Bush Find: 25K Mile 1995 BMW 7-Series Limo

Supposedly, this E38-chassis 7-Series was bought new for a limousine business that hit the skids, with an early accident and poorly repaired damage to the 7er the final straw. The seller claims he is responsible for clearing land that was recently sold, and that the 7-Series stretch limo was parked up its roof line in blackberry brush and pine needles. It needs to go fast, and he’s asking just $500 for the 25,000 mile example. Find it here on craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

The damage to the 7-Series appears to have affected both sides, with surface rust blossoming at the midsection. I’m not sure what type of impact this indicates, but apparently prep work was lacking and the surface coat flaked off in sheets, leaving bare metal exposed. Would that be enough to get me to throw in the towel on a $60,000 limo that’s barely broken in? Not necessarily, but I suppose it could have been the final straw in a long list of annoyances.

Sometimes, the low mileage claims can be dubious at best. But the interior – although dingy and covered in spider webs – shows very clean leather and door panels with minimal wear at best. Likewise, the ad photos show front leather seats with healthy bolstering and no signs of damage or split piping. Surprisingly, the headliner hasn’t fallen down yet but I’d be more concerned about the wildlife that needs to be cleaned out of the cabin.

Assuming this started out as a basic 740 sedan, the engine is likely BMW’s M60 V8, which was good for about 282 b.h.p and close to 300 lb. ft. of torque. The cleanliness of the engine cover seems to back up the low mileage claims, but some exposed / messy wiring is a tad worrisome. No matter what, $500 seems like a bargain for a custom stretch 7-Series with low miles and plenty of livery service life left in it.

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  1. Dan in TX

    Will that even fit in a crusher?

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    • George

      Nope, that’s why they’re selling it rather than recycling it I suppose… :-)

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  2. Ron

    Looks more like evidence of poor coach work than accident

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  3. Newport Pagnell

    LeMons eligible? LeMonsine??

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  4. Dovi65

    The market for retired limos is very thin. Maintenance costs can be onerous at best. BMW’s are high maintenance as a general rule. This one, that’s been sidelined for some time, with the added limo gear, questionable accident/repair history only adds to the potential nightmare. Alas, this one will likely not have a bright, happy retirement.

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    • Dustin

      She isn’t bad already got it to light up 26349 miles

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      • Paul B

        Do tell more please

  5. Redwagon

    I’d be buying it for parts not the limo. Engine has to be worth $500. Drivetrain components too.

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  6. John M.

    The ad is already gonzo.

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  7. Miguel

    When I bought one of those new I thought it would not age well with the technology it had at the time.

    I can’t image the electrical problems it has after sitting for so long like that.

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  8. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    If you’ve ever driven a 5 or 7 series with this V8 engine, especially a 5-series with the 6-speed, it will be one of the most impressive engines you’ll ever experience. You’d swear there were lots more than 282 horses there.

    I don’t know whether this engine even runs, but I wouldn’t bet much on it. Too bad. Somebody’s got a lot of work to do before they get the chance to jump the car over the Snake River Canyon like the seller suggests.

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    • The Chucker

      I miss my 540i/6

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    • Matthew

      I owned a 2000 540, it was a gutless turd of an engine. Very slow and very thirsty. My Ford work truck would out accelerate it and use no more gas.

  9. George

    Even if work is needed, the BMW bits are probably still worth enough over $500 to make it worthwhile to part out.

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  10. Mike

    $500? I like the “get it the f**k outta here” pricing!

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  11. Karguy James

    I’ve had two of these. Very prestigious in the limo World s it is not a Lincoln or Caddy.

    Mine kept eating front tires because of the stretch and the weight. Had a LOT of fun in them.

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  12. sluggo

    There is a small fortune in parts for the right person. No surprise the ad disappeared quick.

  13. Ron

    If you see an unusual car like that as parts you are reading the wrong stories. This is a website for car lovers not car killers Take the parts from mass produced cars not rare ones.

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  14. sluggo

    Ron, I generally am in favor of saving vintage cars, and those who say “Scrap ’em” I complain about because to many people most of these vehicles are still a viable project with the exception of the checkbook restorer.
    However there was no love for this car and all the comments to date were to scrap it, So my point merely was, save it or part it out as there was some nice aspects to what was shown… The drivetrain alone was impressive, So its worth something and clearly someone snapped it up quickly.
    I am the farthest thing from a Car or MC killer on the planet. I came up to contract signing point and then backed out for American Pickers TV show. (I wanted to highlight our local museum I volunteer at) but for security reasons is why I backed out. Clearly if I was a vehicle killer they would not have been interested in my little Gearhead ranch and all my treasures.
    Its totally ok you were wrong, happened to me once, My wife likes to tell me about it.

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  15. Ron


  16. Chris

    For those who want an update on the buyer, he lives in the Seattle Area and is planning a full restoration. Our local PNW BMW group had great interest as a project car with many volunteering time and money. Glad someone in our group stepped up to buy it. It will be a great conversation piece at local meets.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for the update Chris!

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    • George

      Great! They’ll have to post a follow-up story once it’s done.

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  17. Dustin

    She isn’t bad already got it to light up 26349 miles

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    • Stefan

      Really curious how this project is coming along! I was very interested in it for my wine touring business.

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  18. W9BAG Member

    An acquaintance at work, who not the best judge of automobiles, recently bought a ’91 Lincoln stretch. It had been sitting for years, and is turning out to be a true POS. He paid $1300 for it. He would go absolutely GA GA over this.

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  19. Ron

    Very cool !

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  20. Bing

    Buy it and live in till your wife lets you back in the house.

  21. Mark-A

    Would it be TOTALLY sacrilegious to throw this V8 into the E30 M3 previously mentioned? At least I’d be keeping it in the family, unlike the usual SBC answer whenever an original engine is needing rebuilt etc?

  22. Ron

    I have always thought the V12 would be a great motor to shoehorn into a 3 series I like trick stuff like that. I’ve seen them put LS motors in but I think keeping it BMW is cooler.

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