a clean title for a 1960 Corvette is worth!

  13. Joe Nose

    Ran when sparked.

    Perfect Fathers Day gift if you disliked the old fart.

    • LAB3

      The owner has a shop in small town, I stopped in once to ask directions.

  14. jeff6599

    A 1960 Vette engine and transmission ought to be worth something, but they’re NOT THERE! No wheels, no frame, no rear axle! What is going on here?

    Jamie, you should be able to see that and put the answers in your write up before it is even broadcast!

  15. redwagon

    How did it even get shipped to Compart?

  16. James

    Sorry, but being a car restorer and doing a few early 60’s era Vettes, there is NOTHING in that pile from a 1960 corvette. It looks like they just took a Bobcat bucket of crap from a shop fire and dumped it in a pile. All of the pieces and parts that ARE in that pile are NOT from any corvette. Selling a title is illegal. I wonder how they are getting away with it. I also find it strange knowing that it as the insurance industry that lobbied heavily for all of the laws against selling car titles and VIN plates back in the 50’s and 60’s because as they said back then “every sold title will equal another stolen car that the insurance industry will pay for and pass along in higher premiums for all insureds”. Now an insurance company is selling a title at their auction site.

    • LAB3

      I’m more a motorcycle guy than a car guy, here in Michigan you see titles for sale quite often at swap meets. To get your plates all you need is a title and proof of insurance and you’re on the road. I’ve seen the police check vin numbers on bikes countless times during traffic stops, my guess is fine upstanding citizens and those that come off that way don’t go through that type of scrutiny.

    • Steve

      I agree, nothing there “says” 60’s Corvette.

    • C Carl

      My second thought was VIN and title, you could build a whole car with repo parts these days. To re-identify a stolen car is more realistic.
      Barn Find + dark web = this post ….I’ll give barn find a pass but not cool guys

    • Blaine st Claire

      Yes It is a perfect , Clean, No salvage Title Amazingly the VIN tag was in that Pile. WOW ! what “luck” Hehehehe

  17. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Put it in a jar on the mantle right beside dear old Grandpa

  18. rustylink

    meh – to me these copart ads probably should go by the way side for BF’s site – you could find much more interesting real cars to put in this space than a joke soliciting post such as this. Most of the jokes are rehashes of ones we’ve heard forever.

  19. Jim Clark

    There looks like there is a quilt, or remains of in a couple pics. Of all things, that made it through?

  20. angliagt

    Someone needs to buy this,so that they
    can say they own a ’60 Corvette.

  21. RichS

    Is the traffic cone included? That’s the only value I see here.

  22. Pa Tina

    This is nature’s way of telling us we are spending too much time at this site.

  23. Mlaw

    Needs work,but salvageable.

  24. Eddie

    Well I Guess The Metal Parts Are There !

  25. Wagonmaster

    Something’s really wrong here! If this was a theft recovery as LAB3 mentioned, the insurance company should have already paid the owner what ever the agreed value was on the policy, although this looks like he had no insurance at all! How can a pile of floor sweepings, with no identifiable information present, be sold on a clean title? I don’t for one second doubt that an insurance company would try to do this, knowing what we all know about insurance companies, but to have a reputable firm like Copart and by extension, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office involved in what appears to be an invitation to larceny, is very troubling!

    Does anyone know who decides what kind of title a vehicle gets after it is written-off by an insurance company? There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it, at least insofar as vehicle condition is concerned!

  26. Paul

    This has to be a wind up,

  27. Ziad S.

    Bring a shop vac.

  28. Doug Towsley

    Good candidate for a LS and restomod! (Seems to me to be a title sale, but theres not even a VIN plate included)

    (Cue the pathological liars club segment)
    See: https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/liars/n9373?snl=1

  29. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Amusing post, I bit.

  30. Moosefeather

    I don’t know, but based on what I see I think that’s a ’59.

  31. Craig

    Better get a parts list together if you want it for the weekend.

  32. AMCFAN

    If the fire happened the D it may explain a lot of things. No offence to the City of Detroit or it’s courageous firefighters who risk their lives 24/7. It looks as if the fire burned itself out. Maybe a theft and it was stripped of the engine and trans etc then set on fire.

    Being in Detroit there are many fires daily. Their resources could be compared to that of American Motors. There just isn’t enough firefighters and equipment to go everywhere. Maybe the owners who sold this steaming pile knew this……

    Just makes the others worth more while we all pay higher premiums!

  33. Steve

    I bet that Mechanic in the movie “Doc Hollywood” could fix that.

  34. Tim

    The paint will buff out, surely…

  35. john

    “tis but a scratch”

  36. Bradley Clark

    Please tell us all, why would you take the time to report such a report ? Heck, I could probably dig up a few Aqua Net cans that we burned in the burn pile about 50 years ago.


    You can see where the frame layed before they picked that up and scrapped it for weight haha, get get the mess and a bill, sounds like the internet deal of a lifetime ;)

  38. Rolf Poncho 455

    Madness I call it madness (The song)

  39. SW

    Buying the VIN. Sell a replica as the real thing with clean title?

  40. That Guy

    If someone created a contest category for “Smallest Amount of Actual Car Being Advertised As A Car For Sale,” I think this wins the Eternal And Forever Grand Prize.

  41. Doug Towsley

    Perhaps for a car,, that is possible true. My Friend Dave Smith has a few parts from Iconic vehicles. (Spark plug, trim badge/label, etc) So he can say
    “I am building a xxxx and just started collecting parts”. So,.. I suppose this could be true here. (I have a title,, just need to collect parts)
    But there has been 2 cases that I know of (Probably more) Where people have listed on ebay a picture of a Iconic bike like a Vincent and Brough Superior and then showed pictures of completely rotted bits of unidentifiable sheet metal being swept into a Dustpan and then a really funny write up of how much work to restore-build such motorcycle.
    Many find this uproariously amusing for many reasons, But the FeeBay police usually kill the listings I kind of see this listing as much of the same.

  42. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    @Wagonmaster-here in Hamilton County, TN, the insurance company makes the determination of what type of title a vehicle is issued after an accident, etc. When my extremely nice ’97 Honda Accord sedan wit 302K miles was involved in an accident, I knew it was not a total and that the damage did not involve anything structural, only sheet meal, wiring, plastic, bulbs and lens. Once the estimate was completed, I contacted the local Title and Tag Office and asked if my car would automatically be issued a “Salvage” title upon completion of the repairs. The tag and title lady told me it was up to the insurance company to make that determination. They chose to leave the title as it was.

  43. Rodney

    Original car from “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. (I presume).

  44. Rodney

    Original car from “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. (I presume).

    • Rodney

      ….no idea why these things post twice…..

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        It is slow Rodney, relax after the original post. Hang loose.

  45. Edd

    Sold for $325 to someone in south dakota

  46. Paul

    You could put the dust in a jar and sell as a ‘Genuine 1960 corvette’. 100 jars at $20 a jar is a nice little earner?

  47. Cattoo Member

    Run the ashes through a cheesecloth and make a paste. Maybe mold a smaller version vette outta the tailings.

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